UpdraftPlus - Premium Backup Plugin For WordPress

UpdraftPlus - Premium Backup Plugin For WordPress v2.16.47.25

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Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.47.25 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
= v1.16.47 - 25/Jan/2021 = Thanks To @TassieNZ

* FEATURE: added the ability to anonymise personal data in database backups from the "Backup Now" dialog (Premium / add-on)
* FEATURE: Add page management module for UpdraftCentral
* FIX: 1.16.42 Introduced a regression (truncation) when listing files from Dropbox when there were multiple pages of results
* TWEAK: Force host-style bucket access when backing up via S3 generic to Alibabacloud
* TWEAK: Incorrect jQuery UI dialog extended filename
* TWEAK: Change some class names to improve compatibility with other plugins using the Google SDK and auto-loading their version unconditionally
* TWEAK: Update the delete file Dropbox API call to version 2
* TWEAK: Change the S3 test settings form names to match the saved setting names
* TWEAK: Check the Content-Type on the response from an S3-compatible provider slightly less strictly, improving compatibility with at least one otherwise-working implementation
* TWEAK: Update the Dropbox SDK to use scopes
* TWEAK: Handle hosts that have removed disk_free_space() (now that on PHP 8 disabling functions removes them)
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.46.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
v1.16.46 - 05/Jan/2021 - Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • FIX: Prevent some deprecation-related errors when backing up to some remote storage locations in PHP 8
  • FIX: Adding new remote storage instance (Premium) doesn't bring up the UI
  • TWEAK: Fix some modal dialog alignment/resizing issues
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.45.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
v1.16.45 - 04/Jan/2021 - Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • TWEAK: Replace deprecated calls to jQuery fn.focus(), fn.ready(), fn.submit(), fn.click() and fn.blur() methods in internal libraries
  • TWEAK: Replace deprecated calls to jQuery :)first) and :)eq) pseudo-classes in internal libraries
  • TWEAK: Prevent some fatal errors due to language behaviour changes when running under PHP 8
  • TWEAK: Prevent several PHP deprecation log notices on PHP 8
  • TWEAK: Rename some further classes in our fork of the Google SDK to prevent conflicts
  • TWEAK: When running under cron, do not combine schedules when there are no schedules
  • TWEAK: Revert a jQuery change in 1.16.44 which made notices on the 'updates' page appear multiple times.
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.43.0 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
= v1.16.43 - 17/Dec/2020 = Thanks To @phukit

* TWEAK: Replace deprecated calls to jQuery.trim(), jQuery.fn.change(), jQuery.fn.bind(), jQuery.fn.unbind(), jQuery.fn.keyup(), jQuery.fn.removeAttr() and `jQuery.fn.removeProp() in internal libraries
* TWEAK: Reduce excessive vertical margin above the header within Autobackup dialog box
* TWEAK: Improve user experience in the case of some rare UpdraftVault conditions
* TWEAK: Fix the exclude fields, which were unable to switch their mode from read-only to edit mode
* TWEAK: Added new files needed for abstracting UpdraftCentral's client code
* TWEAK: Update the review notice
* TWEAK: When attempting to delete a Backblaze file and discovering it does not exist, do not log that as an error (presumably already deleted)
* TWEAK: Fetch history log data in the popup using AJAX, instead of using embedded data attributes.
* TWEAK: Be less quick to switch to PclZip when BinZip has not completed the job
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.42.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
v1.16.42 - 10/Dec/2020 - Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to manually complete authentication with Dropbox (Avoids issues where security modules/plugins break the authentication flow)
  • TWEAK: Replace BlockUI's deprecated jQuery functions and/or shorthand events with the appropriate method accordingly
  • TWEAK: Replace /2/files/search Dropbox API calls with /2/files/search_v2
  • TWEAK: Replace Labelauty's deprecated jQuery functions and/or shorthand events with the appropriate method accordingly
  • TWEAK: Fix broken multiple range selection's highlighters due to the absence of jquery-migrate in the WordPress core on version 5.5
  • TWEAK: Add the latest jQuery UI CSS framework for compatibility with WordPress 5.6 and all ongoing versions of WordPress
  • TWEAK: Add support for PHP 8.0 in UpdraftClone
  • TWEAK: Prevent a couple of PHP coding notices on PHP 8.0
  • TWEAK: Tweak in the backing up of tables to reduce PHP memory use when working with very long row contents
  • TWEAK: Prevent a PHP warning when starting a backup
  • TWEAK: Fix a UI issue in the "send backup to remote site" options
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.41.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
v1.16.41.24 - 27/Nov/2020 - Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • TWEAK: Don't repeat sending the 'upload_complete' command to a remotesend destination after it succeeded the first time
  • TWEAK: Update the udrpc library
  • TWEAK: In UpdraftClone, delay the temporary_clone_ready_for_restore signal until the browser connection is closed (preventing a loss of response)
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.40.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
1.16.40 - 25/Nov/2020 - Big THanks To @TassieNZ

