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WPForms Pro - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin v1.6.4.1

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[v1.6.4.1] - 2020-12-28

### Added
- Frontend form warning indicating missing WPForms JS (visible to admin only).

### Changed
- Help hCaptcha process all requests in a more efficient way, so bot detection will work better.

### Fixed
- Improve pagination on Tools > Logs page inside the plugin admin area.
- Various JavaScript issues on create post/page/form pages in WordPress 5.6.
- Edge cases when custom fields mapping for providers was broken.
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[v1.6.3.1] - 2020-10-21

### Fixed
- Entry timestamps could be off by several hours for certain timezones.
- Form title display issue inside the form builder with smaller view ports.
- Elementor widget display issue on frontend when no form has been created.
- Addons page activation/deactivation failing.
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v1.6.3 (2020-10-15)

  • Added: Native integration with Divi.
  • Added: Email field Allowlist/Denylist restrictions, see Email field Advanced Options.
  • Added: Date/Time field restrictions, see Date/Time field Advanced Options.
  • Added: Form builder Help - contextual help, search docs, and more.
  • Added: Breadcrumb navigation when searching/filtering entries.
  • Added: Logging, which can be enabled for troubleshooting from WPForms > Tools > Logs.
  • Added: Site Health check to detect if WPForms uploads directory is writable.
  • Added: {entry_date format="m/d/Y"} smart tag.
  • Changed: Nicely notify users in the Form Builder when their WordPress session has expired, and they can't save the form anymore without a page reload.
  • Changed: Better AJAX form submit field error messages handling.
  • Changed: Updated IntlTel javascript library.
  • Fixed: Custom metabox heading styling due to WordPress core changes.
  • Fixed: Page title smart tag not working in some use cases when using AJAX form submissions.
  • Fixed: Smart phone field assets loading when US or International formats are selected.
  • Fixed: Various admin area display issues when the field label is empty.
  • Fixed: Logo Translate plugin integration issues.
  • Fixed: Addons page grid display issues.
  • Fixed: Elementor widget edge case issues.
  • Fixed: Filtering entries by the date given incorrect results due to timezones.
  • Fixed: Form submit button disabled state issues when using Modern file upload format.
  • Fixed: Form settings could show before the form was created.
  • Fixed: Form builder styling inconsistencies with Dropdown field styles.
  • Fixed: Input mask issues with some mobile browsers, notably Chrome.
  • Fixed: Database migration errors in some edge cases during plugin updates.
  • Fixed: Always display the WPForms admin area in the user's language regardless of the site language.
  • Fixed: Do not load certain JS variables twice on the front end.
  • Fixed: Conditional logic for modern dropdown and payment dropdown fields should properly process ending space in field values.
Download WPForms Pro v1.6.2.3 - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
v1.6.2.3 (2020-09-08) Thanks To @NullMaster

  • Changed: Added shortcode access to a form embed modal and enhanced modal navigation.
  • Changed: Improved empty states for All Forms, Entries list, and Builder no fields preview panel.
  • Changed: Improved Email Summaries footer text.
  • Changed: Updated bundled Dropzone.js library to 5.7.2.
  • Fixed: Properly export 0 (zero) values in field values.
  • Fixed: Properly handle required Lite files translations for the Pro version of the plugin.
  • Fixed: Allow unmapping all custom fields in some marketing providers' settings.
  • Fixed: Properly display seconds (instead of ms) in Modern File Upload field error message when a timeout is reached.
  • Fixed: Custom validation messages for the fields appear correctly with Ajax form submission enabled.
  • Fixed: Base style CSS introduces no additional scrollbars now.
  • Fixed: Clicking the "Next" button won't submit a multi-page form until the page is ready.
  • Fixed: Correct cursor for image choices validation messages.
  • Fixed: Address field "Hide subfields" checkbox got a more unique visibility toggle class.
  • Fixed: Getting the license details from DB works as expected regardless of a context.
  • Fixed: Getting the list of WPForms addons for user license level works as expected regardless of a context.
  • Fixed: Number Slider field increment is checked to be more than zero.
  • Fixed: "Show/Hide Empty Fields" toggle behavior is now consistent on both Single Entry and Print Single Entry pages.
  • Fixed: Modern Dropdown validation works as expected for AJAX forms.
Download WPForms Pro v1.6.2.2 - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
[v1.6.2.2] - 2020-08-11

### Changed
- Disable for now auto-updates plugins feature (introduced in WordPress 5.5) for the WPForms core plugin and all of its addons.

