(Giveaway) Full Website Snapwize.com (Winner @the_jester)

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May 23, 2019
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New Winner for snapwize.com Congratulation to @the_jester
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Hi, Babiato Family I will do another giveaway of a complete website with all license, and I will transfer the site or send the files via duplicator to the winner

The requirement to enter de Giveaway

1. Your account must be more than 30 days old
2. Must have Namesilo account to push the domain
3. Must not have warning point 6 or more at the time the giveaway ends
4. Hosting is required to transfer the files if you don't have hosting I will give you the files using duplicator

How to Enter?
Well you guys know Babiato is one of the best community out there and all moderator and admin do our best to keep this community running smoothly we most of the time have our private discussion with all the moderators but we also care about the members on Babiato so we love to hear your feedback, ideas, the thing we can improve better please do not post anything about another member if you have any problem please let us know via pm this is about Babiato only. this information will help us get an idea of how better we can make this community. we do not guarantee anything here that all ideas or feedback will be implemented but we will have an idea of the thing we can improve remember Babiato is not just a forum we are a family here we will do our best to keep it that way

Rules: try to give as much information as possible in a single comment to avoid commenting twice cause I will be grabbing the username to add them to the automatic raffle

Went the giveaway ends and the winner will be announced?

01/15/21 if the winner fails to reply to my PM once I contact him in 48hr I will choose another winner

Good Luck to Everyone! Happy New Year

About Snapwize

Automatic stock management, automatic order 1 click pricing table. Built on WordPress with no monthly fees.

preview the website https://www.snapwize.com/
Snapwize we offer the best hats product endless selection & free worldwide shipping on thousands of items.
This is a very profitable niche to be in and there are a ton of potential customers that you can target on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. With a great looking website that's optimized to convert visitors into buyers, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to break into this niche and earn yourself some money.
Site Features
This site is designed for the modern web with...
  • One-click import of products from AliExpress millions of product to choose from for Free
  • Send orders to AliExpress suppliers in a single click
  • onsite product editor
  • automatic product updates
  • Set your profit margins exactly where you want them
  • worldwide free shipping
  • secure payment gateway
  • easy management and marketing with our automated solutions
  • Full automation to bring in sales 24-7
  • Add unlimited amount of products
  • Search & import Use different integrated filters to find desired AliExpress products and then add them to your website easily.
  • Automated order Forget about ordering every product manually. Just click the 'Order' button and confirm the order on AliExpress.
  • Auto-updating the auto-updating system keeps your product info fresh and corresponding to the latest data from AliExpress.
  • Cash-back system Earn commission on each purchase as an added bonus to your main dropshipping source of income.
  • Pricing automation Use an advanced pricing markup formula to apply your rules for particular products or all items in your store.
  • Auto order tracking The Plugin checks your orders for tracking updates and sends notification emails to your clients automatically.
  • ePacket shipping filter Easily finds products with ePacket shipping options to offer your customers a fast and free delivery service.
  • An unlimited number of products There's no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your Aliexpress dropshipping store.
  • Product reviews Engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to import reviews into your site directly from AliExpress.
  • currency ready

Will you transfer the site to my Hosting?
Yes for sure we can do that at no cost

Is The website GDPR Ready?
Yes the website is fully GDPR ready that include the term of service and privacy policy

How can the future owner improve the business?
The future owner can add more products (recommended) to the store and the main thing the future owner needs to do is get traffic and advertising the site.

Why should someone have this store?
A dropshipping store is a very easy and low-cost way to start an online business. The store doesn't require skills of coding - you just play an e-commerce game that allows you to earn additional money.

Is the website SEO Ready?
Yes we have optimized the front page only

Do I need to live in the United States to sign up to the supplier website?
No, you can join the supplier's drop ship program from anywhere across the globe.

What I will get if I purchased the website?
1. Complete website snapwize.com with Alidropship License and theme license
2. Premium domain snapwize.com

What do I need to get started?


1. I will need your hosting control panel URL, your username, and your password. If you never purchased hosting before, no worries I can walk you through the process and help you find a good hosting company.

