Webba Booking - WordPress Appointment & Reservation plugin

Webba Booking - WordPress Appointment & Reservation plugin v3.8.28

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Webba Booking is a powerful WordPress booking plugin, designed and developed to be taken in hand as simply as possible and to support almost any kind of booking, especially thought for Service Providers to optimize their time, save their money, and offer comfort to their users.
  • GDPR compliance
  • Lifetime updates
  • 6 months support included in the purchase price
Build your booking forms according to your visual identity
  • 80+ options to customize the design.
  • 79 design presets easy to use and also customizable.
  • Custom fields with Contact form 7 integration.
  • Editable frontend texts.
Adjust your forms according to your business characteristics
  • Allow your users multiple reservation in the same session.
  • Group services by categories
  • Make reservations of several people at the same time.
  • Allow services for specific periods, for limited durations.
  • Allow selection of one or more services at a time.
  • Display your user’s local time in the form.
  • Display only date and time selection.
  • Use Auto lock feature if you have services with different durations and you need to fit them in a single schedule.
Keep you and your clients up to date
  • Set notifications and reminders via email.
  • Create all the templates you wish for personalizing your emails according to services, booking steps, etc…
Enjoy a responsive design
Let your users book with their mobile wherever they are.

Use Google Calendar
Use the real 2-ways synchronization and adding data to users Gooogle calendars.

Use iCalendar
Use the transport protocol that allows to share .ics files via your email notifications and add your booking directly to your agenda.

Offer online payment
Choose: Paypal, Stripe, Woocommerce (with its 100+ gateways).

Enjoy CSV export
Make your external use and printing easy.

Booking (frontend)
  • 80+ options for appearance customization
  • 79 design presets
  • Editable frontend texts
  • Fully responsive plugin
  • Fully translatable and multilingual (WPML compatibility) plugin
  • Unlimited custom fields with CF7 integration
  • Basic mode for fast and simple booking process
  • Extended mode for advanced time search
  • Editable date and time format
  • Users local time in time slots.
  • Form for one or multiple services
  • Group services by categories
  • One or multiple bookings per time slot
  • Hidden or visible (with option to add users data) booked time slots
  • Mask input control for phone numbers
  • Option to hide fom after booking
  • Option to do a unique booking form for each Service
  • Redirection after booking with javascript API
  • Different time slot formats for short or extended presentation
  • Single or multiple bookings in one session
  • Option to limit appointments count in multiple mode
  • Option to skip time selection (default time)
  • Option to skip date selection (default date)
  • Option to control count of applicants required for booking
  • Popup or dropdown date inputs
  • Cancellation of appointment by user without registration
  • Buffer option to prevent cancellation just before the appointment time
  • Unlimited services
  • Unlimited calendars
  • Setting any business hours
  • Dates of holidays
  • Option to lock/unlock any single date
  • Option to lock/unlock any single time slot
  • Chain booking (merge multiple service calendars in a single schedule)
  • Mass operations: lock/unlock dates in a range
  • Mass operations: lock/unlock time slots in a range
  • Responsive backend calendar
  • Time hole optimization options
  • Option to prevent booking for some period from today
  • Manual appointments in the backend
  • Shortcode builder
  • Responsive appointments table
  • Booking form appearance preview
  • Group services by categories
  • CSV export
  • Options for sharing access to Services with other WP users.
  • Options for backend customization
  • Easy translation from backend.
  • Approval or cancellation of appointments with the link sent in the notification (without logging to dashboard).
E-mail notifications and reminders
  • Notification to the user on booking
  • Notification to the administrator on booking
  • Notification to the user when the administrator approves the appointment
  • Notification to the administrator when the customer cancels the appointment
  • Notification to the user when administrator cancels the appointment
  • Notification to other users added in the booking form (invitation)
  • Appointment reminder (date to be defined)
  • Administrator’s agenda for the next day
  • Invoice (sent to user on booking or on approval)
  • Any notification on booking, invoice and reminder sent to a user can be unique for each Service
  • All messages and subjects fully editable
  • Opportunity to add images in the notifications
  • Full compatibility with the popular SMTP plugins
  • Secured online payment through Paypal, Stripe or the 100+ payment gateways from WooCommerce
  • Individual price for each Service
  • Tax option
  • Sandbox/Live modes
  • All PayPal currencies supported
  • Automatic update of appointment status when payment is made
  • Option to delete not-paid appointments within a predefined time
  • Payment in the booking form
  • Payment with the link sent in the email notification
  • Coupon system
Google Calendar
  • Sending of data about appointment/reservation to Google Calendar administrator
  • Automatic update of data in Google Calendar when updating data in Webba Booking
  • Automatic deletion of data in Google Calendar when deleting data in Webba Booking
  • Multiple calendars
  • Access for wp users to authorized calendars
  • Adding of data to Google Calendars users
  • When events are added to Google Calendar, time slots that cover those events ‘length’ are automatically blocked in Webba Booking.’
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easy and quick to setup and the customization of the frontend layout is one of the best ever seen for booking plugins - only thing missing is user registration/login handling - nice job !
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