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  • You MUST read the Babiato Rules before making your first post otherwise you may get permanent warning points or a permanent Ban.

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Jul 2, 2020
Despite not following the reasonably simple rules outlined here and just providing us with a link, I will still offer some feedback on your site.

Firstly, this site doesn't appeal to me nor my needs so my feedback will be based on the structure and branding of the site as opposed to the actual content.


Rules and Contact page on your initial homepage don't go anywhere there just dead links.

Blog redirects to the subdomain blog, which is also fine, however this is the exact same page as clicking the Enter Chat button.

Clicking the Enter Chat button redirects to a the subdomain chat, which fine, however this new page now has different type of branding to the initial landing page. Your initial landing page was gradient rgba(238, 29, 176, 0.9) 0%, through to rgba(108, 28, 253, 0.95) 100%) however the new page is seemingly an image. Also the scroll bar on this page doesn't follow any visible colors.

Clicking Privacy at the bottom of the home page directs us to .... why is this on a subdomain and not the main site directory ? Why is this page once again another theme to the rest of the site.

Chat Subdomain:

As said having chat on a subdomain is perfectly fine, works well for the function, however why does this chat domain has a differently branded home page ? Why don't you just use this as opposed to the site you've asked us to review ?

On this chat page we have a new link which wasn't on your home page, which is terms. again this leads to another misbranded page on a subdomain. Why was this not on your home page ?

On this off brand terms / privacy page:

Despite this been significantly off brand, there's even more links on here which also wasn't on other pages such as tips... however this is just a copy paste of the terms page, so why even include it ?

Extra random stuff:

Why is your favicon got a white background, make it a PNG you already have a PNG logo...

The number of users on your home page seems to be a random number between 400 and 600 as when I go into the chat room there's no one there.

With all that said I have no desire to even venture further into this site, I'll list below what you can do to resolve some things though...

Pick a brand color and style and make everything uniform.

Stop having things on subdomain after subdomain, there's nothing wrong with or

Make sure all your important pages such as terms, privacy agreement and other stuff like this is available on all pages, preferably in a footer.

In a more legitimate website fashion you need GDPR or block the site from European countries, I would ignore this if it was a warez based site because you're already breaking enough rules haha.

Pick a language, use correct English or your native language, broken English puts people off very quickly. The phrase 'We are in a system that makes you surf with text chat, visual chat and surprisingly fast' on your home page does make sense if I squint and ignore my brain trying to correct it.

Anyways this was a boredom review, hope you take into account the stuff I've mentioned.
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