YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System v1.2.6

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Did you know people read refund policies before buying any product?
Basically, if the website grants a refund for the product due to reasonable causes such as malfunctions, glitches and such, buyers will be increasingly determined to complete their orders.

They will feel reassured.
And that’s great, since that tremendously increases the conversion rate.

But do you know what happens if we offer a difficult process to get refunds? Users will lose trust in your company and they will most likely look somewhere else for their future purchases.

WooCommerce’s basic refund system is not very easy to deal with and the communication between buyers and sellers is not directly implemented, which might be an increasing problem for your customers and might make your services seem unprofessional.

And you know what an annoyed customer seeking a refund can do? They might spread bad reviews and lower your company’s reputation on the internet, which would highly affect your business, which is why we created something sensationally effective in order to avoid this scenario!

This is why YITH Advanced Refund System for WooCommerce exists, a plugin that makes refund requests accessible and easily manageable both from the user’s and the customer’s side.

After installing it, you will no longer be able to do without it, and when customers see it in action, their trust in your store will rise skywards and they will keep coming to your store, feeling safe.
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