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Fog is a multifaceted tool for filmmakers. It can add mystery and terror to a scene, add sadness to a drama, or just boost the production value of your shoot. When making a horror film, fog creates an ominous feeling within the audience, as it calls upon the greatest fear of all — fear of the unknown. This free overlay pack is super-easy to use, so keep it in mind when you shoot and match the lighting setting with a fog-friendly environment.

One element of horror that I feel gets overlooked is the action element. The genre itself requires a certain amount of action — characters are killed, doing the killing, and/or running from something trying to kill them. Whether you’re making a slasher or zombie flick, you’re going to need sparks, impacts, dust, and smoke effects at some point. You might only need one or two elements, as there are usually limited number of action moments in horror, but it’s important to make them as believable as possible in order to really engage your audience.
Action Element Pack.jpg

In the same vein as fog overlays, volumetric light can add an ominous, unknown weight to your scene. Think of a character walking through an old house as the killer lurks nearby. Having volumetric light and dust overlays in the scene can make the house seem like it’s been empty for a long time, as dust floats in the air.
These elements work in Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX, and most other NLEs. They’re free, so you can add them in, play around with them to see if they fit the scene. If they don’t? Take ’em out!

HD720,HD1080,2K,2.5K,3K,3K HD,4K,4K UHD,5K,6K,8K

1:1 Square
4:3 Silent Film/NTSC
1.37:1 Academy Ratio
1.43:1 IMAX
3:2 Classic 35mm
7:4 Metroscope
1.85:1 Vistavision
2:1 Panascope & RED
2.2:1 Todd AI
2.35:1 Cinemascope
2.39:1 Theatrical & Blu-ray
2.55:1 Vintage Cinemascope
2.75:1 Ultra Panavision
2.76:1 MGM Camera 65
3:1 Extreme Scope
4:1 PolyVision

These free letterbox templates are incredibly easy to use and manipulate. All of the files are PNG images with alpha channels. To use the templates, simply drag and drop the appropriate resolution letterbox above your sequence in your video editing application of choice


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