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Dec 19, 2019
Since the Babiato team were kind enough to open up the Hosting Talk section to include Domain Talk, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about recent domains that have been sold.
If anyone's sold any domains recently, please include them in this discussion as it'll help other people who are selling similar domains, and it'll help the seller price their domains accordingly.
Lets begin! 💎

Domains sold on 3/9/2021

sentry.co24,450 USD
thomax.com6,600 USD
madiba.net4,388 USD
lodge.io4,050 USD
giftcard.io3,883 USD
clubequity.com3,788 USD
fancyfolk.com3,488 USD
theanton.com3,388 USD
pretis.com3,388 USD
festive.io3,015 USD
recycle.ai3,005 USD
momentobox.com2,950 USD
teqo.com2,710 USD
mambafx.net2,572 USD
thepalmclub.com2,488 USD
automotivesector.com2,388 USD
farmnews.com2,335 USD
xcg.com2,301 USD
881 65.com2,289 USD
momonly.com2,288 USD
mountainadvertising.com2,288 USD
thetinkerer.com2,288 USD
patioland.com2,165 USD
ichrp.org2,100 USD
Isere.com2,056 USD
garageconversions.com2,025 USD
thecenterline.com2,000 USD
z15.com1,800 USD
stress.in1,782 USD
unleashlearning.com1,750 USD
crossroadservices.com1,750 USD
zlg.com1,725 USD
hindsband.com1,700 USD
adventistyouthministries.com1,688 USD
lovepolitics.com1,588 USD
snappits.com1,575 USD
easychem.com1,562 USD
ifak.org1,500 USD
personconsulting.com1,500 USD
superremodeling.com1,488 USD
leafmd.com1,420 USD
propelltherapy.com1,409 USD
grandviewhotel.com1,375 USD
top-toy.com1,310 USD
amsterdamguide.com1,306 USD
greencore.net1,288 USD
usawaterskifoundation.org1,232 USD
shopno.com1,211 USD
nikolett.com1,200 USD
electronicrepairs.com1,200 USD
newprinters.com1,140 USD
liferekindled.com1,095 USD
5st.com1,050 USD
scorpion.gg1,030 USD
mitour.com1,029 USD
aclsrecert.com1,025 USD
verb.ai1,000 USD
vtwtv.net998 USD
thelightman.com951 USD
luisbeltran.com910 USD
zmjj.com900 USD
qserie.com887 USD
thearchiv.com878 USD
wette.org827 USD
gamingpass.com808 USD
cloudyes.com803 USD
totaliq.com801 USD
yiyuan.cc800 USD
itheadhunter.com800 USD
54t.com800 USD
recoll.com789 USD
rambos.com784 USD
hospitality.ai782 USD
lemonkind.com764 USD
origamistudio.com751 USD
wua.org725 USD
convents.com723 USD
blogcitylights.com710 USD
thebridgeproject.com710 USD
mycompany.org705 USD
udok.com700 USD
ctbound.org700 USD
clubbing. net700 USD
improveenglish.com691 USD
shufflegazine.com675 USD
eskortlar.com670 USD
autoinsuranceguide.com662 USD
ytseotoolz.com661 USD
92291 .com650 USD
sodlawns.com633 USD
54n.com605 USD
weedjoint.com600 USD
baselinesecurity.com580 USD
hopkins-biodefense.org575 USD
ogoh.com575 USD
kcf.net575 USD
unitbank.com565 USD
datingsites.org565 USD
outbox.ai560 USD
ggsport.com556 USD
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Grumpy MOD!!
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Jul 24, 2019
Some of these prices are frankly ridiculous based on names alone, but I guess the value is in their history and backlink profile.


