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Download Quform v2.13.1 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.13.1 – 15 Dec 2020 Thanks To @NullMaster

  • Fixed an issue with the “Combine JavaScript” option on WP 5.6
  • Fixed an issue with the Fancybox 1 script on WP 5.6
  • Fixed a deprecated notice on PHP 8
Download Quform v2.13.0 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.13.0 – 05 Nov 2020

  • Added a field to the icon selector to set the icon classes, so it’s now possible to use FontAwesome 5 if the icons are provided from another source
  • Added aria-hidden=”true” to hidden submit button to fix an accessibility issue
  • Added heights to Slim, Huge, Fat textarea fields
  • Added a “Custom CSS class” option to Name element parts
  • Added a filter on the HTML form tag attributes
  • Fixed missing icons and icon conflicts on the plugin admin pages
  • Fixed icon alignments in textarea fields for all themes
  • Fixed inside label color on gradient themes
Download Quform v2.12.1 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.12.1 – 03 Sep 2020

  • Fixed logic rule field size
  • Fixed AltBody bleeding into subsequent emails
  • Fixed dragging element to another page in WP 5.5
  • Fixed jQuery Migrate warnings
  • Fixed conflicts with FontAwesome 5
  • Fixed autodetect script loading for blocks
  • Fixed deprecated notice in the email address validator with WP 5.5
  • Fixed an email sending hook conflict with WP Mail SMTP
  • Fixed performance issues on edit entry page if the site has many users
  • Fixed redirect to /false if redirect page is deleted
  • Added monospace font to code fields
  • Updated Kendo UI to version 2020.2.617
  • Updated jQuery Form to version 4.3.0
  • Updated jQuery jEditable to version 2.0.17
  • Updated jQuery File Upload to version 10.31.0
  • Updated Select2 to version 4.0.13
  • Updated Spectrum to version 1.8.1
Download Quform v2.12.0 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.12.0 – 02 June 2020

  • Fixed script and style tags being stripped from the HTML element content and confirmation content when the form is saved
  • Fixed the referral settings to support the new Envato Market affiliate program
  • Added sanitization to the HTML element content and confirmation content when viewed within the WP admin (e.g. form preview and view entry)
  • Added a filter hook to the HTML element content
Download Quform v2.11.2 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.11.2 – 28 May 2020

Fixed style tags being stripped from the notification email content when saving the form
v2.11.1 – 21 May 2020
Fixed an error submitting the form in Chrome 83
Download Quform v2.11.0 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.11.0 – 21 May 2020

  • Added HTML sanitization to the HTML element, notification content and confirmation content fields – it’s no longer possible to have SCRIPT or STYLE tags in these options – we recommend you back up your database before saving any form to avoid any loss of HTML code within the forms
  • Fixed the disable CSS/JS options for Fancybox 3
  • Fixed tags displaying in Textarea editor when editing entries
Download Quform v2.10.0 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.10.0 - 19 Mar 2020 - Thanks To @NullMaster

  • Added a {uniqid} variable to generate a random unique value
  • Added a custom class option to the Hidden field
  • Added a filter hook when getting field values
  • Added the dropping of plugin tables when a multisite site is deleted (via wpmu_drop_tables)
  • Fixed the first column missing in the entry export
  • Fixed an issue where the value submitted in a Date could change depending on the PHP timezone
  • Fixed a path issue with uploaded images if the path doesn’t have a trailing slash
  • Fixed locales not loading for Time elements if there are no Date elements in any form
  • Fixed an error with the Time element if there are no Date elements in any form
  • Fixed scripts loading on archive pages when set to only load on specific pages
  • Fixed a theme conflict with the icon selector
  • Fixed the CSRF protection failure error message not showing when Ajax is disabled
  • Fixed a bug where the selected redirect page could be lost when loading the confirmation settings
  • Fixed a bug where loading scripts on selected pages could be lost when loading the settings page
  • Fixed a conflict with WPML
  • Increased the time limit when importing and migrating forms
  • Updated the Quform block to resolve a deprecated warning
  • Removed PhpSpreadsheet samples and docs folders to reduce plugin size
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Download Quform v2.9.3 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.9.3 – 4 Dec 2019

  • Fixed incorrect version number in the last update
v2.9.2 – 4 Dec 2019
  • Replaced PHPExcel with PhpSpreadsheet to fix a security warning on Windows, PHP 5.6 is now required to use the entry exporter
  • Fixed the CSS selector for the ‘Group elements wrapper’ style
  • Fixed the select menu field sizes in WP 5.3
  • Fixed a notice error on the entries list page
  • Updated jQuery File Upload to version 10.2.0
  • Updated jQuery-jeditable to version 2.0.13
  • Updated JS Cookie to version 2.2.1
  • Updated Select2 to version 4.0.11
  • Changed the minimum WordPress version requirement to 5.2
  • Changed the minimum PHP version requirement to 5.3
Download Quform v2.9.1 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.9.1 – 4 June 2019

Fixed the form builder splitter panel order for RTL languages
Download Quform v2.9.0 - WordPress Form Builder Nulled Free
v2.9.0 – 1 June 2019

  • Added RTL support to the plugin admin pages
  • Added hooks to allow storing encrypted form values
  • Fixed not being able to submit the form more than once when using the invisible reCAPTCHA v2
  • Fixed an error submitting the form on http:// pages when the configured site URL is https://
  • Fixed the per-element field focus style selector
  • Fixed the per-element styles for the datepicker