SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready)

SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) v1.8.1

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Just a minor error while Installation has been fixed.

Update 1.8.1
– 6 August, 2020- Fixed admin package update not properly working when clicking on update all subscribers button.
- Fixed admin dashboard when the payment system is not enabled for regular license holders, in some cases.
- Fixed admin users management user deletion not working.

Update 1.8.0 – 4 August, 2020

- Implemented the ability to ban a user from the Admin Panel.
- Implemented pagination for the Campaigns list, Notifications list, Account Payments, Account Logs, Notification Data pages.
- Implemented the ability to offer Lifetime deals to your customers
- Implemented the ability to turn off certain Payment Frequencies per Plan (from the admin panel)
- Implemented a dedicated "Thank you" page after a successful payment with access to payment-related data from javascript to also make external affiliate tracking much more easy to implement.
- Implemented the ability to take on Offline payments.
- Implemented the Statistics page per Campaign
- Implemented new controls over where you can trigger notifications to appear (Does not match exact, Does not contain, Does not start with, Does not end with).

- Reworked the Admin Panel User View page to show more details and have direct links to users related content.
- Reworked the Admin Panel Plan Update page to have a more clearly defined actions when updating a plan.
- Improved Admin Codes, Pages, Pages Categories to show a more beautiful default view when no codes are created.
- Improved the Admin Panel Dashboard responsiveness and widgets for mobile.
- Improved a lot of other parts in the Admin panel to be more user friendly.
- Reworked how the Dark / Light switcher is working.
- Reworked parts of the Packages choosing page, Payment checkout page and improved them.
- Reworked parts of the footer to be more responsive and look better.
- Improved the speed of execution of the following pages: Sitemap, Generation of the simple captcha, Stripe & Paypal Webhooks
- Reworked how some stats are stored in the database so that no IP's will be stored anymore (regarding notification/campaign statistics).
- Improved one of the tracking related tables in the database so that it wont store any extra data that is not needed to be more space-efficient and more performant.
- Removed 50% of the size of the FontAwesome library by only using the needed fontawesome brand icons (~600 kB saving).

- Fixed Facebook login not tracking the Country of the user on registration.
- Fixed Free and Trial plans still showing up when they are set to "Hidden".

- Upgraded phpmailer, recaptcha, stripe, fontawesome libraries to the latest versions.
- Ads which are set from the admin panel will now not show on the Login, Register, Lost password, Resend activation and Reset Password, Plan selection, Payment and Thank you payment pages.

- Various other code cleanup, improvements and looks improvement throughout the product.
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Update 1.7.7 – 20 June, 2020 Thanks To @luciakfer

- Fully reworked how the Pixel JS code is generated from a user-unique based pixel to a "per-campaign" generated one in order to properly take advantage of the caching capabilities of the pixel and avoid potential problems that the old system might have caused. Also, the system is more clear to use now and more straight to the point.
- Improved the visual presentation on the Admin Page Create & Update and Admin Page Category Create & Update.
- Improved performance on the Dashboard page.
- Improved the Notification Creation experience.
- Fixed Countdown collector notification not properly showing some custom colors.
- Fixed Engagement Links notification bug.
- Fixed Coupon notification responsiveness in small mobile phones.
- Fixed Admin Page Update problem not deleting the cache after the update.
- Fixed Reset Password function not resetting the 2FA token as well. Now it will completely remove the set 2FA Token when resetting the password.
- Fixed UTF-8 characters issue when sending emails via the default server email
- Fixed cookie warning that would show up in the console of the websites that the pixel code would be added to