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Download Uncode v2.3.6.3 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.6.3 (2021/04/14) Thanks To @TassieNZ

- Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.2.0 (bump version for WooCommerce template)

- LayerSlider 6.11.7
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Download Uncode v2.3.6.2 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.6.2 (2021/04/12)

- WooCommerce messages on custom login pages
- WooCommerce filters on tablets in landscape view
- Z-index issue between Overlay Menu and Call To Action button
- Image size on Icon Box module
- Custom class on Breadcrumbs module

- Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.2.0
- Compatibility with Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin

- Uncode Core
- Uncode WPBakery Page Builder 6.6.0
- Revolution Slider 6.4.6
- VC Clipboard 4.5.8
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Download Uncode v2.3.6.1 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.6.1 (2021/03/17) Thanks To @TassieNZ

- Dependencies on Theme Options
- WooCommerce advanced quantity input steps
- Inverted Columns and nested Inner Rows
- Accordion module UI on Safari
- Uncode Core
- Revolution Slider 6.4.4
Download Uncode v2.3.6 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.6 (2021/03/09)

- Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
- New color palette matching WordPress 5.7
- Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1.0
- Icon-Box module custom CSS class to main wrapper
- VC Clipboard tooltip on paste action
- Dividers icon line height
- Block Editor Social icons sizes
- Block Editor Font sizes in code and lists

- WooCommerce Opening Hours plugin compatibility
- Filter `uncode_meta_viewport` for meta viewport

- Emoji Mobile Menu hiccup on iOS
- Add to Cart notification on mobile
- Lateral menu responsiveness, visibility and current item on load
- Persistence of hidden submenus on large screens
- Checkout page and Side-Cart option with quick order forms
- WPML media better check
- Carousels with Lateral Thumbs
- Gradient Picker minor issues
- Slider input style
- Image caption line height
- Do Action module
- Feature Media uploader on user profile admin displayed on the front end
- Menu layout dependency on Theme Options
- Select dropdown appearance in Page Builder

- Uncode Core 2.3.6
- Revolution Slider 6.4.3
- Layer Slider 6.11.6
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2.3.5 (2021/02/12)

- WPML compatibility with Section names
- Onepage active link on submenus
- Better formatting on Icon Box
- Telephone field for Team Members

- Main Menu Hide transition with Chrome 88
- Author Profile Avatar empty link
- Footer width with Scroll Snap
- Wishlist and Account icon position
- Center Split Javascript error
- WooCommerce filters on tablets
- WP 5.6 minor adjustments
- WooCommerce Gallery Images sizes
- Background videos placeholder on Firefox Android
- Page Options on load Safari
- Frontend Editor columns update
- Backend Editor better empty element

- Uncode Core 2.3.5
- Revolution Slider 6.3.9
- Layer Slider 6.11.5
Download Uncode v2.3.4 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.4 (2021/01/12) - Big Thank To @TassieNZ

- Countdown updated and better targeted
- MouseWheel on Lightbox
- More accurancy with Post filters and advanced query

- 'uncode_disable_random_posts_on_related' filter

- Scroll to section position
- Anchor link and IE11 compatibility
- jQuery Easing conflict
- Gutenberg and cropped images
- Gutenberg Content Width
- Translatable strings
- Alt text with missing poster images
- Text linked color on Dark Skin
- Rate Stars position on Product Widgets
- Accordions and sticky element position
- WooCommerce placeholder with protected servers
- Error when product gallery has duplicates
- Compatibility with Product Tabs Manager for WooCommerce plugin
- Sliding reverse text animation

- Uncode Core 2.3.4
- Revolution Slider 6.3.5
Download Uncode v2.3.3 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.3 (17/12/2020)

- jQuery Easing on mobile menu
- Scroll to section position on mobile
- Trailing slash issue on Uncode Core localization path

- Uncode Core 2.3.3
- Uncode WPBakery Page Builder 6.5.0
Download Uncode v2.3.1 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.1 (4/12/2020) Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

- WordPress 5.6 compatibility
- PHP 8 compatibility

- Default Shop and Product Archives titles
- Link to the Cart page when Side-cart cannot be open
- Slides Scroll on Firefox
- Added 'font-display:swap' for Uncode Icon Fonts
- DatePicker and TimePicker styles
- Smooth scroll calculation on mobile
- Smooth scroll can be stopped now by the user before reaching the target
- My Account notice messages
- Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds removed (WordPress)
- Posts module Off-Grid forced on secondary rows

- Conflict between Gutenberg and Frontend Page Builder
- Related items amount
- Frontend Page Builder width when Theme Options main width is in percentage
- Vertical alignment on Firefox mobile
- Hide Quick View icon where not requested
- Cart icon on Overlay Center Menu in edge cases
- JS issue with Headings on Content Slider
- Accordions in Page Header on mobile devices
- Icon Box text formatting
- Add To Cart url issue
- Secondary Image on Metro layouts
- Gallery Albums and WPML
- Loading error when a Post Module is among the Search Results content
- Off-Canvas Menu z-index issue on Chrome
- iLightbox returned an error when no URL was set
- 'nextpage' shortcode

- Uncode Core 2.3.1
- Uncode WPBakery Page Builder 6.4.2
- Revolution Slider 6.3.2
Download Uncode v2.3.0.6 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.0.6 (21/10/2020) Thanks To @NullMaster

- Notice message on Media loops

v2.3.0.5 (19/10/2020)
- Conflict between JetPack Image Accelerator and Product Variations
- Product Variations thumbnail with Adaptive Images
- Overlay Menu and Onepage layouts on mobile devices
- Posts module Read More button link with Lightbox setting

- Uncode Core
Download Uncode v2.3.0.4 - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v2.3.0.4 (16/10/2020) Thanks To @NullMaster

- JavaScript error for 'querySelectorAll' with element null in Header]

v2.3.0.3 (15/10/2020)
- Ability to disable Product Image Zoom on mobile
- Compatibility between iLightbox and Windows Surface

- Search form typography on mobile
- DNT query var to Vimeo videos printed by Page Builder modules

- FrontEnd Builder and Full-Width Rows with Portfolio Details
- Dynamic Product description in edge cases
- Mobile Menu height and smoothness on open
- Mobile Menu skin
- Posts module with single post
- Conflict between new Search Icon menu and menus with burger icon
- Avoid srcset attribute with Adaptive Images
- Catalogue Mode and non-WooCommerce buttons
- Content Padding on all the columns of the first row
- AJAX add to cart link to cart page from Single Product

- Uncode Core
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