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Now, create beautiful scrolling full screen web sites with WPBakery Page Builder, fast and simple. This plugin simplifies creation of full page scrolling websites with WordPress and saves you big time.

Top Features
FullPage is fully responsive and perfect fit for any device.

Touch Support
For mobiles, tablets and other touch screen devices.

Rows as Sections
Each WPBakery Page Builder row is defined as vertical scrolling section.

Columns as Slides
Each WPBakery Page Builder column inside the row can be defined as horizontal slides.

Auto-Height Sections
Each section can be defined as auto-height instead of full screen.

Responsive Auto-Height Sections
Full height sections for big screens and auto height sections for small screens.

Fixed Header and Footer
Fixed header and footer rows can be defined within WPBakery Page Builder row settings to add your own custom menu or code to the top or bottom of the page.

Navigation Bullets
Horizontal and vertical navigation bullets with 20 different styles.

Scrollbars of Sections
When the content is bigger than the screen size, scrollbar can be visible inside the sections (Hidden, Faded and Interactive scrollbar options).

Optional Scrollbars
Full page scroll with browser scrollbar instead of auto-scrolling.

5 CSS3 ease animations or 32 Javascript animations, whichever you prefer.

Animated anchor links, optional browser history support and optional anchor links at the address bar.

Keyboard Navigation
Navigate between sections and slides with keyboard (up/down/left/right keys).

Vertically Centered Sections
Section contents can be vertically centered.

Vertically Centered Sections
Section contents can be vertically centered.

Section and Slide Loops
Infinite loop options for sections and slides.

Record History
Browser back button will go to the previous section or slide.

Clean and Minimized Code
Clean, professionally written, optimized and minimized code.

Great Support
Customer support and satisfaction is the most important priority and the help will always be available.

Customization – VC Native Animations
WPBakery Page Builder native animations in sections and slides.

Customization – Videos
Play videos only when the videos are in view.
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