4 ways to make free money from crypto

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Oct 18, 2021
First method: Installing Swash extension ( available on chrome based browsers like brave and Microsoft edge, and Mozilla is supported)

Before getting into how to benefit from the usage of the extension mentioned above, let me briefly tell you what this swash project is about, it’s an extension that you install then it starts collecting your browsing data anonymously then it rewards you for that in return after sharing it with advertisers and such, this is not something you find in the giant companies such as Facebook and google which they collect and sell your data yet don’t share a penny with you.

An important note: your earnings will be updated once per 48 hours, so be patient before deleting the extension and thinking that it’s not working, as long you surf the web in different tabs, it is working.

Second method: installing the GeoCash app from geodb (available on Android / IOS)

This app is similar to swash, it collects anonymous data about your device activity and shares some of the earned profits by selling it, all you have to do is download the app and let it run in the background.

Third method: Presearch (there is an extension for the search bar integration for both Mozilla and chrome)

This is a search engine similar to duckduckgo, although the design may not be that great, this project gives you the chance to earn the PRE token 0.08/0.09 per research (only 30 searches are being counted per day, if you do more research you won’t be accredited the Pre token) you need to collect 1000 pre tokens so that you can withdraw them, currently, the price is 0.2084 USD, the token has the potential to reach 1 dollar/ token, so by the time you withdraw 1000 PRE you may end up with 1000 dollars, pretty cool, right?

note: if you want to join under my referral link then you will get 25 Pre tokens once you join otherwise you can just sign up directly but you won’t get benefits of that.

Fourth method collecting crypto using Aircoins app:

If you played Pokémon go then using aircoins would be straightforward, you download the app from the app store or play store, you open an account, verify it then you start walking down the streets and collecting the coins, there are so many cryptocurrencies like Bnb, Shiba, BAT, Doge … and the main token Airx which you can collect if you are < 80 meters closer to them.
the good thing about this project is that it’s using AR technology, and as we saw recently the metaverse hype is so big, so this game could reach a massive adoption in the future, currently, the price is sitting at $0.00045442 and the market cap of $3,761,018, if this project burns two zeroes and the prices reach 0.045442 USD (which possible reaching 300 million dollars market cap) you can easily collect 500 aircoins per day that’s 22 dollars per day, not bad! But you have to be patient and collect those coins and hold them for the long run if you wanted to see that price becoming a reality.

Lastly, I want to conclude, these projects may not give you a big profit at the moment, but if any of these projects explode in the future any earned and held tokens they can be sold for a huge gain, so you may want to hold for that as much as you want, but remember this not a financial advice, it’s your tokens feel free to do whatever you want with them.

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