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Download Slider Revolution v6.3.6 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.3.6 (20th January 2021)
New Features

  • Added a “wrapper observer” option to execute a module redraw in case the wrapper dimension has changed. This is useful for modules in tabs. Check the editor/general/browser behavior tab
  • Carousel layers sometimes animate again after changing slides
  • Carousel rows change in size after being focused, if column has an overdimensional image
  • PHP notices sometimes influence content and content dimensions
  • Bubble Morph dimension issues in carousel
  • Images are not fetched from WooCommerce posts, if “image from stream if exist” is selected
  • Steam preview shows wrong error information
  • Custom particle not using the correct color in particle effects
  • Issues with toggle media and mute in groups
  • FilmStrip scrolling issues on mobile
  • Wrong dimension calculations sometimes causes overlapped layers in the editor
  • Global color skin modal not showing automatically
  • Google fonts download for Material Icons to host Material Icons locally not working correctly
  • WhiteBoard addon issues
  • Updated and extended error messages if the stream is not available. The preview will be auto closed
  • Dragging a carousel when touching a link does not work in some cases
  • Translated slides are not removed if the parent slide has been deleted
  • “From left” and “from right” animations on rows have wrong offset values
  • Vimeo “Auto Play: Off” and “Mute at Start: Off” is not playing music, neither does it show the mute/unmute button on mobile devices
  • Changing animation attributes on the “Anim From” keyframe, does not visually update changes
  • Dragging layers in animation view doesn’t change the values of the selected (Set as Editor View) frame
Download Slider Revolution v6.3.5 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.3.5 (31st December 2020) Thanks To @NullMaster

  • Added a protection against loop animation on layers where curviness was allowed and no values were set on x,y which may have produced console errors
  • Changing metas in the navigation editor will now straight add changes to the global and slide based styles
  • Fixed: Post excerpt limitations will now really make a difference between words and chars
  • Fixed: The vertically position of the progress bar may not show up well on slides with dynamic height in carousel view
  • Reducing amount of columns in a row will now copy layers from the “removed” column into the last existing column
  • Fixed: Rare error in backend that prevented editing sliders in case the new covered mode of layers has been used
  • Fixed: Chrome layout breaks on device orientation change
Download Slider Revolution v6.3.4 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 6.3.4 (23rd December 2020) - Thanks To @medw1311
New Features

  • Added PHP 8.0 compatibility
  • Added vertical and horizontal mask offsets to the navigation thumbs and tabs to allows shadows and glows on objects
  • Videos may have started on the 1st click on the module in case the video was already played and paused. This comes due to a fix for the new browser rules which would not allow to play any media without user interaction. Now further protection has been added
  • Added protection in the editor against corrupt layers which are not standard and have been added due to an earlier bug in very rare situations.
  • Depricated function align left, right, center of the module has been removed. Floating of full container must added on a higher container structure and not within the slider itself anymore.
  • Fixed integration of Essential Grid, which was not loading as an embeded layer in Slider Revolution on second or further slides
  • Slider with static group layers may got huge offsets next to the module on mobile devices. This overflow issue has been fixed now
  • Fixed Maintenance AddOn WP 5.6 compatibilty. Requried AddOn version: 2.1.3
  • Navigation default font-family was not editable/available in the navigation editor and in the slide/module navigation presets
  • Selected navigation type did not open up the right modal if the navigation has been edited
Download Slider Revolution v6.3.3 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.3.3 (10th December 2020) Thanks To @medw1311 @NullMaster

  • Post meta data are not saved anymore when they are at the default value
  • Fixed image border in columns where the image was overlaying its own border in columns
  • First click of a slider module will double check now any existences of videos in the active slide before the call is triggered
  • Rows with 10 columns were not allowed due to a bug in the sanitize function. This bug is solved now
  • Fixed the optimizer where websafe fonts broke the font size output in some rare cases
Download Slider Revolution v6.3.2 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.3.2 (2nd December 2020) Thanks To @King Kong @NullMaster

