[Thoughts and Ideas] What do you want from a video host ?

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Jul 2, 2020
Hello everyone, I'm currently in the midst of creating a video host, but I'm wanting to break the usual spammy ads poor experience stigma around it. So I'm currently looking for some thoughts and ideas on what people want in a video host ?

Currently I have XVS all set up and in use privately for my other site Watch A Movie and it will be this I'm modifying in order to create my video host public. It's existing plugins are the following:

Player Example: https://avideo.host/8kvtg1nqxyik (Registrations are disabled so don't waste your time registering please).

FTP Upload
Subtitles including user submitted subtitles
VAST Advertisements
HLS is on my list of purchasing next
Crypto Payments are also on the list to be purchased.

But I also have the following modifications:

User custom VAST tags
Direct video link in order to put it in custom players.

I also have planned:
Downloading from other video hosts such as Doodstream
Download from other sites such as Google Drive

Would you believe that with a $2000 script they're not included.

The plan is to offer a paid service on a per TB basis as opposed to a free player filled with advertisements. This allows users to add there own advertisements without paying for premium bandwidth and also not impacting their viewers experience significantly by my advertisements. I've also learnt from services such as GoUnlimited where they lost all their data and became pretty useless by offering everything uploaded to be backed up 100% for free, so if there's any server shutdowns or server faults I can have a backup running within a day.

The cost I'm thinking is $20 per 1TB which is $0.02 per GB of storage without bandwidth limits and you can add your own advertisements as mention above.

That pricing is based on the following:

Hetzner Server 16TB storage $70 per month, double it as it'll need a mirror backup costing me $140 per 16TB of video. 16TB at $20 a pop is $180 profit a month for me, but I also have to pay for Reverse Proxies which are around $50 a month meaning after effort, time and costs I'm walking away with $100ish a month per 16TB. At maybe 5 hours work per server a month $20 an hour wage for me haha.

But yeah, let me know of any other features you'd like and how much you'd be happy to pay for such a service, if any at all ?
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