Setup Digital Ocean VPS Server with cheap cpanel

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Dec 23, 2020
Hi Everyone,

If you need your own VPS server with low cost, then I will recommend you to go for the digital ocean. Other host prices start from $60 for VPS Servers. But I will recommend you to select digital ocean, It's price starts from $20/per month for good VPS servers, with 4Gb ram and 80GB storage, which is enough for any site with a large database. You can install Centos 7 and regarding Cpanel, you can get its license for $15/per month. Total It will cost you $35 for complete hosting vps+cpanel. If you buy this complete package from other hosts, then It will cost you more than $60+. But here is another solution to reduce this price and get Cpanel for $5/per month. Just type in google "cheap Cpanel license", you will find many websites and get Cpanel for VPS.

1. Go to the digital ocean and setup droplet/server according to your requirements.
2. Install Centos 7 when selecting droplet. You can only install Cpanel on Centos 7
3. Get a shared Cpanel license for $5/per month
4. Install Cpanel in Centos 7 using the terminal.
5. log in to your server/whm using your server IP: example:
6. Go to terminal and install Cpanel
7. You can also get Cpanel free trial for 1month.
8. That's it.

I am sharing my own experience, I have tested many hosting companies like Siteground, in-motion hosting, Vultr, and digital ocean. According to my experience. If you are looking for shared hosting then I will recommend you in-motion hosting, siteground first year give you hosting on low price, but next year, prices will increase to 50%, I mean If first year you are paying $10 then next year, It will be $20, and for VPS/own server you should go for digital ocean. I also tested Vultr, It's good but I was facing speed issue, that's why I recommend digital ocean.

Managed VS Unmanaged VPS Server.

I believe If you have good knowledge on how to use wordpress/Cpanel/terminal, then you should go for an Unmanaged VPS server. It will cost you cheap, But If you go for a managed server, the Hosting company will charge you more than $30 for a managed server. It's not a very difficult task to manage your own server. You can go forand buy its license, It will cost you just $3.5/per month and install it on your servers, It will take care of everything, updates, etc. You don't need to do anything, It will take care of everything.

If you set up your own server with Cpanel + kernel care (which manage the server), It will not cost you just $28/per month, with your own server you can do anything, no limitations, you can increase server time, manage file and can do anything, on shared hosting you have limiations.

If anyone needs my help with OWN VPS server setup, I can help you with this and do all the settings for you.
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