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Download SEOPress Pro v4.7.0 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.7 (19/05/2021) = Thanks To @NullMaster

  • NEW Apply automatic schemas based on post ID
  • NEW Speakable schema (visible under Article manual or automatic schema)
  • NEW ReviewBody property for Review schema (manual and automatic)
  • NEW Menu and acceptsReservations properties for Local Business schema (manual and automatic)
  • NEW Video property for Recipe schema (manual and automatic)
  • NEW Author property (custom) for Article schema (manual and automatic)
  • NEW Add Organizer Name and Organizer URL properties to Event schema (manual and automatic)
  • NEW Add Start Date Timezone property to Event schema (manual and automatic)
  • NEW ‘seopress_schemas_mapping_select’, ‘seopress_schemas_dyn_variables’ and ‘seopress_schemas_dyn_variables_replace’ hooks to filter available dynamic variables for automatic schemas (
  • NEW “noindex on attachment pages” option (SEO, Titles & metas, Advanced tab)
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_article_json” hooks to filter article automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_lb_json” hooks to filter local business automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_faq_json” hooks to filter FAQ automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_course_json” hooks to filter course automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_recipe_json” hooks to filter recipe automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_job_json” hooks to filter job automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_video_json” hooks to filter video automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_event_json” hooks to filter event automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_product_json” hooks to filter product automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_softwareapp_json” hooks to filter software application automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_service_json” hooks to filter service automatic JSON schema
  • NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_review_json” hooks to filter review automatic JSON schema
  • INFO Dutch language updated
  • INFO Improve UI for Opening hours property with Local Business schema
  • INFO Automatically disable SEO options from Jetpack plugin to prevent any SEO conflicts
  • FIX “location” property with Event schema with specific conditions
  • FIX Trying to get property ‘term_id’ of non-object
  • FIX Video schema : Warning A non-numeric value encountered
  • FIX recipeCuisine property for Recipe manual schema
  • FIX %%currentmonth%% and %%currentmonth_num%% dynamic variables
  • FIX Analytics JS conflict with caching plugin in specific cases
  • FIX “seopress_can_post_redirect” autoload option
  • FIX Dynamic variables for custom manual schema
  • FIX Quick edit feature for Redirections post type
  • FIX Archive link if not available in HTML sitemap (thanks @ajoah)
Download SEOPress Pro v4.6.0.2 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.6 (29/04/2021) - = Thanks To @TassieNZ

* NEW Custom capabilities 🎉 (SEO, Advanced, Security)
* NEW Bricks compatibility with our content analysis feature
* NEW %%author_first_name%% dynamic variable to request user first name
* NEW %%author_last_name%% dynamic variable to request user last name
* NEW %%author_website%% dynamic variable to request user website
* NEW %%author_nickname%% dynamic variable to request user nickname
* NEW %%_ucf_your_user_meta%% dynamic variable to request user meta
* NEW Complete refactoring of the manual schema module
* NEW "Display a text before the Breadcrumbs" option
* NEW Add og:locale and og:locale:alternate support for WPML
* NEW Option to disable content analysis metabox (SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab)
* NEW "seopress_remove_category_base" hook to filter /category/ slug
* NEW Hooks to filter manual schemas:
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_author
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_article
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_aggreagate_rating
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_brand
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_course
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_event
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_faq
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_geo
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_how_to_step
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_job
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_local_business
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_main_entity
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_main_entity_of_page
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_monetary_amount
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_nutrition_information
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_offer
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_opening_hours
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_person
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_place
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_postal_address
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_product
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_rating
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_recipe
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_review
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_service
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_site_navigation_element
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_software_app
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_thing
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_video
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_virtual_location
* INFO Improve Themify Builer compatibility with Content Analysis
* INFO Improve Oxygen compatibility in specific cases
* INFO Allow to show taxonomies in Breadcrumbs for Page post type
* INFO Elementor Dark mode compatibility
* FIX Duplicated meta robots on WC pages (checkout, cart, account)
* FIX Remove /category/ slug with WPML if the slug is translated
* FIX Fatal error when connecting Google Analytics / Google Console if no permission
* FIX Google Analytics widget logout after view lock
* FIX Google Analytics listing properties error handling
* FIX Canonical URL on paginated pages (is_singular && is_paged)
* FIX PHP notice queried object
* FIX JS Encoding for Google Preview
* FIX Missing compatibility center options in export file
* FIX Undefined index: image with FAQ Block (props to @audrasjb)
* FIX LocalBusiness widget in specific cases
* FIX SEOPress metaboxes not loaded in specific cases (props to @J-Brk)
Download SEOPress Pro v4.6.0.1 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.6.0.1 (29/04/2021) =

