WooCommerce Advanced Country Restrictions

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Mar 19, 2020
WooCommerce Advanced Country Restrictions

Helpful for all WooCommerce stores
Physical products

  • Show Higher prices for First World countries and lower prices for Third World countries
  • Manage separate stock for each country
  • Change product dimensions, title, image, or descriptions for each country
  • Every country has different laws. Show products only on countries where the law allows you to sell them
  • Improve the user experience: Show the variations and attributes (color, sizes, formats) preferred by the country of the visitor (i.e. offer different t-shirt sizes or colors based on the country population)
  • Hide the products that you don't or ship to the country of the user (i.e. sell food only on your country, and non-organic products globally)
Digital products
  • Increase sales by offering different prices based on the country of the user
  • Offer different download files based on the country. i.e. People from Spain get your eBook in Spanish and People from Canada get your eBook in English
  • Show different product image based on the country. i.e. Show your book covers in spanish for people from Spain and show book covers in English for people from Canada
  • Show different file formats based on the country. i.e. Offer print books with shipping in your country and offer PDF eBooks for other countries

Advanced Catalog Logic

One catalog
You can have one master catalog for all countries and show all products. Just show different product information when they open a product

Catalogs per Country
We can automatically show the products for the country of the user. i.e. People from Canada see only products for Canada in the shop page.

Product protection
What happens when you visit the product URL directly? We can hide the product page from disallowed countries or show it to all countries and disable the add to cart and prices

Checkout protection
The users can't buy disallowed products. We have multiple layers of protection: a) they can't be added to the cart b) we remove the product during checkout and notify the customer that it's not allowed

Demo Link - https://wpsuperadmins.com/plugins/woocommerce-country-catalogs-restrictions

Its great plugin, hope it gets nulled


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