Webmaster Tool - Pdf Automation [I will pay who helps me]

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May 4, 2019
Hi there,

i would love a little help here.
Is there any way to automate pdf creation?
For example, i have a database that contains customers data such as adress, name, email, migration code ecc and i would like to have the possibility to easily export those datas with automated header and footer with my agency details. Sorry for the poor explanation. As of now i am not using any data management software since i have less than 20 customers but they are growing and i need more professional tool or custom tool to look at.

One example:

one customer wants him website migration code. How can i automate so i can export that code within an PDF file with header and footer. I could easily open Word or indesign and do that but it's time consuming.. I know that there are tools that do that, maybe some CMS but i can't find them.

Hope you understood something. I am willing to pay everyone helps me in the most efficient way and i know that here are a lot of talented people.

As now i found this tool https://github.com/MrRio/jsPDF that converts into a pdf the html code you select.

One more example that may explain what i want is here: https://modern.realhomes.io/property/home-in-merrick-way/ if you try to print you see that in the header there are all agency details

I simply would want some system like that but outside of my website (right now) but do that locally or online with the customer details or even communication i may send to them.

I don't have a perfect english but i think you can understand me :)

for admin: i wrote here because i don't really know what category it that request.. i just couldn't find any thing anywhere


New member
Jan 17, 2021
I got no idea what you want.

Do you no the database information you need to get for the page.....

So you also want a way to send a email with the pdf as well .
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