FIX Fatal error
Download SEOPress Pro v4.5.1 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.5.1 (08/04/2021) = Thanks To @Atsekabe

  • NEWWhere to display the cookie bar? option from SEO, Analytics, Cookie bar tab
  • INFOStop loading the CSS for the admin bar if it doesn’t show up
  • INFOAllow HTML in Homepage field for Breadcrumbs
  • FIXFatal error: Call to undefined function seopress_xml_sitemap_video_enable_option()
  • FIXOpening hours for Local Business widget
  • FIXHeading 1 in content analysis if no target keywords
  • FIXSEO columns design in posts list
  • FIXQuick edit design issue on save
  • FIXSmartCrawl import tool
  • FIXPHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements in XML sitemaps
  • FIXWarning: date() expects parameter 2 to be int, string given
  • FIXRedirections capabilities on older versions of WordPress (< 5.0)
  • FIXWhite Label links in plugins list
  • FIXPrimary category hierarchy in breadcrumbs
  • FIXOxygen compatibility for Word counters / Keyword density
  • FIXi18n
Download SEOPress Pro v4.5.0.1 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.5.0.1 (26/03/2021) =

  • FIXPHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function SEOPress\Tags\Schema\seopress_social_knowledge_phone_number_option()
= v4.5 (25/03/2021) =
  • NEWHTML sitemap enhancements: add HTML classes
  • NEWHTML sitemap enhancements: new option to remove links from archive pages
  • NEWHTML sitemap enhancements: new shortcode attribute to request specific custom post types
  • NEWDynamic variable: %%target_keyword%%
  • NEWImport tools: Platinum SEO Pack, SmartCrawl and SEOPressor
  • NEWAllow user to change its choice about cookies (SEO, Analytics, Cookie bar tab to enable the option)
  • NEWCompatibility center (SEO, Tools) for better integration with other plugins (eg: Page Builders) without adding code
  • NEWAdd our dynamic variables dropdown to global meta title / meta description settings page
  • NEWAdd heading 1 (H1) check to Content Analysis feature
  • NEWAdd Inbound links / Orphaned pages check to Content Analysis feature
  • NEWUse dynamic variables in social metadata (Open Graph and Twitter cards)
  • NEWMultiple opening hours (morning / afternoon) for global Local Business schema (PRO)
  • NEW‘seopress_resize_panel_elementor’ hook to prevent SEOPress resizes the Elementor Panel (
  • NEW‘seopress_titles_robots_attrs’ hook to add meta robots attributes (
  • NEW‘seopress_sitemaps_no_archive_link’ hook to remove archive links in XML sitemaps (
  • NEW‘seopress_breadcrumbs_force_archive_name’ hook to force archive name display on CPT with no archive (
  • NEW‘seopress_sitemaps_html_remove_archive’ hook to filter archive names in HTML sitemap (
  • NEW‘seopress_auto_image_alt_target_kw’ hook to use target keywords for the alternative texts of the images (
  • NEW‘seopress_export_redirections_query’ hook to filter export redirections query (
  • NEW‘seopress_gtag_ec_status’ hook to change status of WC orders sent to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (
  • INFOImprove accessibility for cookie bar
  • INFOImprove SEO columns display for posts, pages, custom post type lists
  • INFOImprove UI to warn users if some content are set to noindex and still included in XML sitemaps
  • INFOImprove UI / i18n for Google Analytics widget
  • INFOImprove UI if error on license activation
  • INFOImprove UI for BlogPosting schema
  • INFOImprove UI for global LocalBusiness schema
  • INFOAutomatically add custom fields created with Toolset plugin to our Schema feature
  • INFOSEO and Content Analysis metaboxes are now completely independent (and prevent a lot of errors / warnings)
  • INFOStrengthening security
  • FIXQuick edit JS errors if noindex/nofollow columns are blocked (props to @mbis)
  • FIXi18n for Type of Employment on non English languages
  • FIXWebarx graph conflict
  • FIXBroken link checker error with 404 links
  • FIXPHP 8 errors with DIVI
  • FIXPHP 8 error with Google Preview for terms taxonomy
  • FIXProduct variable price sent to Add to cart GA Enhanced Ecommerce event
  • FIXElementor synchronization when duplicating posts
  • FIXAttachment XML sitemaps
  • FIXOxygen content analysis in specific cases
  • FIXAIO import tool
Download SEOPress Pro v4.4.0.7 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= (05/03/2021) =

