WP Admin 2020 - Modern Wordpress Dashboard Theme

WP Admin 2020 - Modern Wordpress Dashboard Theme v2.0.6

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2.0.6 – 23/12/2020

Fix: Fixed issue with updraft plus
Fix: Fixed issue with admin bar on front end and dark mode
Fix: Fixed admin bar custom colors on front and back end
Fix: Stopped some notifications from showing briefly before being hidden
Fix: Several fixes to analytics charts and added catch for division by zero flags
Fix: Corrected menu search to work with capitals
Fix: Fixed redirect issue after logging in
2.0.5 – 11/12/2020

Fix: Fixed issue with body cutoff on the front end when logged in users have no admin bar
Fix: Fixed issue for hiding and disabling some items for certain roles
Change: Stopped the menu editor from changing network admin menu
Fix: Fixed issue with dark mode as default not converting all text colours
Fix: Fixed issue with dark mode as default not reflecting in user preferences
Fix: Fixed issue with dark mode as default not reflecting dark mode primary color
Added: Added two new woocommerce cards to the overview page, recent orders and popular products
Added: Added filter to change login image link to home url
Fix Fixed z-index issue on expanding menu
Change: Improved compatibility of admin bar on front end
Added: If redirect to overview page is enabled, clicking your logo in the top admin bar will also direct to the overview page
Added: You can now set cards on the overview page as primary cards, giving them a standout background as well hide them straight from the individual card dropdown
Added: You can now alter what shows in the ’new’ button on the admin bar
Change: Changed name of overview tab for WooCommerce to ‘Store’
Added: Added a Super admin option for disabling modules and menu items. You can disable for admins but keep for super admin or vice versa for example.
Added: Added import / export of menu editor settings
Fix: Fixed an issue with some notifications not moving into the Notification Center
Added: Added several new translations including, German, dutch, Portuguese / Brazilian and Spanish and it’s variants.
2.0.3 – 20/11/2020

Fix Fixed issue with menu editor and custom roles
Fix Fixed issue with disabled modules and custom roles
Fix Fixed issue with wp ninja tables and fluent crm
Change Custom css now loads up on login page
Change Custom primary color now loads on login page
Added You can now set overview page as home page after logging in

2.0.2 – 17/11/2020

Fix Fixed bug in Gutenburg editor causing publish button to be hidden
Fix Fixed issue with woocommerce stylesheet not loading up
Fix Fixed issue with reorgansing menu editor sub items
Fix Updated some minor spelling mistakes
Added Added support for WP data tables
Added Added support for fluent forms
This is a patch to version 2 that fixes an error on some setups. If you haven't updated to version 2.0 please skip that version and update straight to version 2.0.1.
Modular design
Version 2 is now fully modular and everything the plugin does is broken down into modules or features sets. This means you can use admin 2020 in a number of ways. Don’t like the new menu but want to keep everything else, no problem! Or maybe you just want to use admin 2020 for it’s folder system, easily done! The following modules are available:

  • Admin Bar
  • Menu
  • Theme
  • Login
  • Folders
  • Overview
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Advanced
  • Menu Editor

New settings interface
The old admin 2020 settings page was getting cluttered and at times confusing so it was import for us while building version 2 that we delivered a much cleaner and easier to use experience.

This is where you can enable and disable modules and each module has it’s own settings page.

Your admin, your way
You can now customise much more about admin 2020 straight from the settings page. You can set background colours for the admin bar, menu and body for both light and dark mode, change global padding add logos with remote URLS and more.

Streamlined UI
Version 2 makes much better use of screen space and as mentioned earlier allows control of element padding to give you even more control.

The new ui is clean, quicker than previous versions of Admin 2020 and most importantly, is much more compatible with other plugins.

Media & Content in one place
The content page now loads up and works perfectly with media files which means you really can manage all your assets, posts and pages in one place. Combined with folders you can now create highly organised clusters of content to suite your workflow.

Admin 2020 lite
We have also released admin 2020 lite, a completely free version of admin 2020 that comes with basic features. Going forward all paid plans get the Admin 2020 Pro plugin.

This one has been a long requested feature and we are happy to announce that Admin 2020 now supports RTL right out of the box.
Download WP Admin 2020 v1.3.2 - Modern Wordpress Dashboard Theme Nulled Free
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Download WP Admin 2020 v1.3.0 - Modern Wordpress Dashboard Theme Nulled Free
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Download WP Admin 2020 v1.3.0 - Modern Wordpress Dashboard Theme Nulled Free
  • Fixed a bug with menu sub items replicating themselves
  • Fixed secondary admin bar links (right aligned ones)
  • Added comparison stats to country, sources and pages analytics cards
  • Added the ability to set custom menu icons
  • Switched admin menu to a fixed width when not collapsed
  • Fixed monster insights onboarding screen
  • Amended the ‘admin2020_register_dash_card’ to include start date and end date
  • Added compatibility for the plugin stockpack
  • Hidden menu items are also now restricted, ie the user won’t be able to access the page even via direct link
  • Fixed plugin uploaded screen
  • Fixed woo commerce onboarding screen
  • Added filter for overview cards
  • Added three woo commerce cards to the overview page
  • You can now disable admin 2020 by page through the menu editor
  • You can now hide / show which cards you want visible on the overview page
  • Added a settings link to Admin 2020 on the plugin table
  • You can now rename your active theme. Just go to admin 2020 settings > appearance > white label
  • Various improvements to the media image viewer flyout
  • Fixed a conflict with woo commerce causing images to endlessly repeat in the media library
  • Added a Lightbox / image expand button for full screen viewing of images
  • Added two more analytics cards, a average page speed chart and average page speed comparison
  • Added confirm modal when deleting images
  • Added powerful batch rename feature to the media library
  • Amended oxygen builder stylesheet
  • If the folder / filter panel is opened on content and media page that preference is now saved and remains open until closed
  • Completely rebuilt admin 2020 foldering system
  • Tweaked updraft plus styles
  • Added the ability to replace menu separators with labels
  • Fixed image edit from image placed inside post in the classic editor
  • Added the ability to add widgets to the overview page
  • You can now order the cards on the overview page in an easy drag and drop way, this is by user role so you can personalise your own
  • Custom css and JS now loads on the login page
  • Enhanced the collapse menu UI
  • Redesigned the session expired / login modal and tweaked login page css
  • There is now a filter / hook you can tap into to add custom cards to the dashboard page. Use the filter “admin2020_register_dash_card” to add new cards. Read more about this on our website.
  • Added option to hide all admin notices
  • You can now export and import admin 2020 settings
  • Many under the hood improvements to google analytics cards, now quicker and more stable.
  • Added new google analytics bounce rate card and sources card to the overview page
  • Total Session, page views and bounce rate cards now have comparison ui to the previous date set
  • Redesigned settings page making it much easier to navigate.
  • Rebuilt the menu editor and added the ability to rearrange menu items
  • You can now hide dividers from the menu editor based on role.
  • Reworked the notification system
  • Added link to view website to quick actions (bolt)
  • Moved quick links (default wp admin) to top admin bar
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