What Is The Quickest Free Targeted Traffic Generation Method?

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Dec 22, 2020
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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone here willing to share you free targeted traffic generation method for your website?

Let me begin first:

1️⃣ The first is using Instagram.

I found that the quickest one to generate free targeted (niche) traffic to my website/offer is using Instagram.
Something like:
  1. Choose a niche
  2. research the people inside this niche
  3. find out the marketers
  4. get their content themes
  5. copy & add personal twist
  6. schedule posts for 1-2 month and forget about content
  7. put all focus in getting active, engaging with a group of people inside the niche.
  8. Targeted free traffic within 1-2 weeks via bio or story (call them to click bio)
Has anyone tested this?

2️⃣ The second one, is the recent trend: Youtube Shorts.
This one is pretty straightforward. just create bunch of short videos below 60 seconds and post a lot of them on a channel. Within 3-7 days, some videos will mysteriously go wild.

But it's hit and miss as there is no way to know which one will rank. good videos get no view, lame videos rocketing to the moon. But once it exploded, the view is just crazy. hundred thousands of followers in the matter of few weeks!

I haven't test this out yet, but I heard that some people making good money using a CTA (to click on links in description) inside the video, 5-10 seconds before the video end. Sadly, we can't monetize these videos and the watch hours will not increase.

Have you use this method yet?

Okay, above is the two methods I'm trying to test/scale this 2021.
❓ So, what do you think? Can we discuss this together? What's your quickest free traffic generation method (if you're willing to share)?
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