  • Single slides were not visible when importing template slides in the editor
  • Added protection against layertype “textshadow” and “boxshadow” which could accidentally be added due to the quick style editor in preversions of RS.
  • Navigation bullet position based style did not work due to missing spaces between the class names
  • Dione bullets had no font size and line height settings, which made dione bullet look different in the backend and in frontend
  • Fixed video position calculation in groups if the video height is set to 100% and the video is not loaded before the group is drawn
  • In some cases the slider height was not auto updated when the height shrinks and a new slide has no rows added to the content
  • Covered shape and image aligned to the module was not showing well in the editor
  • Replaced depricated jQuery functions to raise compatibility with upcoming WordPress versions
Download Slider Revolution v6.3.1 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 6.3.1 (24th November 2020)

  • Fixed a bug where in the layer actions, simple links did not properly prepend the correct http/https
  • Removed the “Undefined Text” output over the YouTube layer and background videos
  • Fixed a bug where setting the permissions inside of the global settings did not work properly
  • Exporting modules from backend may compress the file with a wrong format. Also requires the Video Scroll AddOn 2.0.2
Download Slider Revolution v6.3.0 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.3.0 (18th November 2020)
New Features

  • Replaced the rendering processes which decreases page loading times, removes unneeded delays and boosts rendered frames per second
  • Reduced memory usage, improved rendering and calculation processes, smoothed out frame drops
  • Added 1 click installation for Modules and Packages with Addons that were not activated yet. They will be automatically activated and enabled
  • Static Layers can now be set individually to stay behind or over the module. This will not work on Rows and children of rows
  • Added custom deeplink tag per slide. Slides can be addressed now due to custom names like: and also by slide order like:
  • Object Library Extension: Custom SVG files can be now uploaded to Object Library under My Custom SVG Files folder. Tags, Naming can be set directly in the Object Library
  • Layer Settings: Introducing SVG orignal Color option, which will respect to the original SVG’s colors and will not fill / color paths and strokes
  • Particles Effects Addon 2.3.0 : Added custom SVG Support (Version 6.3.0 required)
  • Particles Effects Addon 2.3.0 : Added original Color option in case Custom SVG used as Particle
  • Particles Effects Addon 2.3.0 : Added Responsive Size management
  • Introducing Modal general speed, which will allow to harmonise and set the in and out animation of Modal windows
  • Added Mouse Wheel options to stop slider scroll on the way up/down and go through slides before page scrolls further if % of Module is visible in viewport
  • Paintbrush Addon Version 2.1.9 (13 Oct 2020) : Added support for Mobile Devices
  • MouseTrap Addon Version 2.0.8 (13 October 2020) : Added support for Mobile Devices
  • Introducing Video Scroll Addon 1.0.0
  • Introducing a brand new Lottie Addon
  • Added Random Slide to a layer action “Jump to Slide”
  • Delete and Duplicate slides now also available in the Overview Mode
  • Editor can zoom in and zoom out for now between 0,5 and 2 factors for better editing and support of smaller screen editing
  • Full Screen module offsets will be respected also if Time Scroll based animation enabled, to keep/stick the Module at the offset point instead of the top of the page
  • Updated the Google Fonts library
  • Updated Drag and Drop functionality in Editor to protect column, row and group orders and make even more simple to move layers within a group , columns and rows
  • Updated Preloading and Preparing processes in Editor to make Editor loading time 50%+ quicker
  • Added intelligent on the demand of a field management in Editor to only render and prepare functions which are really necessary while in editing mode
  • Drag, Move, resize and further events will only be prepared if layers , slides, or referenced elements touched to win over 50%+ speed in backend rendering processes
  • Changed CodeMirror against RevMirror to avoid Namespacing issues with other Themes and Plugins
  • Reversed Timeline Frames (frame_999 of layers) will now respect in animation lengths
  • Reversed Timeline Frames are not marked with “(R)”
  • Fixed a bug where the instagram video was not showing as a layer
  • Disabled the New Relic browser monitoring in preview mode