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Dec 19, 2019
Some of these prices are frankly ridiculous based on names alone, but I guess the value is in their history and backlink profile.
yeah I can't believe it. Every day theres a new domain that sells for a crazy price.
I'm kinda surprised that sold for more than $50 lol
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Dec 19, 2019
Domains sold on 3/10/2021
ofertas.es35, 783 USD
fiftyplushealth.com28,000 USD
nuborn.com11,928 USD
brainzy.com10,000 USD
spacelaw.com7,605 USD
smartpdf.com4,555 USD
triplediamond.com4,050 USD
skive.com3,815 USD
havasuballoonfest.com3, 750 USD
realfund.com3,702 USD
holisticpsychologist.com3,688 USD
greenearthpackaging.com3,688 USD
memorybanks.com3,388 USD
kitout.com3,000 USD
dreamandreality.com2,788 USD
oldukphotos.com2,593 USD
scanadu.com2,550 USD
techinstructor.com2,421 USD
genuinefitness.com2,300 USD
kimrivers.com2,288 USD
speedwrite.com2,288 USD
farmingfirst.com2,250 USD
parklands.com2,025 USD
collegemeals.com2,000 USD
playership.com2,000 USD
curtainlights.com1800 USD
operavpn.com1700 USD
popsnacks.com1650 USD
microstack.com1649 USD
vorro.com1620 USD
gardenfountain.com1605 USD
coralforest.com1588 USD
healthweek.com1577 USD
superflorist.com1500 USD
naph.org1500 USD
extremedeals.com1449 USD
spreecast.com1400 USD
extracheap.com1351 USD
senwang.com1311 USD
bubblechic.com1288 USD
virtualoutlet.com1180 USD
kosette.com1108 USD
h2e.net1073 USD
teachone.com1060 USD
risksummit.com1044 USD
mirrus.com1026 USD
gardenlandscape.com1026 USD
greymattersjournal.com1025 USD
47c.com910 USD
detoxtips.com905 USD
allonrobots.com897 USD
coronatoken.org897 USD
vuoto com886 USD
liveto ken.com855 USD
completemartialarts.com802 USD
origincbd.com800 USD
oneminutemillionaire.com740 USD
bnlaw.com739 USD
dkproductions.com725 USD
remnantbeauty.com723 USD
ikdb.com713 USD
aicok.com712 USD
technewscentral.com710 USD
safehavenhealthcare.org702 USD
datawellness.com676 USD
goodrides.com674 USD
Ironra.n.com669 USD
wikiguide.com665 USD
mmmglobal.org660 USD
radiomuseum.com660 USD
themorpheus.com655 USD
klooz.com651 USD
vcigroup.com636 USD
americanchildcare.com625 USD
ptnj org620 USD
mavenhouse.com617 USD
enhancedhearing.com615 USD
stricklybusiness.com615 USD
qtqc.com601 USD
tradesawy.com601 USD
ceilo.com600 USD
evohouse.com595 USD
onlinefutures.com591 USD
gif. sh585 USD
bnuts.com582 USD
austincleaning.com578 USD
thecni.org575 USD
priorauthorization.com565 USD
bwright.com564 USD
ftunesmaxhd.com562 USD
bitfinx.com560 USD
theshoeboxnyc.com554 USD
pointofview-online.com528 USD
oneillproperties.com515 USD
ourstudy.com513 USD
caponespizzabar.com510 USD
savannahtourofnomes.org500 USD
anelacecoffee.com495 USD
420vapes.com459 USD
wilcke.com457 USD
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Dec 19, 2019
Domains sold on 3/12/2021

weld2020.org7,100 USD
35188.com6,700 USD
dimak.com6,088 USD
pixal.com5,250 USD
codechain.com4,802 USD
reqall.com4,600 USD
captitle.com4,588 USD
yoshizuka.com4,288 USD
my-books.de4,267 USD
fairpunishment.org4,000 USD
globalinvestornetwork.com3,988 USD
cleverbeauty.com3,788 USD
doldirect.com3,788 USD
youlead.com3,600 USD
law4all.com3,500 USD
skyspaces.com3,500 USD
cannabisproperties.com3,383 USD
pmit.net3,088 USD
photovaco.com3,065 USD
shopladder.com3,050 USD
safeenergy.de2,988 USD
fundamentalforce.com2,788 USD
creativeimpact.com2,750 USD
eduforum.com2,500 USD
eprofitable.com2,419 USD
platinumpixels.com2,350 USD
carbonconscious.com2,288 USD
stragos.com2,288 USD
midlandco.com2,288 USD
autointel.com2,113 USD
businesstexas.com2,094 USD
nationalrealestatebrokers.org2,025 USD
systemized.com2,025 USD
execucom.com2,000 USD
besafe.app1,999 USD
harura.com1,888 USD
dvaita.org1,800 USD
unleashedacademy.com1,788 USD
rentrealestate.com1,721 USD
salisburybuilders.com1,688 USD
careermindset.com1,588 USD
autocollective.com1,588 USD
preppy.org1,500 USD
zipmenu.com1,488 USD
dubaidesertsafari.com1,440 USD
eclipseaviation.com1,405 USD
timeforus.com1,400 USD
jundui.com1,305 USD
rowlandfarms.com1,288 USD
sunorigin.com1,250 USD
advancednation.com1,244 USD
datascoring.com1,230 USD
marshmallowchallenge.com1,225 USD
movietours.com1,222 USD
riceenterprises.com1,200 USD
juegosretro.com1,200 USD
vitalloan.com1,188 USD
cispaisback.org1,100 USD
boardexaminations.com1,088 USD
race1.com1,050 USD
eastorlandopost.com1,025 USD
pozen.com1,001 USD
tosachamber.org1,000 USD
edurcm.com969 USD
vividvinyl.com961 USD
digitlife.com950 USD
sportsrush.com926 USD
quoidemeuf.net910 USD
forsythelaw.com910 USD
eaglevilletimes.com900 USD
cachetfinancial.com897 USD
downpillow.com880 USD
wehavefun.com875 USD
vhealthy.com870 USD
sapower.com820 USD
yeahbutstill.com807 USD
euroset.com800 USD
cilg.com782 USD
bigservices.com765 USD
homesmartny.org760 USD
housesystem.com745 USD
pixhost.com725 USD
tribugourmande.com725 USD
topuscasinos.org702 USD
pvda.com691 USD
dcconcepts.com665 USD
alternative-healthzine.com635 USD
gardenpool.com610 USD
herbalsupplies.com607 USD
cankaoa.com606 USD
38degreesalehouse.com596 USD
theaffrilachianpoets.com596 USD
robinhoodfinancial.com592 USD
coligo.io588 USD
claimchain.com571 USD
coolvitamins.com566 USD
janetbrown.com562 USD
hardhathosting.com550 USD
hawaiisightseeing.com533 USD
grushecky.com525 USD


