WooCommerce Attach Me!

WooCommerce Attach Me! v20.1

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Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v20.1 Nulled Free
= v20.1 - 21.05.21 =

* Bugfix
Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v20.0 Nulled Free
= v20.0 - 09.03.21 =

* Improved the [wcam_order_page_link] shotcode management. It now generates a link also for guest customers
Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v19.7 Nulled Free
= v19.7 - 09.01.20 =

* Improved disclaimer management
Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v19.2 Nulled Free
= v19.2 - 10.12.20 =

* Minor improvements to the product bulk attachments
Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v19.0 Nulled Free
= v19.0 - 12.10.20 =

* Fixed an issue that prevented files to be attached to custom notification emails
Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v18.9 Nulled Free
= v18.9 - 01.09.20 =

* Minor UI improvement
Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v18.3 Nulled Free
= v18.3 - 09.08.20 =

* Added option to prevent feedback modification after submit
Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v18.1 Nulled Free
= v18.1 - 07.05.20 =

* Added new option to customize approval / feedback admin email notification recipient
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Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v18.0 Nulled Free
= 18.0 - 19.02.20 =

* Added option to hide "Attachment" button from actions column on the My Account -> Order list page
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Download WooCommerce Attach Me! v17.9 Nulled Free
= v17.9 - 12.01.20 =

* Fixed an issue due to products attachements were not properly displayed
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