CinePacks Paint FX

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A collection of paint splatters, marks, and textures animated to give you a unique look for your videos. These are the perfect for achieving an interesting paintbrush and grunge effect. You can use as overlays or transitions.
4K quality, easy-to-use, and custom-made digital effects to bring your edits to the next level.
  • 75 Paint FX in Total (4K)
  • 19 Paint Fx Transitions
  • 28 Animated Paint Overlays
  • 28 Paint Object Overlays (Strokes, Circles, Hearts, etc.)

Storing large files on the zippyshare site is cumbersome if there are no downloads within 30 days, so since this VFX package is quite large, I put it on a torrent site. The download link page is here.
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