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New member
Dec 9, 2020
The link for 5994, turn out to be empty send.cm folder. I tried twice.
Web Scraping in Nodejs & JavaScript5994
Can you please update the link. Thanks


New member
Apr 16, 2021
Continued from first post
⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

(Book) (Dave Ceddia) - Pure React4497
(book) Dive Into Refactoring [ENG]6251
(Book) (Andrew Allen) Effective Rails4800
(Book) (leanpub) Laravel Tutorial Collection4855
(book) Complete your Node application6245
(book) Django for Beginners API Professional (3 in 1)6254
(book) Curious Moon6249
(book) Fullstack React with Typescript6260
(book) Fullstack Node.js The Complete Guide to Building Applications6257
(book) Fullstack React - The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends6259
(Book) (Emanuele Feronato) Cross-Platform HTML Game Development with Phaser 36111
(book) Explore Mongoose6253
(book) Build an API with Laravel6247
(book) Fullstack Rust The Complete Guide to Building Applications with Rust6263
(book) Fullstack Vue Book - The Complete Guide to Vue6264
(book) Functional Design Patterns for Express.js6266
(book) Jet Spring6269
(book) Let's Go! Learn to Build Professional Web Applications with Golang6271
(book) Make Up React Learn How to Build Web Applications with React6273
(book) PostgreSQL Mastering in Application Development6275
(book) PyQt5 - Python and Qt The Best Parts6278
(book) React + D3v46280
(book) Machine Learning By Example6282
(book) Real Python Course (3 Books + Video)6284
(book) Ruby Deep Dive - A book for serious Ruby developers6286
(book) Rock and Roll with Ember.js 36288
(book) Taming the State in React6290
(book) Smashing Book 6 New Frontiers in Web Design6292
(book) The Road to React6294
(book) Zero to Deep Learning6296
(book) The Art of PostgreSQL (Complete Package)6297
(book) (Eric Elliott) Composing Software6309
(book) (Kyle Simpson) You Don't Know JS Yet Get Started6311
(book) (Kyle Simpson) You Don't Know JS Yet Scope & Closures6313
(book) (Miguel Grinberg) Flask Mega-Tutorial + Video6314
(book) (Nigel Poulton) Docker Deep Dive6317
(book) (Nigel Poulton) The Kubernetes Book6319
(book) Advanced iOS Application Architecture6321
(book) AlgoDaily The Most Important6323
(book) Angular Progressive Web Applications (PWA) MasterClass + Book6324
(book) Angular RxJs Reactive Programming and Free Ebook6326
(book) Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials6329
(book) Auto Layout by Tutorials6330
(book) Building Git6333
(book) Beautiful Data Visualization with D3 (Packet ADVANCED)6335
(book) Catalyst Guide6337
(book) Cloud Computing Theory and Practice6339
(book) Combine Asynchronous Programming with Swift6341
(book) Core Data by Tutorials v66343
(book) Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift v36345
(book) Debugging CSS6347
(book) Deep JavaScript Theory and techniques6349
(book) Distributed Systems for practitioners6351
(book) Designing User Interfaces 20206352
(book) DynamoDB6354
(book) Every Layout - Relearn CSS layout6357
(book) Freelancing and Marketing for Web Developers + Web Designers (The Complete Bundle)6359
(book) Frontend Unicorn6361
(book) Fullstack GraphQL The Complete Guide6363
(book) Fullstack React Native - The Complete Guide to React Native6364
(book) Hot Tips for Landing Pages6367
(book) How to Become a Web Developer A Field Guide6368
(book) How to Create Pragmatic, Lightweight Languages6370
(book) How to Host, Protect and Serve Static Sites6373
(book) Impostor's Handbook + Video6374
(book) In-depth, hands-on Kubernetes online courses6376
(book) Inclusive Components The Book6379
(book) Internal structure of CPython6381
(book) iOS Test Driven Development6383
(book) JavaScript for impatient programmers (ES2021)6385
(book) JavaScript Algorithms. The Web Developer's Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms6386
(book) Kubernetes for Application Developers + Exam6389
(book) Mastering Git6391
(book) Mission Interview + Video6393
(book) Machine Learning by Tutorials6394
(book) ng-book. The Complete Guide to Angular 11 (+ Video)6397
(book) Production Ready GraphQL (THE COMPLETE PACKAGE)6399
(book) Push notifications6400
(book) Refactoring UI - Complete Package + Video6403
(book) Safety from the Ground Up Practical Safety for Busy People6405
(book) SOLID A Guide to Software Design and Architecture6408
(book) Solo (Solo) + Video6409
(book) Swift Design Patterns6411
(book) Swift for Beginners6413
(book) SwiftUI Guide6416
(book) SwiftUI - Animation Mastery6418
(book) Tackling TypeScript Upgrading from JavaScript6420
(book) The Good Parts of AWS6422
(book) The Next.js Course6424
(book) SwiftUI Views6426
(book) The Road to GraphQL6428
(book) The Selenium Guidebook (The Complete Package Java + Python Edition)6429
(book) The standout developer6432
(book) Ultimate ASP.NET Core 3 Web API6434
(book) Vue - Road to Enterprise (Complete Package)6436
(book) Vue Clean Components6438
(book) Understanding Redux - 1, 2 & 3 + Modern redux6439
(book) Vue.js Components Patterns6441

links don't work anymore


New member
Feb 23, 2021
Nice thread, and aweosome work! I want to ask if is possible to update the mastering nuxt (id: 4257), it seems there are new lessons released, but if isn't possible i understood, thanks again for this massive share!


New member
Apr 29, 2021
idc if you want to download them or not.

Btw now everything is working smoothly, removed ouo which was removing the "/" from the end of the link.
or if you guys want links in the post, then i can do that too but it will take some time.
Everything is working smoothly brother


New member
Oct 25, 2018
Instead of the files I want to download, I get inundated with spammy popups that want me to download unrelated apps, Chrome extensions and malware. Some pages get unsafe warnings that are blocked by my antivirus app. I turned off my adblocker, but I will not turn off my antivirus app. How is this link legitimate or safe?


New member
Mar 23, 2021
This would be really helpful for me. Thank you for putting in the effort in the first place.


New member
Oct 25, 2018
OK, I'm still getting popup ads instead of the link for the download.
My virus protection software gave me the following warning message:

This website is unsafe
We've found malicious code on this website that could harm your computer or steal your private data.

Is this legitimate, or is this spam? If it is legitimate, how do I download the files?

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