[SOLD-CLOSED] Github student developer packs & Edu emails

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Niko Nemo

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May 28, 2019
Hello friends :)

On sale Github student developer packs & Edu email accounts.

Github Pack:

“The GitHub Student Developer Pack is perhaps the most useful, accessible, and beneficial education pack for students out there. It’s hosted and monitored by GitHub, has offers from dozens of renowned tech companies, and best of all - it’s free!

If you are a student, whether in high school, college, or a boot camp, then the Pack is for you. It provides over 100 resources, tools, and applications to programmers completely free of charge. These offers come from notable companies such as Amazon, Unity, Microsoft, Canva, Digital Ocean, Azure, AWS educate, Namecheap, Jetbrains, Stripe, Bitnami and more, and is worth over $200 000 in total. With it, you can accelerate your growth, position, or programs by having access to free custom domains, educational courses, pro-tier analysis or coding tools, and so much more.”

Github accounts are new, You can change the password after the transaction.


Github: 13$

Edu email:

“EDU Email Address is an email address that is provided by universal, college, and school for their students and staff. When you got admission to a USA university or college, they give you EDU Email Address for free. The United States mostly provides Edu Email. The main motive to give EDU Email Address to students is that they can get student discounts or free on various important like Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Github, Onedrive, Autodesk, Amazon prime, Azure, Adobe creative suite etc.

Generally, EDU Email has .edu as an extension, for example, [email protected]. If the University of California gives EDU Email Address to all students for free, then their email address is like [email protected]. This is similar to other email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, etc that means you cannot change your .edu mail address name after created.
Having a .edu mail address is one of the best things for students because there are many student discounts so they can get a better education at the least."

Note: Not all colleges give the same options and benefits! Some colleges give Edu email with Outlook but some with Gmail, some give unlimited Gdrive but some not, etc! Also not selling [email protected] but [email protected]!


Edu email class 1: 10$

Edu email class 2: 5%

Payment method: PayPal

How does this work: If You are interested and would like to buy send me a PM to discuss details. After You place a payment send me screenshot proof or relevant details, and email where ill send You login and other account details.

Refund&Warranty: After I send You all necessary login and other details and You successfully login, it is all Yours and there is no refund. Refund only if I fail to deliver! I give You a warranty that You will login in those accounts, but after that is only Your responsibility. Especially I can't give a warranty that You will get successfully AWS, Azure etc, that depends on many other factors.

Only for those who know what is it and how to use it!

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Nov 27, 2019
Closing the thread because of OP's request.
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