Active member
Dec 19, 2019
Domains sold on 3/13/2021
boatshopper.com15,251 USD
gen3d.com4,800 USD
justme.com6,830 USD
shroombros.com5,211 USD
connectone.com4,110 USD
globeofblogs.com3,750 USD
dutchbuilders.com3,588 USD
campusmedical.com3,488 USD
mohawk-flooring.com3,386 USD
solarhaus.com3,100 USD
concertgroup.com2,988 USD
funnelx.com2,600 USD
swapmeal.com2,400 USD
enlightenedpiano.com2,250 USD
comeaway.com2,125 USD
yma.org2,024 USD
robtec.com1,902 USD
gaino.com1,900 USD
tacticals.com1,788 USD
fusiongarage.com1,750 USD
xnl .com1,647 USD
livre-dor.net1,639 USD
chocolatecompany.com1,606 USD
studyandwork.com1,539 USD
pextax.com1,525 USD
suae.com1,500 USD
pawspal.com1,488 USD
neighborhoodsunited.com1,375 USD
ecopurge.com1,288 USD
complianceroom.com1,288 USD
cannabisharvester.com1,250 USD
marsone.com1,250 USD
petbelly.com1,188 USD
11822.com1,161 USD
elsor.com1,150 USD
smileproject.com1,150 USD
gooddrop.com1,100 USD
gnomethyself.com1,088 USD
undeniable.net1,088 USD
theeugenia.com1,082 USD
crossvegas.com1,075 USD
digitalsenses.com1,060 USD
beautyinsiders.com1,002 USD
screeningforprostatecancer.org1,000 USD
adult69.com999 USD
sozai-page.com996 USD
moleson.com913 USD
madjoker.com910 USD
nstb.com899 USD
xdogvest.com860 USD
brokercentral.com815 USD
spinkick.com813 USD
xlyl.com808 USD
dashboard.gg803 USD
onlinemedicines.com800 USD
755 USD​
aplusservices.com747 USD
masterprofit.com746 USD
725 USD​
naturegrace.com719 USD
reisekataloge.ch717 USD
dronecertification.com712 USD
wicm.com710 USD
digitalmango.com700 USD
pureloans.com661 USD
manapay.com660 USD
ceredigion.com655 USD
kalink.com650 USD
kreart.com620 USD
serv-online.org610 USD
winchip.com604 USD
4kdy. net600 USD
kc555.com600 USD
baraque.com584 USD
djsolutions.com582 USD
southfloridawritersassn.org580 USD
sewmuchcomfort.org565 USD
ventlyfe.com562 USD
captainkid.com561 USD
fasterfit.com515 USD
babybearshop.com515 USD
internetexpertise.com515 USD
localforce.com510 USD
pfblogs.org510 USD
udb.io505 USD
freedomfruit.com505 USD
gomezgroup.com505 USD
pdfhumanidades.com500 USD
provendo.com496 USD
premierturf.com496 USD
transportesemrevista.com495 USD
extra-3sk.com485 USD
omnipoll.com483 USD
cyberbubble.com479 USD
rainbowpaintings.com475 USD
automatedloans.com458 USD
effectivestrategy.com455 USD
musiety.com455 USD
unconsciousness.com450 USD
volunteerbank.com448 USD


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Dec 19, 2019
Domains sold on 3/14/2021

mutation.com26,555 USD
journalisted.com13,000 USD
kentuckycoffee.com6,500 USD
custodylawyer.com5,805 USD
gen3d.com4,800 USD
generativeai.com3,550 USD
artit.com3,211 USD
radarurl.com3,050 USD
ppl1.com3,000 USD
wrd.app1,999 USD

Heres the top 10 for the day. I'll probably start doing only the top 10 sales since it looks cleaner.


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Dec 19, 2019
Domains sold on 3/18/2021

717.com101,000 USD 💰🤑💸💎
ctx.com46,000 USD
leet.io10,000 USD
brainhouse.com9,000 USD
cryptowallet.co5,800 USD
evo.gg12,750 USD
domaintoday.com3,999 USD
chevalier.co3,500 USD
wireless-charging.com2,500 USD
iup.online1,500 USD
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