JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform

JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform v3.7.0 Untouched

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Jun 14, 2019
I just need someone to help me install the script.
I downloaded this v1.6 but then it asks for the activation key.

Has anyone managed to activate it?


Jul 25, 2020
V 3.6 and counting

* Added CCBill payment processor support for Subscriptions & One-time payments
* Added adult content consent dialog option
* Added 3 months recurring subscriptions option
* Moved the Admin > Settings > Invoices block over Admin > Settings > Payments sub-tab
* Created new Admin > Compliance settings tab, moved cookies box settings into it
* Multiple documentation updates and tweaks
* Other small bugfixes


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Jun 1, 2022
Babak updated JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform with a new update entry:

JustFans v3.7.0 Untouched

Download JustFans v3.7.0 - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform Nulled Free
[6/4/2022] v3.7.0

* Added admin option of setting min-max subscription rates for creators
* Added admin option of setting predefined audio encoders for FFmpeg
* Made user notifications page have links to different notifications, like post comments or likes
* Fixed a few validation issues over the checkout box, causing failures without any errors being displayed
* Fixed an issue related to posts user access...

Read the rest of this update entry...
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Jul 25, 2020

has anyone configured presigned URL + Cloudfront + S3 using Ec2 AWS instance?
Following the script manual the links are not being generated using Cloudfront and are exposing the S3 URL.


Jul 25, 2020
New release today

* Multiple admin UI&UX fixes and improvements, including:
- Sidebar menu updates and improvements
- Settings area UI improvements
- General data tables UI improvements & inconsistencies fixes
- Pages headers inconsistencies fixes
- Fixed the "User reports" incorrect column mapping
* Improved the old & temporary files cleanup cronjob task, to avoid additional storage
* Fixed a bug where the 3 months subscription bundle was not calculating the final value over the profile page
* Other small bugfixes


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Jan 3, 2021
JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Live Preview Screenshots
JustFans – Premium Content Creators SaaS is a fully-featured PHP platform that allows you to start your own premium content-based social media platform in no time.

The experience is powered by a mobile-first, clean and easy-to-use design, with Dark and Light mode themes, RTL, and localization capabilities. It allows your creators to sell their premium content via monthly subscriptions, offers, bundles, tips, and pay-to-unlock posts.

Give it a try​

JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform - 1
JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform - 2
JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform - 3

Main Features

• Advanced posts creation module
  1. Multiple file upload
  2. Chunked files uploads
  3. Uploaded file previews
  4. Post draft save
  5. Video conversion via ffmpeg – fallback to mp4 only uploads
  6. Watermarking for images & videos
• Advanced feed module
  1. Bidirectional feed module with swippable gallery and full screen view
  2. Media galleries with support for audio, video and image files
  3. Post comments, reactions & comments reactions
• Search module (Posts & Users search, Top, Latest, Photo, Video filters)
• Multiple payments providers & way of monetizing content
  1. Stripe & Paypal payment processors
  2. CCBill payment processor, for adult content payments
  3. Coinbase & NowPayments processors for crypto payments
  4. Monthly/Biannual/Annual subscriptions
  5. Time limited user subscriptions offers
  6. Post & User tips
  7. Pay to unlock posts
  8. Ad spots
  9. Free profiles
• Live streaming
  1. RTMP Ingestion – OBS or alternative required for creators
  2. HLS Output with Adaptive Bitrate
  3. Private/Public streams
  4. Pay per view & Subscription locked streams
  5. Live stream chat & Live viewers counter
  6. Stream VODs
• Multiple storage drivers supported
  1. Locally hosted files
  2. AWS S3 stored files (CDN & Presigned URLs support)
  3. Wasabi stored files
  4. DigitalOcean spaces stored files
• User notifications (Email & on site, live notifications)
• Live user messenger, with file upload
• User bookmarks (Allow users to save content for later)
• User lists (Allow users to store users into custom lists)
• Multiple emailing drivers (Log/Mailgun/SMTP)
• Ability to enforce creator’s identity verification
• Ability to disable right-click on user posts
• Printable invoices for each transaction
• User settings
  1. Profile settings (username,name, bio, birhtdate, location, website)
  2. Account (Reset password)
  3. Wallet settings (Deposit & Withdraw)
  4. Payments settings (View transactions data and invoices)
  5. Rates settings (General price, bundles and offers)
  6. Subscriptions settings (View and manage subsriptions)
  7. Notifications settings
  8. Privacy settings (Set your profile to public or private)
  9. Verify identiy settings
• Fluent, mobile-first design (PWA App included)
• Light & Dark Themes
• Easy to rebrand via custom themes generator
• RTL/LTR & Translatable ready
• Advanced admin panel (Over 100 different settings)
• Strong SEO practices (Sitemap, schema.org, Social media meta)
• GDPR & Cookies policy banner
• Unique, hand-drawn vector illustrations
• Social logins (Facebook, Twitter & Google)
• Email-based 2FA logins
• reCAPTCHA integration for public forms
• And so much more..

Techs behind it

  • Backend powered by Laravel 6
  • Frontend powered by Bootstrap 4 & modern jQuery
  • Aditional 3rd party backend and frontend drivers


View full list of requirements over this documentation section.


[6/30/2022] v4.1.0
* Fixed a theme generator bug, where it wouldn't replace certain links colors
* Fixed and Admin > Theme generator bug, where the (saved) gradient colors wouldn't be displayed back
* Fixed an email templates issue, where their buttons wouldn't respect the site's primary color
* Multiple translations strings related fixes
* Other small bugfixes

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