YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets

YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.4.9

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Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.4.9 Nulled Free
v1.4.9 - RELEASED ON 21 FEBRUARY 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.0
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Fix: fixed issues with fields label affecting to export CSV as well
  • Fix: added new check to avoid fatal error
  • Dev: added new yith_wcevti_background_size_pdf filter
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Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.4.8 Nulled Free
= v1.4.8 - Released on 14 January 2021 =

* New: support for WooCommerce 4.9
* Update: plugin framework
* Fix: possible warning when printing ticket template
* Fix: added a check to avoid frontend issues with Divi Builder
* Dev: new yith_start_date_format and yith_end_date_format filters
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Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.4.3 Nulled Free
= v1.4.3 - Released on 09 June 2020 =
* New: support for WooCommerce 4.2
* New: admin can select the barcode protocol of the product
* Update: Italian translation
* Tweak: added empty message for attendees and organizers shortcodes
* Tweak: changed naming for Elementor widgets
* Fix: added new check in shortcode js, in order to avoid je error
* Fix: js error when loading pages edited with Elementor
* Fix: added id attribute to generate barcode (fix for barcode 2.0.0 with new library)
* Fix: fatal error when adding shortcodes without product_id
* Fix: notice caused by possible errors in reduced price configuration
* Dev: added yith_wcevti_default_select_option_label filter
* Dev: added yith_wcevti_start_with_monday_calendar filter, to allow third party code make the week start on Monday for calendar shortcode
Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.4.2 Nulled Free
= v1.4.2 – Released on 13 May 2020 =

* Update: plugin framework
* Fix: js not being enqueued on product page
Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.3.9 Nulled Free
= v1.3.9 - Released Nov, 08 - 2019 =

  • New: support for WordPress 5.3
  • New: support for WooCommerce 3.8
  • New: added new order actions to send processing and completed order emails with event ticket PDF attached
  • New: now select service options can be disabled
  • New: now tickets can be filtered by Name and Status on backend
  • New: now check-in shortcode allows to check-out tickets
  • New: added automatic search option for check-in shortcode
  • Update: Plugin framework
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Fix: missing services in CSV export of the tickets
  • Dev: added new parameter to yith_start_date_message and yith_end_date_message filters
  • Dev: added new parameters to yith_wcevti_allowed_emails filter
  • Dev: added ticket price to get_purchased_ticket method
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcevti_add_view_and_gcalendar_button_custom_status
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcevt_args_ticket_purchased_template
  • Dev: added new filter yith_check_if_expired_event
Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.3.8 Nulled Free
VERSION 1.3.8 - RELEASED AUG, 12, 2019

  • New: WooCommerce 3.7 support
  • Tweak: removed call that retrieves all tickets for checkin shortcode (ajax loading will be applied anyway)
  • Tweak: add args for service metabox template
  • Tweak: check if $item_meta exists
  • Tweak: added stripslashes wherever it is required
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Fix: prevent fatal error when not isset $get[post_type]
  • Fix: issue with services index, causing new items overwriting previous one
  • Fix: fixed barcode value in the CSV export
  • Dev: new filters yith_wcevti_load_tickets_purchased and yith_wcevti_search_ticket_output
  • Dev: new filter yith_wc_event_tickets_show_already_sold_tickets
  • Dev: new action yith_wcevti_order_metabox_end_services
Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.3.7 Nulled Free
VERSION 1.3.7 - RELEASED MAY, 30, 2019

  • Update: Added new fonts to mpdf library
  • Tweak: Add year range as a parameter
  • Dev: Filter yith_wcevt_get_tickets_purchased_by_order_items
  • Dev: Filter yith_wcevti_year_range
Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.3.6 Nulled Free
VERSION 1.3.6 - RELEASED APR, 16, 2019

  • New: WooCommerce 3.6 support
  • Tweak: added jquery-blockui as a dependency
  • Tweak: improved message when a ticket is already checked
  • Tweak: disable the service if it doesn't have stock
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Fix: how to get the services type select name for the CSV
  • Fix: problem with the delimiter on csv exporter when the field doesn't exists
  • Fix: added yes or no field to the text domain
  • Fix: removed appropriate class when ticket message is closed
  • Fix: fixed message colors when searching if the ticket is checked
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcevt_ticket_purchased_row
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcevt_display_fields_panel
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcevt_export_csv
Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.3.5 Nulled Free Premium
v1.3.5 - RELEASED FEB, 19, 2019

  • Tweak: allow numbers leading with zero in the numbers input
  • Update: updated plugin FW
  • Fix: fixed a warning
  • Fix: fixed problem to display shortcode in the right way
  • Dev: added new filter yith_event_ticket_display_barcode_option and yith_event_ticket_display_ticket_number_option
  • Dev: added new filter yith_wcevt_get_csv_list_column, yith_wcevt_get_csv_row and yith_wcevt_get_user_from_order
  • Dev: added dynamic filter yith_wcevt_passed_item_field_'.$field['_type']
Download YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets v1.3.4 Nulled Free
v1.3.4 - RELEASED DEC 31, 2018

  • New: Support to WordPress 5.0.2
  • Tweak: change input type to allow decimals on overcharge option
  • Update: Updated Dutch Language
  • Update: updated plugin FW
  • Update: updated .pot
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcevti_get_event_name
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcevti_view_pdf_and_gcalendar_post_status
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcevti_when_status_changed
  • Dev: added filter yith_wcevt_display_barcode_and_qr_code_notice
  • Dev: added new parameters on yith_wcevti_event_title_form filter
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