2. namesilo.com account to push the domain name

3. your hosting nameserver

A member who does not follow the rules will not enter this giveaway

@Babak @medw1311 @TassieNZ @Hexor @phpcore @ddpanda @patrocle @slvrsteele @ELLIO7 @Jano @CyberDeviL
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Jun 12, 2020
Yes I am First
nope, i got first
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Sep 19, 2020
I am Intresed in this giveaway.
until now I have not tried AliExpress so I think it will be use full

1. my account more than 30 days
2. Namesilo account I have it
3. warning point 6 not that I know of untill now.
4. Hosting I have.
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Jun 9, 2019
Thanks for providing this opportunity.
Kindly Consider me in. As i read, all conditions are complied. I will provide you all details as soon as receive PM from you.


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Jul 23, 2019
I come back for the second time and keep trying my luck :))) Good luck to the other members as well.
I think the administrator should upgrade the server to load better, I am in Vietnam and the load time is quite slow. and we should create a dedicated resource host instead of using intermediate hosts like mega.nz. Sorry for my language, I use google translate :)))
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Oct 20, 2018
its a dream to get ready online business but its all dream hope i will win one day something some where


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Dec 2, 2020

I just want to say that Babiato is one of the forum wherein you can freely ask anything and someone will just respond to you. All the members here are very responsive and approachable.

Hope that there could be an additional Category or Sub Forum (for example, for crypto, social media accts or etc.) where other members can share their experience, knowledge, or thoughts.
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Aug 26, 2018
I am interested in this. I have never tried AliDropship before. Heard dropshipping is saturated. (Not sure).
Thanks for the giveaway anyway.


Apr 6, 2020
The other day I was thinking about this amazing community. And How can I help this community improve.
So here are my few suggestions.
  1. Improving the quality of new users by introducing more comprehensive registration form. Where is user can tell us bit more about themselves. Why they are coming to this platform, how will they contribute. This is can help us in protection from leechers and ungrateful users. Maybe we can implement this for all existing users as well. Obviosly this is not perfect, but they will help us way more than existing simple registration system.
  2. You can enable a timer feature to the uploads where the access to files will be first for only good users , or who contribute, Then after a day to two to the rest of the users.
  3. We can introduce the idea sections. Where the users can validate their startup ideas with help of the members of this community. May be even help them with partnerships, suggestions etc.
  4. Introduction of estore. We can offer comprehensive guide eBooks and compilations of the elite plugin and services like ondemand nulling.
  5. Last one maybe very wild but here it is. The thing is one way or another we are still affecting the revenue original makers of the plugins and files. Maybe we can incentivize them by offering the platform for their beta versions and test version. Then the community can help with bug reports and issues. This way original developers can keep improving their product and this community will get the features for free. Original developers can also offer discounts to babiato users. LOl
So I have tried my best. I may be wrong in some points. But I want best for this community. Thanks
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Jul 2, 2020
Babiato has been a massive source of support to the members. There are a few things I think we can look at to make Baato more beneficial to al of us.

1. All members are not on the same skill level and we do not have the same infrastructure. If we can create a pool facility where some of the heavy files we give away can be loaded and assessed based on the need of each individual. Not everyone has the means to download heavy files or the infrastructure to store them. There are several giveaways that many people need, though they are freely available they may not have the facilities required to enjoy them.

2. Babiato is a big family and I am privileged to have made a few precious friends on this platform who have turned out to be so helpful. I will suggest we look at the social side of Babiato. There are many wonderful people on this platform that if you are priviledged to come across, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience. I know this is prone to abuse, but I trust that the administrator's of this forum that has fashioned the rules that has guided this forum so efficiently can find ways of setting boundaries.

3. There are some resources that are based on subscriptions which has made them difficult to share. If we can have means of pooling resources together to acquire them, we can make them available. We can raise them as projects and call for volunteers who wants to support them.

4. Babiato has built a reputation has a free source of clean resources and it will be good if we can keep it so.

5. The rules on the forum has been so effective and and the administrators have been excellent in dispersing their duties. I sincerely commend their effort.

6. (MOST IMPORTANT) The rule of this give away should be amended to hand the giveaway to me without questions. ( I strongly support this).

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