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Profile Builder Pro - WordPress Profile Plugin v3.3.6 + Addons

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Download Profile Builder Pro v3.3.6 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.3.6

  • Description: Fixed a js error that was preventing a form to submit
  • Features:
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Fixed a js error that was preventing a form to submit
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 01/12/2021
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Download Profile Builder Pro v3.3.4 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.3.4 - Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • Description: Included free add-ons inside main plugin
  • Features:
    • Refactored add-on page to unify add-ons and modules, also did some refactoring of folders
      Integrated Customization Toolbox addon as Advanced Settings in main plugin
      Integrated Placeholder labels addon in Advanced Settings
      Integrated Email Confirmation add-on as field in main plugin
      Integrated Multiple Admin Emails add-on in Advanced Settings
      Integrated Custom CSS Classes on fields add-on in main plugin
      Integrated GDPR Communication Preferences add-on in main plugin
      Integrated Import and Export add-on in main plugin
      Integrated Labels Edit add-on in main plugin
      Integrated Maximum Character Length add-on in main plugin
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Fix for bbPress Messages compatibility issue.
      Generalize Search All fix for the Select (Country) field and also apply it to the Search facet type.
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 01/06/2020
Download Profile Builder Pro v3.3.3 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.3.3

  • Description: Minor updates and fixes
  • Features:
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Changed some sanitization functions to more specific ones
      Add form name to 'User to edit' field ID so it works when multiple forms are on the same page.
      Add compatibility with the Divi Overlay plugin.
      Fixed a problem with values disappearing for some fields if the meta_name contained the word map
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 12/02/2020
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Download Profile Builder Pro v3.3.2 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.3.2

  • Description: Minor fixes and updates
  • Features:
    • Added WPML support for HTML Content in HTML field
      Added support for [wppb-embed] shortcode so it can be used in Userlisting
      Added a span with class in the facet checkboxes
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Fixed a PHP notice.
      Fixed xCrud compatibility issue
      Replaced e-mail string with email.
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 11/16/2020
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Download Profile Builder Pro v3.3.1 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.3.1 - Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • Description: Simple Upload option added
  • Features:
    • Added simple upload option to Upload field
      Added extra confirmation step to Admin Approval trough {{approval_url}} or {{approval_link}}.
      Improved compatibility with Paid Member Subscriptions plugin
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Fixed a possible warning regarding user deletions and Email Confirmation
      Fixed dynamic redirect bug when private website is enabled
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 11/02/2020
Download Profile Builder Pro v3.3.0 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.3.0

  • Description: Fixes and improvements
  • Features:
    • Add 'automatic_login' parameter for the
      • NAME
      • Username*
      • First Name*
      • Last Name*
      • E-mail*
      • Website
      • Biographical Info
      • Password*
      • Repeat Password*
      • AvatarUpload
      • Company Name
      • Company Registration Number
      • VAT Number
      • Company Address
      • Send these credentials via email.
        shortcode and make sure that the shortcode, multiple registration setting, general setting priority is respected.
        Allow Social Connect to redirect users as per the 'redirect_url' shortcode parameter.
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Pass the referer URL forward when the Login form shows an error so the user is still redirected to the page they came from.
      Change 'E-mail' to 'Email' for the password recovery form.
      Switched deprecated jQuery event 'hover' with 'mouseenter mouseleave'.
      Fix for non-numeric value encountered warning.
      Fixed a js error regarding collorpicker on certain themes
      Fix issue with Elementor editor not loading if a Userlisting shortcode was present and we had a map field defined in Form Fields
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Download Profile Builder Pro v3.2.9 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.2.9

  • Description: Security improvements and other fixes
  • Features:
    • Added a filter to the users array returned by Userlisting
      Added a filter to get_avatar_url so we can replace it with our own avatar
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Check the reset password key existence before resetting a password. Credit to Shiraz Ali Khan
      Fixed a incompatibility with Private Website and Buddypress
      Fixed a warning that was being thrown when the plugin was installed.
      Correctly check if Stripe is in the form so Invisible Recaptcha doesn't submit it.
      When showing the Subscription Plans field based on conditional logic, select the right plan.
      Fixed problem with the wppb_force_wp_login parameter and custom redirects
      Fixed an issue with the {{http_referer}} tag redirecting to a blank page.
      Fixed PHP 7.4 notice coming from Userlisting init
      Reduced the time required to populate the user roles in Userlisting facets.
      Security improvements
  • Translations: Changed german translation files
  • Release Date: 10/06/2020
Download Profile Builder Pro v3.2.7 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.2.7

  • Description: Added some minor features and improvements
  • Features:
    • Added auto-login at registration option
      Removed an extra space before a question mark in a string
      Added path exclusion from Private Website functionality
      Added an extra missing parameter for some fields for the filter wppb_maximum_character_length
      Added ?wppb_force_wp_login=true to custom redirects to prevent admins from getting logged out
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Fix that adds the extra attributes needed for the EPAA add-on's Approve All button to work with the Avatar and Upload fields.
      Fixed bypassing required hidden conditional field
      Fixed an issue with Userlisting pagination when permalink returned a link without / at the end
      Fixed a Userlisting search bug
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 09/21/2020
Download Profile Builder Pro v3.2.6 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.2.6

  • Description: Minor improvements and fixes
  • Features:
    • Added nocache_headers before some wp_redirects to prevent issues with private website and other redirects
      Improved error messages on recover form if Recaptcha was present
      Allow the GDPR Checkbox field to be added to the Form Fields list again once it has been deleted.
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Fixed Datepicker field not being saved if placed before the Map field in certain cases
      Fixed PMS Subscription Plans field not selecting default plan in certain conditions
      Fixed notice appearing with data hidden using visibility shortcode in some cases
      Fixed the display of profile pictures in userlisting when the buddypress addon is active
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 09/03/2020
Download Profile Builder Pro v3.2.5 - WordPress Profile Plugin Nulled Free
Profile Builder Pro v3.2.5
  • Description: Userlisting fixes and other improvements
  • Features:
    • Added a filter for form request data
      Add support for dots in Datepicker field
  • Bug and Fixes:
    • Removed a deprecated jQuery event from our code
      Fixed Private Website not properly restricting json api, and added a setting for it
      Fixed password strength message translation
      Fixed a security issue regarding a nonce field
      Fixed Private Site not excluding search results
      Fixed some issues with some facet types that weren't working on WordPress 5.5
      Fixed a problem with map user listing when jQuery was not yet loaded
      Fixed Userlisting pagination on front and we now make sure we don't add rewrite rules if Userlisting is not enabled
      Removed the {{password}} tag from Email Customizer
  • Translations:
  • Release Date: 08/24/2020