  • NEW WordPress 5.7 compatibility
  • INFO Improve UI
  • FIX Site Title default setting
  • FIX Automatic Product schema without WooCommerce
  • FIX seopress_mu_white_label_admin_title_callback warning in multisite setup
Download SEOPress Pro v4.4.0.4 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= (18/02/2021) = Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • INFOAdd “View my RSS feed” button to SEO, PRO, RSS tab
  • INFOImprove performance for video xml sitemap
  • FIXHelp tabs missing
  • FIXContent analysis compatibility for Oxygen Page Builder
  • FIXVariable products for automatic schema
  • FIXProduct currency property for automatic product schema
  • FIXEcommerce tracking on purchases
  • FIXPHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function is_type()
Download SEOPress Pro v4.4.0.1 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.4.0.1 (12/02/2021) =

  • FIXFatal errors
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Download SEOPress Pro v4.4.0 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.4 (10/02/2021) = Thank To @NullMaster

* NEW Complete code refactoring on Titles and metas feature 🎉
* NEW Preview dynamic tags on post list columns 🎉
* NEW Live preview when adding dynamic variables for Google Preview 🎉
* NEW Add Local Business types to automatic schemas as new mapping option to avoid entering manually a business type 🎉 (PRO)
* NEW Support variable products for automatic product schema (PRO) 🎉
* NEW Support Global Product Identifiers for variable products (PRO)
* NEW Dashboard notification if Google Analytics is enabled without UA or GA4 ids
* NEW White Label option to change the SEO menu name (PRO)
* NEW Add post ID to automatic schemas as new mapping option (PRO)
* INFO Remove jQuery for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (no more jQuery with GA tracking code 🎉)
* INFO Improve wizard assistant user interface
* INFO Stop adding uppercase on the first letter of each word when automatically adding media attributes (eg: alt tag)
* INFO Add new help tabs for Sitemaps and Social networks settings page to improve user experience
* FIX Cornerstone compatibility issue with our content analysis feature
* FIX Oxygen compatibility issue with our content analysis feature ("2 meta robots found")
* FIX CSV broken link export with specific PHP configuration
* FIX Social tags for term taxonomies
* FIX White label: some SEOPress links weren't hidden
* FIX WPML XML configuration file (wpml-config.xml)
* FIX GA Enhanced Ecommerce check on status order for measuring purchases
* FIX GA Enhanced Ecommerce add_to_cart event from archive product page
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Download SEOPress Pro v4.3.0.2 - Seo WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
= v4.3.0.2 (19/01/2021) =

* FIX Analytics tracking code if no UA-XXX set
* FIX Conflict Google Analytics with UpdraftPlus (PRO)
= v4.3.0.1 (15/01/2021) =
* FIX Fatal error
* FIX Product price with taxes for automatic product schema (default: sale price, fallback: regular price)
* FIX Fatal error get_price in specific cases
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