What you use for spam protection?

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Mar 10, 2019
I do VPS WHM (cPanel) Hosting and got some trouble with incoming spam. I have tweaked spamd as much as possible, followed every decent guide I could find and to be honest it has made a lot of difference but phising spam emails still come through.

What do you use for spam protection? Is there any real solution or should I just compromise with a couple spam messages per mailbox twice a week?

P.S. I can't really filter the remaining spam messages as they come from legit (but hacked) email accounts containing links from legit (but hacked) webpages that contain phising sites.

P.S.2. WHM has an option for Greylisting but I'm afraid it will delay email delivery a lot and probably won't make a difference. Any of you tried that?


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Jul 19, 2019
Ottoman Empire
Yes recently, spamming getting increase and getting smarters rathen than past years.
I have no idea about preventing them i just using WHM black list feature. But still they can spamming from forms on web pages especially gravity form that i could not figured out.
Google Captcha or else not preventing at all.
If someone has an idea it would be great


Active member
Nov 10, 2020
I was told by a company that I needed for a huge problem that CPGuard is good and reviewing it, it has spam protection in it. So I will be getting this later today after the repair is completed. https://www.opsshield.com/cpguard-features/ (not a worker or anything related to them) monthly price but lots of things I saw helpful.
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