Best Free Netflix Alternatives?

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Apr 21, 2021
Check out Troypoint. The site has a ton of information on streaming services and how tos.

If you're technically inclined then Kodi with Seren,
The really good add-ons like Venom, Fen and Oath are now dead but someone always resurrects a fork. But check addons4kodi on Reddit for info on that.

And if you want a simpler solution then TeaTV or BeeTV. A lot of the greats were also recently shut down.

Then there's Syncler which is very nice and probably closest to Netflix in how the app works. but you need to pay for Syncler+. But it's not expensive.

For all of the above you'll want to subscribe to real-debrid. It's only 4eur for 30 days, 9 eur for 90.
But it'll get you a ton of premium links and if you use that there's no need for a VPN. Also it lets you unlock premium file sharing links from services like Rapidgator.


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May 4, 2022
There was a great post, here in Babiato, but unfortunately went down when Babiato hacked.
Any suggestions for free streaming alternatives like Netflix?
By coding our own:cool: and also using gdrive streaming (I am just joking lol)


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Jan 23, 2020
I have a stunning solution to you all!

Its just way better then anything else. Forget torrents, forget mega nz downloads, forget netflix.

MovieBoxPro is the answer. Streaming on demand service.
It is invite only, absolutely free (also offers premium extremely cheap), there is modded apk around (i can share if you want)

I can invite I think, just PM. - No I cannot, I can only invite 1 person. But if you use mod apk and login, you can actually log in from then on anywhere, anytime. Thats a workaround.

Seriously though, HUGE collection of tv shows, movies, subtitles, multilang etc, and it just works. Doesnt lag, doesnt wait for seeders, it is streaming on demand.

I always test services by searching for a forgotten titles, but MovieBoxPro just passed this extremely hard test.

Reddit has community and you can find invites, info and everything there too
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Oct 9, 2020
check out 30nama .com, I can help you to create and payments there. its way more better than netflix. just right click and translate to english
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