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Villenoir - Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop v5.2

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Download Villenoir v5.2 - Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop Nulled Free
Current Version 5.2 (02.04.2021) Thanks @TassieNZ

Major update
* Update: Slider Revolution 6.4.6
* Update: ACF 5.9.5
* Update: Visual Composer 6.6.0
* Update: OKThemes Villenoir Shortcodes 2.1
* Refactor: Main menu and mobile menu
* Refactor: Header search overlay
* Added: Side cart
* Added: My account icon in header
* Added: 2 more shop styles (6 in total)
* Added: Products carousel element
* Added: Products filter element
* Added: Products scroll element
* Added: Testimonials carousel element
* Added: Back to top icon
* Added: New page header style (style 4 with option to show a transparent header)
* Added: Option to add separate mobile and sticky logos
* Changed: Header icons
* Removed: Bootstrap
* Improvement: Code improvments and cleanup
Download Villenoir v5.1 - Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop Nulled Free
Version 5.1 (23.11.2020)

* Update: Visual Composer 6.4.2
* Update: Slider Revolution 6.3.1
* Update: ACF 5.9.3
Download Villenoir v4.9 - Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop Nulled Free
v4.9 (13.10.2020)

* Update: Slider Revolution 6.2.23
* Update: ACF 5.9.1
* Update: Visual Composer 6.4.0
* Update: OKThemes Villenoir Shortcodes 1.9
Download Villenoir v4.8 - Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop Nulled Free
v4.8 (23.04.2020)

* Update: Slider Revolution 6.2.2
* Update: ACF 5.8.9
* Update: Visual Composer 6.2.0
Download Villenoir v4.7 - Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop Nulled Free
Version 4.7 (07.10.2019)

* Fixed: WooCommerce checkout page on mobile devices
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