### Fixed
- Do not allow Action Scheduler to generate errors during the plugin uninstallation procedure.
- Front-end error gets displayed (instead of failing silently) when honeypot is triggered by an external code.
- Form embed wizard popup should be loaded only when it can actually be used.
- Input mask validation produces a JS error on jQuery 3.x.
Download WPForms Pro v1.6.2.1 - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
[v1.6.2.1] - 2020-08-07

### Changed
- Rephrased anti-spam protection error to provide more context.

### Fixed
- Entries export displays an error while preparing an export file.
- "Single Line Text" and "Paragraph Text" calculate empty field word count incorrectly.
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Download WPForms Pro v1.6.2.0 - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
[v1.6.2] - 2020-08-05
### Added

- Caching friendly anti-spam protection (form tokens).
- Upload files using chunks while using Modern File Upload field.
- Native integration with Elementor: add to the page and create new forms right inside its builder.
- Add a preview to the WPForms Gutenberg block.
- "Show price after item labels" option for Payments fields.
- File upload original file name is stored and sanitized as string (not as file name).
- Display entry submission time in a Date column in Entries table.

### Changed
- Greatly improve WPForms Challenge experience.
- Improve word counting when Limit Length field option is used with Single Line Text/Paragraph Text fields.
- Improve Number field input restrictions with various browsers.
- Form field validation will now fail if input mask is enabled and user input does not complete required input mask elements.
- Icon for Multiple Choice field is now more representative.
- Hide Delete button for a "Default Notification" in the Form Builder.
- Improve Lite migrations for WordPress Multisite installations.
- Update Constant Contact, Stripe, Mailchimp and GetResponse logos because of their rebranding.
- Improve descriptions of various plugin options and add more context to them.

### Fixed
- Properly map fields in various addons when the first field is added in the Form Builder.
- Issue when editing Checkbox field entry values when dynamic choices were enabled and multiple values were saved.
- Date Time field is not always properly populated on the Edit Entry page.
- Entries table is not created when upgrading from Lite to Pro using zip.
- Pro install date is not logged correctly when upgrading from Lite to Pro using zip.
- Improve the way conditional logic templates are rendered inside the Form Builder.
- Refresh the list of form fields that are required to properly render marketing addons.
- "Invalid Form" error for logged out users upon submitting an AJAX form on some server configurations.
- Multiple Choice fields had issues in the builder with image choices with empty labels.
- Improve error handling on the back-end while processing files that were uploaded using Modern File Upload field and failed validations.
- Make bulk actions at the bottom of the Forms Overview work.
Download WPForms Pro v1.6.1.2 - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
[v1.6.1.2] - 2020-07-08

### Added
- Data encryption/decryption tools to use within the WPForms ecosystem.
- PHPMailer v6 compatibility that will come with WordPress 5.5.

### Fixed
- Entries export fails to finish when the number of entries is too large.
Download WPForms Pro v1.6.1.1 - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
[] - 2020-06-30

### Fixed
- Smart Phone field should correctly submit default value without its change.
- Properly handle nested Conditional Logic for Dropdown fields (field depends on a field that depends on a field that depends on a field etc).
Download WPForms Pro v1.6.1 - Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free
[v1.6.1] - 2020-06-23

### Added
- Display a list of scheduled actions on WPForms > Tools > Scheduled Actions page.
- Multiple select option for Dropdown field (off by default).
- New Modern style option for Dropdown and Payment Dropdown fields (off by default).
- Support Smart Tags in form descriptions.

### Changed
- Uploaded files to the WordPress Media library will now have a generated title and description based on field label and description.

### Fixed
- Properly handle multiple clicks on various accordion-like elements on Form Builder and Settings > Integrations pages.
- Remove all the plugin-related information on uninstall from the DB when opted-in in plugin settings.
- Avoid unnecessary DB queries when loading the Export Entries functionality.
- Some plugins when generating own errors displayed the source of the issue in WPForms, not anymore. We simplified error handling.
- Replace all new lines characters with spaces in notification email subjects (e.g., when address field value is used in a subject via a smart tag).
- Use new filter `set_screen_option_{$option}` on the Forms and Entries pages for better compatibility with WP 5.4.2.
- Make sure the plugin doesn't crash when `iconv` PHP extension is not installed on a server.
- Improve the look of the Conditional Logic configuration area in the Form Builder on tablets.
- Conditional logic should work correctly when it depends on a field with ID=0.
- HTML Field Label should be carried over when the field is duplicated.
- Properly handle fields with choices with new lines in their labels when connected to Conditional Logic.
- Google Invisible v2 reCAPTCHA should show Submit Button Processing Text when the form is submitted.
- A lot of searches on the Entries page could result in server failure.
- Display inline validation for required Smart Phone field, when there are multiple such fields in a form.
- Update the library used for Smart Phone field, which fixed mobile issues and duplicated IDs for the field.
- Display the list of countries in the "Countries" preset and in the Address field in alphabetical order regardless of the current site language.
- Entry editing not properly displaying all 0 (zero) field values.
- Error if entry editing contained an empty required field.
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