WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Educations Theme

WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Educations Theme v4.400 Untouched

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Download WPLMS v4.400 Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme
WPLMS 4.4 , VibeBP 1.8.6 , WPLMS Plugin 1.8.5 updates

WPLMS theme
  1. Certificate fix for validator
  2. CSS fixes
  1. [Feature] Bulk upload users in group via CSV.
  2. [Updated] Default fields , member type support in Registration form in the Login panel.
  3. [Coming up] Cart API WooCommerce
  4. [Fix] Send Message action button
  5. [Fix] Send Message action button
  6. [Fix] Avatar component fix
  7. [Fix] Send Message action button
  8. [Fix] Removed legacy member type and group type in VibeBP as BP has it.
  9. [Fix] All blocks updated, New Carousel block script added.
WPLMS Plugin
  1. [Fix] Assignment title not supporting special characters fix
  2. [Fix] Delete course category from app fix
  3. [Fix] PHP errors in queries
  4. [Fix] PHP 8.1 notices fixed
  5. POT files updated
Download WPLMS v4.1 Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme Nulled Free
Theme Update :

1. Version 3.9 users can now use 4.1 framework.
2. Discard old vibe-course-module, vibe-customtypes, vibe-shortcodes, wplms-assignments,wplms-front-end, wplms-dashboard plugins and move to wplms plugin.
3. Optional integration with Vibebp login or stick to old WP login system.
4. Enable WPLMS version 4 to execute on 1 page to convert into app and publish app on app stores.
Download WPLMS v4.099 Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme Nulled Free
v4.099 - [ 2nd AUGUST'21]
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Download WPLMS v4.098 Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme Nulled Free

* filter on vibe_get_option
* instructor demo in demo switcher
* instructor demo import and elementor post css fix
* review replies
* pmpro checkout page captcha error
* group id printing fix
* font icons
* php 8 warnings
* blog directory page blank issue fix in v4
Download WPLMS v4.096 Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme Nulled Free
WPLMS 4.096 , VibeBP, WPLMS 1.4.9

1. [Bug Fix] Login does not show user pic & name in BP Single Page
2. [Bug] Curriculum icon Fix
3. [Bug] Empty User object shows “undefined”
4. [Update] Font Swap parameter added
5. [Bug] Fixed row issue in Bootstrap 4 mode.
1. [Bug] Editing content removes the content.
VibeBP 1.4.9
1. [Bug] Editor fixes in multiple editor view
2. [Bug] Image, links missing in multiple editor
3. [Bug] Accordion, Notes, Tabs with multi-editor fixes
4. [Update] French and Spanish translations added
5. [Bug] Bulk delete notification fix
6. [Bug] Activity delete fix
7. [Bug] Service worker not loading fonts issue
WPLMS Plugin 1.4.9
1. [Updated] Course approval for Instructors
2. [Updated] QnA panel also contains unanswered comments for Instructors in Manage courses
3. [Bug] Iframe video in question explanations
4. [bug] Accordion in no-jQuery mode
5. [bug] Location & Levels not showing in course direcotyr
6. [Updated] Quiz floating/decimal point & floating/decimal negative marking
7. [Added] javascript only PDF Certificates without PDF Certificates plugin.
8. [Bug] Fix added for header overlap, when fullscreen course pursue minimised.
9. [bug] CoAuthors directory filters not working correctly
10. [bug] External button not working correctly
11. [Bug] Course Progress not updating for quiz.
12. [Bug] Single course popup for video
13. [Added] Hide all filters in course directory switch in elementor directory widget
14. [Bug] PRofile courses, Instructing courses fix
15. [Bug] Load course via pages. Directory in PWA showing loading sign when service workers enabled.
16. [Added] Achievements ( Show certificates/ Badges) in USer profile, Elementor widget added.
17. [Bug] No heading carousel arrows fixed
18. [Bug] Shortcodes scripts js/css path fix
19. [Updated] Taxonomy search bar added, if terms more than 8 in create course/quiz/question
20. [Bug] Warnings removed when no vibebp installed in wplms_plugin
21. [Update] Notes, Comments, Reviews edit switch.
22. [Bug] Course button , Start Date / seats not showing
23. [Bug] True false question false mark shows correct.
24. [Updated ] isActive class added on curriculum wrapper.
25. [Updated] French and spanish translations added
26. [Bug] Editor changes not appearing in units.
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Thanks and credits to @NullMaster

Minor updates

WPLMS 4.095.2

  1. Login trigger not working.

  1. API not working because double slash detected in some cases
  2. Missing Labels in login trigger
  3. Group invites not working.
Credits goes to @TassieNZ with 🥰
  1. [BugFix] Profile link does not open logged in menu.
  2. [Bug] Errors through by ReactDom.

[Important] If you are using Vibe Earnings plugin , please update it to verison 1.1. Please ensure you clear page cache in your servers.

