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Nov 7, 2019
I have SOUNDIFY Pakcage, please kindly Update the Script to at least 131 for exchange


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Nov 7, 2019
Anyone with Deepsond 1.3.2 Please lets Exchange with SOUNDIFY, send Link here i will do same ASAP


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Sep 16, 2020
ISSUE: Deepsound Script don't load Genres. Only save images.

ERROR when insert in DB.

INSERT INTO langs (`english`, `spanish`, `lang_key`) VALUES ('test7', 'test7', 'cateogry_12');

"Error": Field 'options' doesn't have a default value

Set 2 single quotes as default value in 'options' field -> table 'langs'.

You can use phpmyadmin or with code:


ALTER TABLE `langs` ALTER `options` SET DEFAULT '';

Steps in phpMyAdmin:

NOTE: Tables 'categories' and 'langs' are parents and have/has relation. Reset your identities fields if you wish.

Enjoy! :cool:

Sorry for my english. :p
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Nov 7, 2019
Deepsound v1.3.2 and Soundify Latest version for just 8. Dollars BTC , ETH or TRON


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Sep 16, 2020

Divided in 2 Posts

First as always, Sorry for my caveman english.

Clarified this let's go!!!

Hello people, yesterday i nulled the API that the Android APP uses to connect to the DeepSound PHP Script. I leave you a tutorial so that you can do it yourself, since it will be necessary to do it for different domains that you have, either for testing or production.

The DeepSound Android APP is programmed in C# languaje with Xamarin technology.
For debugging and compile APK i am using Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 updated with Xamarin and Android SDK.
You can decide install this enviroment or make all manually.
Patiente: I run this with my Intel i3 core with 6GB ram, you surely can be patiente.

Surely at the time of compiling the Android DeppSound APP project you will find several errors (i recomended dont delete code, only configure correctly. Eg download correct versions in SDK manager, remove sign debug.keystore in project properties for testing, etc), i suggest you search in google how to solve them, once you can compile the project you can continue.

01)- First we need download the dnSpy debugger for .net and unzip

When you unzip will have the 64 and 32 bit version, use the one you need. Are portables executables, only run.​

02)- Locate path the Android APP Deepsound and navigate to the API folder:

We work with the "DeepSoundClient.dll" file.​

03)- Run dnSpy.exe and open "DeepSoundClient.dll" file or simply drag and drop file to dnsSpy list.

Navigate until Client method (constructor):​

DeepSoundClient.dll -> DeepSoundClient -> Client -> Client

Now we see in right panel the code.​

04)- Inside Client method press right button and select "Edit Method (C#)".

05)- Comment or delete the code from ValueTuple until throw new... Line #39 to #53

Put you new code with your data:​
You don't have permission to view the code content. Log in or register now.
Client.WebsiteUrl = You URL to PHP DeepSound site
Client.ServerKey = I use default Server Key "9e775163db496ad0811172b5423e9061"
Client.IsExtended = Work with value in false

06)- Press compile button and check errors. Double click in displayed error error and you will be redireced to the code.

In my case i have 1 error in file main.g.cs:​
Comment or delete the code that marks error:​
In my case main.g.cs -> line #71 to #72.

You don't have permission to view the code content. Log in or register now.

Press the Compile button again and now all is correct witout errors.​

07)- Navigate to the File Menu -> Save Module... and select folder path in Filename textbox to export new DeepSoundClient.dll nulled

08)- Replace with the new DeepSoundClient.dll file in you API folder

Eg. ...\DeepSoundAPP\API\DeepSoundClient.dll



New member
Sep 16, 2020

09)- Custom Server Key:

If you want to change default Server Key, you will have to modify the value in PHP Site configuration Eg.( -> Site Server Key and you must also change another value in database.

DeepSoundDBName -> config (table) -> apps_api_key (field)
You can do this manually or run the following query:
You don't have permission to view the code content. Log in or register now.



In this point you can compile and run you DeepSound APP and try.
In the following steps i will show how i did to compile the project and expose my configurations.

10)- Configuring the ADB tools for run APP:

Enable USB debugging on your Android phone

Open the Settings app.
Select System.
Scroll to the bottom and select About phone.
Scroll to the bottom and tap Build number 7 times.
Return to the previous screen to find Developer options near the bottom.
Scroll down and enable USB debugging.
Connect the phone with USB Cable and in this point you can run app with Visual Studio Enterprise 2019.

Now i show how configure adb for execute over Wifi and dont use the USB Cable.

In your pc navigate to the path platform-tools and run CMD or Powershell as administrator in this folder.
If you have configure enviroment path system with Android SDK platform-tools skip this step.
In my case the utilities is in C:\D\Soft\Dev\Android_Studio\sdk\platform-tools

Now we need use adb.exe utility for configure you phone.

Aclaration: if you have Android Studio Emulator or similar u need use in commands you Phone ID.
Replace XXX with you PhoneID (see in command adb devices).
Find or set fixed ip for android phone (i have configure reserved IP fixed with router using the macaddress)
Use a free port, in my case use 5555

Run in terminal:

You don't have permission to view the code content. Log in or register now.

If response is: "connected to" you can remove the USB Cable.

If need reset configuration for USB Cable and disable wifi debugging use the following comands:

You don't have permission to view the code content. Log in or register now.

You don't have permission to view the code content. Log in or register now.

11)- Show my project configuration

12)- Changes in PHP Script -> modify file for upload audio with DeepSound APP.

I had to make a change to the submit-song.php file since it does not keep some values of the session variable $ _SESSION ['upload'] when uploading file from Android Phone.

API in PHP Script is in the below path:

SOLUTION: comment the following and the upload file from mobile it will work fine.
Edit file:

You don't have permission to view the code content. Log in or register now.

13)- Start debugging the DeppSound APP for testing if work correctly with PHP Script.

Dont need change value of the string cert variable in AppSettings.cs file.
Set you breakpoint. Eg. (line #52)

MainApplication.cs -> OnCreate() method -> line Instance = this;
Clean Solution

Start debugging in the Android Phone.

If you can see the data you entered when nulled the API DeepSoundClient.dll then everything will be fine.

Watch: client objetc -> Statics members

- isExtended = false
- ServerKey = "9e775163db496ad0811172b5423e9061"
- WebsiteUrl = ""

Stop debugging if you can, the APP will be installed on the Android Phone.

14)- Test the DeepSound APP and modify it if you want.

I attach some screenshots of the tests that I have carried out.
I have used the Vysor application to remotely manipulate my cell phone.


I personally think that DeepSound APP is very basic and prefer adapt the PHP Script to work as mobile application and convert in PWA for up in playstore (now is possible).

And thus not having to modify the API endpoint/v1 in PHP + the APP in C#. Also, if you want to add new functionality, you will have to make your new api so that it works in parallel with the DeepSoundClient.dll API, since it is very obfuscated and it is impossible to reverse engineer the entire dll.

DeepSound has very beautiful UI but very basic and the PHP and C # code is very clean.

Soundkit has very uglier UI but better developed to earn money and the PHP code is not very clean. I need test the application of this script


Thanks Google Translator :p

Music while working:​

Enjoy! :cool:


Jul 31, 2020
You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.

after updating to v1.3.3
if you can't change the theme
revert this to the v1.3.2 file
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