  • Fixed undo/redo bug where color changing and further actions were sometimes not Undoable in editor due a color skin logical error
  • Changing Video sources in editor caused javascript crash on preview without reloading the page. This issue has been fixed
  • Fixed PE7 icon lineheights in frontend
  • Slide links over front layer did not work due some reference issues. This bug has beed fixed now
  • Fixed calculation issues if Group Layer height and width were defined via percentage and set to scene aligned
  • Fixed IE11 getElementsByTagName issue
  • Fixed vertical position calculation on Vertical centered rows
  • Fixed action triggered animations due multiple Frames where sometimes content was not visible after triggering them
  • Get rid of the bug where transparent Background Images with pan zoom effect doubled the bacground.
  • MouseTrap Addon 2.0.7: Fixed RTL Issues which disorted the horizontal position of Mouse triggered items
  • Fixed an issue where appending 3d Parallax items moved group and row children out of their wrapper causing random bugs
  • Issue with showing of multiple Adverts, warnings and information containers after Slider regsitration process has been fixed
  • Solved an issue where editor may not show layer and slide backgrounds if file name had spaces or special charachters
  • Problem solved when zIndex and Layer order was not sorted well after importing Layers from other Slider
  • Slide link zIndex issues has been fixed in some cases where Slide link which should overaly the layer was still underlaying them
  • Auto Reverse on Char, Word or Line splitted animations did not play the animation correct before. This issue has been fixed
  • Fixed a problem with default delays in general split animations where frame0 or frame1 anination used a dealy of 0
  • Fixed Split animation direction “Edge to Middle” which was until now a simple forward animation direction
  • Deleting Key Frame of Animation did not auto refreshed the Input fields in editor
  • Loading / editing Layers with splitted animation may not shown the correct frame lengths in editor
  • New Quickstyle elements will get auto Intelligent inheriting and these will be straight visible, without the needs to save and reload the module
  • Fixed Before/After Addon Safari issues. Required version 2.0.10
  • Fixed Version Comparing in Addons lists where version 2.0.10 was older than 2.0.9
  • z Transforms in depth were not well rendered on Splitted Text animations like Chars, Words and Lines
  • Calculation of Scroll progresses were not calculated well if the time scroll based module added as first element in page
  • Global Layers on two Slides disappeared on “backwards” module rotation
  • Fixed a bug where iOS Transformation on z axis were rendered on the wrong position
  • Particle Addon 2.3.1 Fixed: Particles failed to load on first slide in carousel slider
  • Bubble Morph Addon 2.3.1 Fixed: Bubbles failed to render on Carousel module
  • Fixed and issue where mutliple frame based layer animations get mixed up if layer is moved into a group / column
  • Filtering on char, words and line animations shown warning in console. This issue has been fixed
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.23 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.2.23 (14th September 2020)
New Features

  • Added new Mouse Trap addon for mouse animations and advanced actions on layers
  • 7 brand new templates are now available (3 for demonstrating the Mouse Trap addon functionality)
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.22 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 6.2.22 (21th August 2020)

  • Fixed a bug where post based sliders would show the featured image instead of its correct setting, if the background type was set to transparent or colored and image from stream was set to on
  • Fixed a conflict with the oxygen builder plugin that resulted in the previews of sliders not working properly
  • Moved the loading of custom eases to a later point to save some time for the first rendering of elements
  • Fixed initialisation of Slider Revolution if 3rd party plugins and/or themes do unbind state events on DOM
  • Fixed the admin top bar list where all slider were listed in some odd cases
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.21 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 6.2.21 (18th August 2020) Thanks To @NullMaster

  • The initialisation process when more than 1 slider exists, may have broken the page loading. Important fix
  • Fixed an early call of dimension updates in carousel mode, which may produce some JavaScript erros in some odd cases