  • TWEAK: Cycle Dropbox API client ID (old one has been cycled and no longer works)
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.37.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
= v1.16.37 - 23/Nov/2020 = Thanks To @TassieNZ

* FIX: Scheduled backups to remote storage not being correctly sent in 1.16.35/36 in the absence of the "More Storage" add-on
* TWEAK: Wording tweak to clarify the effect of the conditional logic settings
* TWEAK: Add a warning to the restore page to inform the user if JavaScript is broken and as a result the restore won't start
* TWEAK: Replace intval() with casting to (int)
* TWEAK: If the first fetch from a table failed, then the algorithm to fetch fewer rows failed to reduce the fetch size more than once
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.35.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
v1.16.36 - 20/Nov/2020 - Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • TWEAK: During a restore or migration, detect if the backup was affected by the key issue fixed in 1.16.35, and automatically unselect by default such tables from the list of those to be restored. On a migration advise the user to take a fresh backup on the source site with a current version.
v1.16.35 - 19/Nov/2020
  • FEATURE: Backup destinations with conditional logic rules for scheduled backups (Premium)
  • FIX: A regression in 1.16.30 meant that the term_relationships table could have rows missing in the backup if mysqldump was not present/used; this meant that items with multiple terms were only having one relationship backed up (e.g. multiple tags being assigned to one post)
  • TWEAK: Adding remote block assets support when editing post from UpdraftCentral
  • TWEAK: Rename UpdraftCentral's main and listener classes
  • TWEAK: Improve error message when encrypted key given by user for SFTP/SCP remote storage method
  • TWEAK: Enhance the algorithm when dumping large tables via PHP, by also consulting the size of the current uncompressed data and passed time and resumption state
  • TWEAK: When there are no backups in existence, display some help text explaining how to upload one for restoration
  • TWEAK: Prevent composer 2 run-time platform checks
  • TWEAK: Update bundled cacert.pem file
  • TWEAK: When fetching less rows due to previous failures, make this persist across resumptions when on the same table
  • TWEAK: Improve handling of the situation when the source database has no table prefix (which is officially unsupported by WordPress, but people have them)
  • TWEAK: When fetching the site name from the database, process it via wp_specialchars_decode() to remove HTML encodings that WP applied before storage
  • TWEAK: Replace uses of php_uname() function with PHP_OS constant when the server where PHP is running on disables the function for security reasons
  • TWEAK: When the definition of a VIEW cannot be fetched, report this nicely, do not let it be flagged as a fatal error, and log it in the backup file and log
  • TWEAK: Integrate UpdraftPlus and WordPress 5.5 core's automatic update settings
  • TWEAK: When a backup resumed, the last successful resumption was incorrectly set as the last successful resumption when an 'alive' event was recorded, rather than a 'useful' one; this deferred some mitigations when there was insufficient progress
  • TWEAK: Add another tweak to paid versions' update checking time algorithm
  • TWEAK: Add "Select all" and "Deselect all" link texts for bulk selecting/deselecting tables from the database table list on the manual backup dialog
  • TWEAK: Ensure all code paths use internal ud_parse_json function for decoding JSON in JavaScript
  • TWEAK: When using UpdraftVault, only cache results of a vault_getconfig call conditionally (retry on potentially transient errors)
  • TWEAK: Prevent a PHP coding notice if running an UpdraftVault backup on the CLI
  • TWEAK: Reduce the on-disk logging of entity base directories containing vast numbers of entries
  • TWEAK: When we first save the backup schedule set the scheduled time randomly between 9PM and 7AM
  • TWEAK: During a remote storage rescan correctly update the backup file sizes to prevent incorrect 'may have changed' warnings
Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.34.24 - Premium WordPress Backup Plugin Nulled Free
v1.16.34 - 30/Oct/2020

  • TWEAK: On sites with enormous numbers of tables (e.g. very large multisites), counting the already-backed-up tables when resuming took unnecessarily long since 1.16.30
  • TWEAK: Update jQuery document ready style to the one not deprecated in jQuery 3.0
  • TWEAK: While using the file tree browser return an error if we are unable to open a directory
v1.16.33 - 20/Oct/2020
  • FIX: Fatal error when doing a backup with no storage in the short-lived 1.16.32 (free version)
  • TWEAK: Cookie policy changes in the Chrome family of browsers broke the embedded checkout; hence, this is now disabled (goes directly to updraftplus.com instead).
  • TWEAK: Exclude All In One WP Migration-related archive files when backing up plugins and/or others from the UpdraftPlus backup process
  • TWEAK: Add downloadable backup links in the Backup Report email (Reporting Addon)
  • TWEAK: Rename some classes in our fork of the Google SDK to prevent conflicts
  • TWEAK: Improve automatic backups output when 'UPDRAFTPLUS_NOAUTOBACKUPS' constant is defined.
  • TWEAK: Remove the now-redundant concept of inner loops from the database table backup routine