Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting

Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting v3.5.3

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  • Ability to specify a verb and a result in a completion condition with "&&" operator. Example: result > 80 && completed
  • Hidden and Autoadvance setting not automatically advancing the user on some modules
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3.5.2 [2020-11-26]
  • Hidden and Autoadvance setting was redirecting to /undefined in the last lesson of a course
  • Mark Complete integrations "Hidden until complete" and "Disabled until complete" not working for some modules
BIG Thank You to @weimar

3.5.1 [2020-11-16]
  • Captivate files no longer throw a JavaScript error on load
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v3.4.4 [2020-08-19] Big THanks To @weimar

  • Updated: Content protection now supported on additional server configurations
  • Updated: Detailed quiz reports on [uo_individual_quiz_report] now work on LearnDash 3.2+
  • Updated: Added permission_callback to all Rest API calls for WordPress v5.5 compatibility
  • Updated: Lightbox no longer limited to 90vh x 90vw
  • Updated: Security improvements
  • Fixed: When "Enable sorting by % complete" is set to "No", the enrolled course count is now accurate on the individual user report
  • Fixed: Hidden and Autoadvance now consistently marks the associated lesson/topic complete
  • Fixed: PHP warning: Illegal string offset 'restrict-mark-complete'
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Big thanks to @weimar

3.4.3 [2020-07-20]
  • Added: Support for updated Storyline 1.2, Storyline 360 and Presenter 360 SCORM launch files
  • Updated: Lightbox JS to version 1.3.1 and added tweaks to support jQuery 3.x
  • Fixed: Missing translations in reporting-admin-menu.php
  • Fixed: Typo in "Certificate Link" text
Big thanks to @weimar

3.4.2 [2020-06-30]

  • Added: Support for updated Storyline/Presenter xAPI launch files
3.4.1 [2020-06-25]
  • Added: Search field on Tin Canny uploader
  • Added: Dropdown to select rows displayed per page on Course and User reports
  • Updated: register_rest_route path no longer contains trailing slash
  • Updated: "Data not right? Try running the LearnDash data upgrades" message no longer shown to Group Leaders viewing reports in /wp-admin
  • Updated: Duplicate uo_enable_h5P_admin_ajax filter removed from classes/init.php
  • Updated: Changed "TinCanny Settings" to "Tin Canny Settings"
  • Updated: Content protection metabox now displayed only on public post types
  • Fixed: JavaScript conflict with Elementor
  • Fixed: Hidden and Autoadvance setting not working for some modules
  • Fixed: Column filters now working on xAPI Quiz Report
  • Fixed: PHP warning: Invalid argument supplied foreach() in reporting-api.php for courses with no users
  • Fixed: SQL error on some H5P statements that do not correctly include user details
  • Fixed: Database error trying to save resume progress for a lesson when viewed by an anonymous user
  • Fixed: Added default values for all plugin settings
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Version 3.4
  • Added: Support for Lectora Inspire SCORM 1.2 and xAPI content
  • Added: Tin Can and xAPI Quiz reports now available on the front end; settings to enable/disable added to Settings page (default is disabled)
  • Added: Tin Canny protection settings on non-LearnDash post types
  • Added: Manage Content Page preview URL filter for sites using non-standard WordPress configurations: apply_filters( 'tincanny_module_url_preview', $src, $post );
  • Updated: Performance of Hidden and Autoadvance option improved
  • Updated: Added message to run Learndash data upgrades to improve reporting accuracy
  • Updated: Added support for Add Tin Canny Media button in Text element of Divi Builder
  • Fixed: All records now included if "Excel Export" is clicked on initial load of the Course Report
  • Fixed: Reports not loading when LD settings returning as array instead of string
  • Fixed: Tin Canny no longer attempts to save resume data for anonymous users
  • Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 0 when LearnDash post settings are uninitialized
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Thanks to @weimar

Version 3.3.8

  • Added: Setting to enable the Uncanny Toolkit Pro Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module to autocomplete lessons and topics even when a Tin Canny module is present on the page
  • Updated: When using Hidden and Autocomplete setting, the associated lesson/topic is now marked complete immediately when the completion verb is received
  • Fixed: Database error - Unknown column 'stored' on plugin activation on some server configurations
  • Fixed: Warnings in browser console on Tin Canny report pages
  • Fixed: xAPI Quiz and Tin Can reports no longer both return results when a query is performed on either report
  • Fixed: Detailed Report icon now displayed on Tin Canny reports in /wp-admin when LearnDash legacy theme is selected
  • Fixed: PHP notice if LearnDash settings have not yet been saved
  • Fixed: PHP warning - Illegal string offset 'restrict mark complete' if there is no postmeta available for the current post
  • Fixed: PHP notice - Undefined property: stdClass::$enrolled on dashboard widget when there are no users enrolled in a course
  • Fixed: PHP error - Class stdClass not found on some server configurations
Big thank you to @weimar for supplying this!

Version 3.3.7
  • Updated: Tin Canny Mark Complete integration setting now overrides the Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module of the Uncanny Toolkit Pro on all lesson and topic pages containing a Tin Canny module
  • Updated: Removed Foreign Key Check from Site Check page as errors reported were typically not related to foreign keys
  • Updated: All relevant database tables now set to use INNODB engine for improved support for foreign keys
  • Fixed: JavaScript error preventing some modules uploaded since version 3.3.6 to not load correctly
  • Fixed: PHP warning: Illegal character causing Mark Complete button to not be displayed on sites running PHP 7.3 if the post-level Mark Complete option was not set
Download Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting v3.3.3 Nulled Free
Version 3.3.3

  • Fixed: JavaScript error causing Mark Complete button integration to fail in some instances when a module is opened in a new window
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal Error when Rise courses don’t return a score value on quiz questions
  • Fixed: xAPI Quiz Report – Filters for Correct/Incorrect returned the opposite of what was selected
  • Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined Index: nonceProtection
Version 3.3.2
  • Updated: Improved Mark Complete button handling for Storyline content
  • Fixed: Course enrollment numbers for some courses showing zero
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