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WPML Translation Management Addons v2.10.8

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Released on: August 20, 2021

Fixed an issue with the Translation Tools tab and Elementor.
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# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3963] Fixed custom term meta appearing in CTE when if it's marked as "Don't Translate".

# Compatibility
* [wpmltm-4282] Fixed wrong word count for Elementor pages.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.6 Nulled Free
# Fixes
* [wpmltm-4021] Fixed wrong processing of HTML comments when registering strings coming from Gutenberg blocks to translation.

# Performances
* [wpmltm-4026] Do not autoload the heavy "_wpml_tp_api_Logger" option.

# Usability
* [wpmltm-3999] Fixed assigning custom languages to translators on the Translation Jobs page.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.5 Nulled Free
# Fixes
* [wpmltm-4001] Only show the translation pickup mode if a translation serivce is active and authenticated.
* [wpmltm-3998] Fix issue with untranslated terms appearing as translated in ATE.
* [wpmltm-3988] Improve detection of base64 encoded strings to avoid false positives.
* [wpmltm-3943] Fixed so duplicate post is not set to in progress until it's set to be translated independently.
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Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.4 Nulled Free
# Features

* [wpmltm-3969] Fixed the error in the the Translation Management Dashboard Polling Box which occured with the new WordPress 5.6 version.

# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3960] Fixing warnings for private methods marked as final and overriden.
* [wpmltm-3959] Removed usage of WP_PLUGIN_DIR constant.
* [wpmltm-3958] Fixing required parameters following optional ones.
* [wpmltm-3956] Replaced double quotes with single quotes in the SQL query.
* [wpmltm-3928] Fixed opening translations from CTE in ATE.
* [wpmltm-3895] Fixed the default state for overdue translation notifications.
* [wpmltm-3807] Fix problem with Synchronizing the post status when updating a translation.
* [wpmltm-3305] Fixed minor issue with language selectors in jobs filter.

# Performances
* [wpmltm-2140] Scanning only translated strings when using `Translate Link Targets` function.

# Usability
* [wpmltm-3978] Fixed Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_translation_job() on null.
* [wpmltm-3510] Fixed editor choosing when the previous job was created in Classic Editor.
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Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.3 Nulled Free
# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3942] Fixed saving translation of term meta which contains array value like e.g. checkboxes field.
* [wpmltm-3940] Don't include term meta in Editors if it is already translated.
* [wpmltm-1269] Fixed "select all" checkbox in Translation Queue.

# Compatibility
* [wpmltm-3939] Fixed an issue with translation status not updated when a post was edited on the frontend with a page builder.
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Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.2 Nulled Free
# Fixes

* [wpmltm-3935] Fixed translated category name and description not showing in ATE.
* [wpmltm-3934] Fixed translated category description not showing in CTE.
* [wpmltm-3926] Fixed the warning which appeared in Classic Translation Editor due to nested data.
* [wpmltm-3925] Fixed displaying of category's meta values in the editor when `Don't include already translated terms in the translation editor` option is checked.
* [wpmltm-3920] Replace double quotes with single quotes in SQL statements to avoid warnings on some setups.

# Compatibility
* [wpmltm-3930] Pass active languages information to the ATE widget.
* [wpmltm-3839] Fixed a JS conflict due to different versions of the select2 library.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.1 Nulled Free
Released on: September 4, 2020

  • Fixed an issue where the notification for moved or copied sites incorrectly appears for sites configured with languages per domains.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.0 Nulled Free
# Features

* [wpmltm-3898] Added message about switching to ATE when translating HTML content with CTE.
* [wpmltm-3805] Text about differences in word count between WPML and translation service providers to translation added to translation basket.

# Fixes
* [wpmltm-3902] Don't display "documentation" link on the Service list if link is empty.
* [wpmltm-3888] Replaced deprecated mysql operator '||' with 'OR'.
* [wpmltm-3876] Show hidden languages for Translation Managers in backend.
* [wpmltm-3874] Fixed applying translations of wpml-string shortcode coming from ATE.
* [wpmltm-3871] Fixed job's labels on the Translation Queue.
* [wpmltm-3870] Improved deadline filter on the job list in order to handle correctly the deadline filter.
* [wpmltm-3865] Synchronizing translators when unlocking site ATE communication was success.
* [wpmltm-3844] Correct use of `wp_safe_redirect`.
* [wpmltm-3825] Fixed translation basket status when there's already a translation job.
* [wpmltm-3811] Fixed "translated to" and "translation status" filters in the Translation Management Dashboard.
* [wpmltm-3804] Fix so that translated links are not reverted after the original post is updated.
* [wpmltm-3780] Status of job after cancellation now will be restored to previous in case translation needed update.
* [wpmltm-3776] Fixed adding a non-necessary CSS file even if the user is not logged in.
* [wpmltm-3734] ATE Translation Tools tab is accessible if ATE is active.

# Compatibility
* [wpmltm-3836] Fixed striping <p> tag in CTE visual field.

# Usability
* [wpmltm-3912] Change a job status to in-progress when a local translaton picks it up.
* [wpmltm-1781] Include support for translating taxonomy description and term meta data via Translation Editor and Translation Services.
Download WPML Translation Management Addon v2.9.11 Nulled Free
# Fixes

* [wpmltm-3901] Fixed calls to deprecated jQuery functions.