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Oct 27, 2020
I have seen lot of websites that copy babiato resources and place them in their websites
One of the best example is Codelist. Like this, I have seen a few which copy our files and place them in their websites.
Try to use telegram channel to send notifications for new resources.
Ex: If there is any new resource created, then sending notifications in telegram channel will be helpful.

I am the one, who open my mail, babiato website when I wake up. I will check what are the notifications, updates and resources.
If there is something like getting a notification for new resource in telegram. What ever it may be, it will be easy for everyone. Just my thought.
I agree :)(y)
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Oct 24, 2020
Yea, that's great!

Put some reverse proxy to the front of the Babiato instances to handle requests.
Nginx is working flawlessly with concurrent multiple users serving static files and passing to for process.
So it will be like this
Cloudflare proxied > Nginx reverse proxy instance > babiato instance

With this kind of structure, you not going to just hide Babiato instance ip. You will also lift the babiato to weight for a static resource...
It can easily respond to 1m requests...

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