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HostX - WHMCS Web Hosting Theme V2.2.1

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New member
Nov 16, 2019
Too strange.. there is no one on the whole internet who can provide with the copy of new v2.2.2 🤔🦸‍♀️


Active member
Sep 25, 2018

Version 2.2.2 Released​

  • A new navigation system has been introduced.
  • The Font Awesome 5 icons are now supported
  • Introduced a new footer
  • A new colour scheme has been added.
  • Over dynamic pricing blocks, you can set the currency format.
  • Create a new block Web Hosting Company with the Best Reviews.
  • Add a new block where users can Compare the pricing feature for different product
  • For dynamic product listings, a new Pricing Block has been added.

  • Choose department text over submit ticket page is now supported multilanguage
  • Choose more Product text over the cart page now supported multilanguage
  • Dedicated server block is now supported multilingual as well the deliver in feature from backend
  • One-time prices and free billing cycles are now supported by pricing blocks.

  • When assigning a product group to a page, overriding the product description has been fixed now
  • When the default language is not English, the product description does not function properly. This has now been fixed.
  • The issue with the pricing table V2 for product group description not updating issue has been resolved.
  • If the domain is already configured in WHMCS, no error is shown before, now the error is displayed on the domain search page.
  • When banner images were assigned, all the images over the banner were replaced, the issue has been fixed now
  • The FAQ Advanced Block Toggle issue has been resolved.


New member
May 5, 2022
Hello everyone so i have installed whmcs the latest version and i installed hostx this theme and when i login as a client i can't login into cpanel or whm or webmail i contacted whmcs and they said: if you have a custom template then the template must be updated to work with latest version. Can someone help me out here since there is not 2.2.2 for free? Please? I need your help!


New member
Nov 16, 2019
Hello, does anyone know, what could be the reason of license error with nulled license.php file as well. Like in screenshot, not status is shown neither Invalid nor Active, instead grey space appears.
And clicking on any menu of hostx theme, give error message.
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