[Trade] Reviews for Reviews?

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Jun 12, 2020
I am sure there are quite a few people here who want to grow their business. Whatever you do, social proof is a big thing today. Before purchasing your services/products, people are looking for reviews/ratings of your services/products online. Let us come together and help each other creating some good reviews.

What am I expecting?
You review my services on various platforms like Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profile Recommendation, Google My Business, and TrustPilot. I don't ask to post a review on each of these services. I just ask you to leave 4-5 star ratings on the platforms where you have a legit presence. No fake accounts.

What do you get in return?
I do own two businesses I could use to leave feedback on your services on the platform of your choice.

Requirements before I could trade a review:
  • The account you're going to leave a review from should be a legit account. No fakes.
  • It's very important for me that the reviews look natural, coming from a human. So you have to post what I send you (You could expect the same in return).
  • You should have been around the forum for at least 6 months and should NOT be a leecher.
  • Members with badges preferred.

If you've read through all that, you're probably serious about this and someone that I would like to trade with.
Let me know in the comments and I will DM the one's I'm willing to trade with.

Many thanks in advance for agreeing to do this. 🙏

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