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WPML Translation Management Addons v2.10.8

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# Features
* [wpmltm-3691] Removed the link to "Advanced Translation Editor settings" in WPML > Settings > Editor.
* [wpmltm-3614] Moved the Advanced Translation Editor's local repository storage to a new location in the database.
* [wpmltm-3608] Enable the download button for completed jobs so users can fetch updates from translation services.
* [wpmltm-3475] Improved the performance of the Advanced Translation Editor jobs synchronization.

# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3688] Fixed an issue where the "Check status and get translations" button was blocked and non-clickable for hours if the site's time is not GMT.
* [wpmltm-3677] Fixed an issue with the status of a job that was already translated, then resent for translation again and then canceled. From now on, these jobs will correctly be marked as "Translated".
* [wpmltm-3668] Fixed an issue with displaying a wrong job status after clicking the "Check status and get translations" button on the Translation Management Dashboard page. This issue happened when the job was canceled but the related content already had a previous translation.
* [wpmltm-3633] Fixed the translation of nested arrays when the field name is a part of array keys.
* [wpmltm-3566] Fixed an issue where the job synchronization on the Translation Management -> Dashboard page could fall into a never-ending loop if the external API did not respond correctly.
* [wpmltm-3561] Fixed an issue with too big flags shown in the admin panel when custom flag image of a large size is used.
* [wpmltm-3366] Introduced a new "Translation Tools" tab in the Translation Manager section allowing you to handle translations with the Advanced Translation Editor and removes the redirection to the external site.

# Compatibility
* [wpmltm-3594] Added data sanitization to the Translation Proxy communication logs.
* [wpmltm-3590] Fixed an error that happened when running the QTranslate Importer while the Translation Management plugin is active.

# Usability
* [wpmltm-3592] Improved the description of jobs marked as "Needs update" on the Translation Jobs page. The description now also contains the original status value.
* [wpmltm-3560] Updated the confirmation messages displayed in the Translation Manager basket.
* [wpmltm-1846] Allow updating the credentials of an already authenticated translation service.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.0 Beta1 Nulled Free
# Features

* [wpmltm-3805] Text about differences in word count between WPML and translation service providers to translation added to translation basket.

# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3874] Fixed applying translations of wpml-string shortcode coming from ATE.
* [wpmltm-3870] Improved deadline filter on the job list in order to handle correctly the deadline filter.
* [wpmltm-3844] Correct use of `wp_safe_redirect`.
* [wpmltm-3804] Fix so that translated links are not reverted after the original post is updated.
* [wpmltm-3780] Status of job after cancellation now will be restored to previous in case translation needed update.
* [wpmltm-3734] ATE Translation Tools tab is accessible if ATE is active.

# Usability
* [wpmltm-1781] Include support for translating taxonomy description and term meta data via Translation Editor and Translation Services.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.9 Nulled Free
# Features

* [wpmltm-3824] Fixed the problem with missing shortcodes strings in the editors when plugin shortcode definition has been extended with plugin upgrade.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.8 Nulled Free
Released on: June 2, 2020

  • Fixed a typo in the notice shown when WPML detects blocks created with the block editor.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.7 Nulled Free
# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3707] Displayed the meaningful icon and tooltip when a translation is still being processed.

# Compatibility
* [wpmltm-3801] Fixed wrong processing of media shortcodes.
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Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.6 Nulled Free
# Features

* [wpmltm-3790] Enabled "batch sync" action on the job list even if a job is completed.

# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3779] Fixed a security issue: Don't let "Editor" Translation Manager to create a new "Administrator" translator.
* [wpmltm-3756] Fixed problem with downloading of translated XLIFF files on some hostings.
* [wpmltm-3599] Fixed the issue with a huge content of translation package when the settings contain corrupted data.
* [wpmltm-3498] Fix cancelling local translation jobs.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.5 Nulled Free
# Features
* [wpmltm-2699] Implemented Translation Memory feature for exported XLIFF files. Now if a string has already been previously translated, its translation will be pre-populated in the XLIFF files

# Fixes
  • [wpmltm-3761] Fixed fatal error on the toolset.com website triggered when a user logs in.
  • [wpmltm-3747] Fixed a status inconsistency when sending translation jobs to a remote service and the workflow is failing on the client side before to commit the batch.
  • [wpmltm-3739] Fixed the overdue jobs email report.
  • [wpmltm-3733] Fixed potential translation service authentication problem due to invalid data format.
  • [wpmltm-3727] Fixed PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WPML_Jobs_XMLRPC_Fetch_Log' not found.
  • [wpmltm-3719] Fixed an issue when an ATE job download is stuck in the queue due to an outdated download link.
  • [wpmltm-3708] Fixed fatal error when having TM in develop and the rest of plugins in master.
  • [wpmltm-3697] Translation Management plugin prevented to load on front to reduce page loading time.
  • [wpmltm-3664] Fix so that numeric field types are preserved when translating custom fields.

# Performances
  • [wpmltm-3710] Fixed high Redis cache Usage in \WPML_TM_ICL_Translations::translations.
  • [wpmltm-3698] Remove related pending jobs when permanently deleting a post.

# Usability
* [wpmltm-3751] Allow users to edit translations directly from the front-end, without visiting the back-end first.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.4 Nulled Free
# Fixes

* [wpmltm-3725] Fixed the custom field synchronization when it has multiple values and saving the translation job.

# Compatibility
* [wpmltm-3724] Fixed notices thrown in PHP 7.4 when translating an Avada page with a Global container.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.2 Nulled Free
Released on: November 4, 2019

Changed color of the button icon in Translation Basket.
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