  1. [Update] Student and Instructor menus supported
  2. [Bug] Blog Category page
  3. [Update] Single Quiz Improvements
  4. [Bug] Login dropdown colors from Customizer – Header -Login colors
  5. [Bug] Team shortcode bug fix.
  6. [Update] Learning center added in demo switcher
  7. [bug] Search layouts issue in bootstrap 4
  8. [bug] Default Group layout
  9. [bug] javascript errors in no header / footer
  10. [bug] Demo links updated.
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WPLMS theme 4.090 with VibeBP & WPLMS plugin 1.4.0

  1. [FEATURE] APP Generator for WPLMS
  2. [NEW DEMO] Learning Center Demo
  3. [NEW DEMO] Quiz Master Demo
  4. [FEATURE] Elegance theme for PWA & Members Area
  5. [FEATURE] Multiple Course layouts and assign to Course category
  6. [FEATURE] Apply Course layouts to a particular course
  7. [FEATURE] Latex for math equations in editor
  8. [UPDATE] Improved UX for ask questions to instructor.
  9. [UPDATE] Show expanded profile dashboard menu
  10. [UPDATE] Default dark mode dashboard menu
  11. [UPDATE] Pagination in Practice questions
  12. [UPDATE] Hide Extras in course button
  13. [UPDATE] Parent child dropdown in course directory for all taxonomies
  14. [UPDATE] more controls for instructor data
  15. [UPDATE] Handled shortcode in units
  16. [UPDATE] Question number display if quiz questions more than 9
  17. [Update] WooCommerce template updated
  18. [Update] BuddyPress templates in no-jquery mode, registration, activtiy etc.
  19. [Update] Provision aded if setup wizard does not load import file
  20. [Fix] Quiz evaluate activity recorded now
  21. [Fix] Course layout alignment styling not working on course page
  22. [Fix] Editor big fixes supports “Notes in course fixed
  23. [Fix] Dark color fixes in WooCommerce Shop area.
  24. [Fix] Group forums fix
  25. [Fix] Notes in course fixed
  26. [Fix] My badges count missing
  27. [Fix] No. of question in quiz settings
  28. [Fix] Course forum privacy applied
  29. [Fix] Double thumbnail in course category backend page
  30. [Fix] Course blocks css not working
  31. [Fix] Notes not detected in Courses
  32. [Fix] Questions not recorded.
  33. [Fix] Header top menu goes behind the header
  34. [Fix] JS Warnings in no Footer, no Cart, no Header cases
  35. [Fix] Academy demo in Demo switcher
  36. [Fix] Editor crashing fix.
  37. [Fix] Manifest now placed in site root, to avoid overwrite in plugin updates.
Lots of love toward @TassieNZ 🥰 🥰 🥰

WPLMS v4.085 changelog:

  1. [Update] OffLoad fonts option added. Recommended enabling of this. Legacy fonts only for users migrating from 3.x versions.
  2. [Update] Display Loader time increased when viewing dashboard screen. detects # in url.
  3. [Bug] Course Full screen trigger fixes with header.
  4. [BugFix] Right Click on Course status not working despite enabling the switch.
  5. [BugFix] JS errors when no footer selected in academy demo.
  6. [Update] Conditional Ajax header reload for non 4.x
  7. [Update] 400kb wc Password meter script removed
  8. [Update] Profile Template to support multiple profile layouts
  9. [BugFix] Missing thumbnails in options panel.
  10. [BugFix] Warning in assignment pages when no timer set.
  11. [Bugfix] Instructor content privacy
  12. [Bugfix] BBPress styling fix.
  13. [Update] No jQuery mode for Vibe Carousel
  14. [Update] No jQuery mode for Filterable
  15. [Update] No jquery mode for Masonry
  16. [Update] No jquery mode for Forms
  17. [Update] No jQuery mode for Fuild Videos
  18. [Update] No jQuery mode for Tabs shortcodes
  19. [Update] No jQuery mode for Accordion shortcodes

VibeBP 1.3
  1. [Feature] Custom Member Profiles and Cards
  2. [Feature] Custom Group Layouts and Cards
  3. [Bugfix] Icon in PWA manifest
  4. [Bugfix] Service Worker font not enqueued
  5. [Update] Custom field support for login. PHoneAuth
  6. [Update] Better Searching in members and groups
  7. [Update] Improved member directory
  8. [Bugfix] Social Login not working for cryllic names
  9. [Bugfix] PMPro updated function on levels search, deprecated fx removed
  10. [Bugfix] Members directory pagination / search not resetting results fix.
  11. [Update] HTML supported in login heading and description to add logo in login screen.
  12. [Update] License activation for Addons in Vibebp – Addons for Vibe Appointments
  13. [Bugfix] Chat tab appears full streched
  14. [bugfix] Card styling force added in directory pages

WPLMS Plugin 1.3
  1. [Feature] Show price option in button with dropdown
  2. [Feature] Add Practice questions by Tags
  3. [Update] Change unit/quiz Type option in curriculum
  4. [Update] Direct link in manage quizzes to share.
  5. [Update] Faster loading course directory. First load fetches complete results, subsequent search/filters load incremental results.
  6. [Bugfix] Assignment warning because no timer set.
  7. [Bugfix] Submission tabs fixes,
  8. [Bugfix] Manual evaluation missing in submissions, not saving marks.
  9. [Bugfix] Embedded Iframe height issues
  10. [Bugfix] Course evaluation fixes with manual submissions
  11. [Bugfix] Single quiz correct answer / explanation missing
  12. [Bugfix] My Quizzes pagination fix
  13. [bugfix] Card styling force added in directory pages
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Many thanks to @NullMaster

* 2ea403a6 : 4.080
* 981dc304 : load BBPress style only on bbpress pages
* e78f9c04 : bbpress fixes
* 32be126d : fixes in header min
* 4f7d8d43 : variation fixes
* 7a8faabc : fixes on header app
* d99d0bd8 : remove live
* aef22362 : external links in features
* 0633e91a : action to show instant login status
* 6aba055c : bug fxies
* 856177f7 : woocommerce template updates
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