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PowerPack Elements - Take Elementor to The Next Level v2.2.3 Nulled

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Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.2.3 Nulled Free
== 2.2.3 == Release date: January 18, 2021 - Thanks to @NullMaster
* Added: Team Member - Option to show content over image
* Added: Team Member Carousel - Option to show content over image
* Fixed: Posts - PHP error
* Enhancement: Posts - Updated author, date, comments and read more button icon controls
* Fixed: Magic wand was not working fresh install without saving options once
* Added: Advanced Menu - Option to show submenus on hover or click
* Added: Advanced Menu - Close icon horizontal position, vertical position, padding, border and hover color options
* Enhancement: Showcase - Updated arrows control
* Added: Categories - Slug, ID and description order by options
Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.2.2 Nulled Free
== 2.2.2 == Release date: January 13, 2021 - Thanks to @NullMaster
* Enhancement: Posts - Renamed Date Format option to Date Type and added new Date Format option
* Added: Categories - Filter for arguments
* Fixed: Woo Products - Add to cart issue in Skin 2
* Fixed: Woo Products - Sale value was not showing for variable products
* Fixed: Posts - Translation issue with WPML
* Fixed: Posts - Search form and filters options were not appearing for checkerboard skin
* Fixed: Posts - When a category is chosen in query then posts from sub categories were not showing in filters
* Added: Advanced Tabs - Icon Type option
* Fixed: Image Slider - Console error when slider is empty
* Fixed: Taxonomy Thumbnail - All images were not showing in media library on some servers
* Fixed: Woo Categories - Slides to scroll was not working for desktop
* Added: Woo Categories - Support for Menu Order
* Fixed: How to - Steps image width issue on mobile
* Added: Timeline - Cards to Scroll option
* Added: Advanced Menu - Option to show submenus on hover or click
* Fixed: Advanced Menu - Submenu indicator was not appearing when font kit is in use
* Added: Login Form - pp_login_form_start and pp_login_form_end action hooks
* Added: Recipe - Options to change titles for options Prep Time, Cook Time, Total Time, Servings and Calories
* Added: Display Conditions - Post term display condition
* Fixed: Display Conditions - Timezone issue
* Fixed: Testimonials - Dots hover background color was not working
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Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.2.1 Nulled Free
== v2.2.1 == Release date: December 3, 2020 Thanks To @medw1311 @NullMaster

* Fixed: Breadcrumbs - Minor CSS glitch
* Fixed: Video Gallery - Dailymotion video was not working in lightbox
* Added: Video Gallery - Horizontal and vertical spacing options for filters
* Fixed: Posts - Formatting issue when no posts found message is displayed
* Added: Posts - Option to sort filters
* Fixed: Posts - Posts per page option was not working with Show Only Sticky Posts
* Enhancement: Posts - Updated code to hide filters when there are no posts in query
* Enhancement: FAQ - Removed dynamic tags from ACF repeater field name options
* Fixed: FAQ - Icon alignment for RTL layout
* Fixed: Updated code in frontend-offcanvas-content.js file to avoid conflict with FA kit
* Fixed: Recipe - Schema errors in recipe widget
* Added: Testimonials - Link option
* Fixed: Table - Hide table header option was giving error with responsive table
* Fixed: Flip Box - PHP notice
* Fixed: Image Gallery - Masonry gallery was not working inside modal popup
* Fixed: Image Gallery - Tilt Effect was
Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.2.0 Nulled Free
== v2.2.0 == Release date: October 27, 2020 - Thanks To @medw1311

* New: Added page templates in PowerPack Template Library
* Added: Logo Grid - Randomize logos option
* Fixed: Timeline - Connector background color option was not working for Horizontal layout
* Enhancement: Recipe - Updated recipe description textarea control to wysiwyg control
* Added: Categories - Order By option
* Enhancement: Categories - Added category ID to categories
* Enhancement: Woo Products - Added link to product page from quick view title
* Added: Woo Products - Open in a new tab link options
* Added: Content Ticker - Options to show post date and time
* Enhancement: Content Ticker - Added recommended icons for post author and category
* Added: Advanced Menu - Close icon background color option
* Added: Counter - Thousand separator option
* Fixed: Posts - Not found message was not showing when no search posts were found
* Fixed: Posts - Dynamic background image was not working in custom template skin
* Added: Posts - Options to open links in new tab for post title, post image and post button
* Added: Image Gallery - Border and border radius options for thumbnails
* Fixed: Image Gallery - Images not displaying correctly inside Advanced Accordion, Tabs and Toggle widgets
* Fixed: Login Form - Lost Password Text option was not working
* Fixed: Login Form - Styling options for lost password form were not working
* Added: Login Form - Options to change lost password form fields
* Fixed: Woo Add to Cart - Redirection to cart was not working
* Fixed: Showcase - Videos were not playing in video and devices widgets if used in Showcase widget as saved template
* Fixed: Buttons - Tooltip position option was not working
* Fixed: Instafeed - CORS issue on some servers
* Fixed: Image Hotspots - Minor CSS glitch in hotspot glow effect
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Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.1.2 Nulled Free
== v2.1.2 == Release date: October 6, 2020 Big Thanks To @medw1311 @NullMaster

* Added: Google Maps - Added vw and vh units support for map width and height
* Added: Info Box Carousel - Border radius option for slides
* Added: Woo Add to Cart - Style options for quantity field
* Added: Buttons - Image Size option
* Enhancement: Buttons - Added alt tag to image mark-up
* Added: Advanced Menu - New action hooks ppe_before_advanced_menu_responsive_inner and ppe_after_advanced_menu_responsive_inner
* Added: Posts - Search form for Saved Template skin
* Fixed: Woo Offcanvas Cart - Subtotal alignment and padding options were not working
* Fixed: Woo Checkout - Message box style options were not working
* Fixed: Registration Form - PHP fatal error in case of global widget
Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.1.1 Nulled Free
== v2.1.1 == Release date: September 17, 2020 Thanks To @medw1311 @NullMaster

* Fixed: PHP error in Elementor editor if WooCommerce is disabled
* Enhancement: WooCommerce builder widgets now don't show up in editor if WooCommerce builder is disabled
* Enhancement: Renamed Posts widget to Advanced Posts widget
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Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.1.0 Nulled Free
== v2.1.0 == Thanks To @medw1311 @NullMaster

* New: WooCommerce Builder
* Added: Logic to deactivate PowerPack Lite if PowerPack Pro is active
* Added: Table - Option to hide table header
* Added: Info Box, Info Box Carousel - Option to show button in case of link type box
* Fixed: Timeline - If we disable date, the title of cards also gets disabled
* Added: Timeline - Typography option for marker type text
* Added: Image Hotspots - Option to keep tooltips always open
* Added: Image Hotspots - Typography option for hotspot type text
* Fixed: Contact Form 7 - Added submit button controls that were missing in last version
* Fixed: Posts - Issues related to query and filters in which even if a post is restricted in the query then on selecting tags in filters posts of other categories also show up
* Added: Login Form - Lost Password and Password Reset Functionality on Same Page
* Fixed: Logo Grid - Greyscale option was not working in editor
* Fixed: Info Box Carousel - Pagination in case of cube effect
* Fixed: Advanced Menu - Issue in which the menu closes on clicking the parent item which has children too because the parent item has # on it.
* Fixed: Breadcrumbs - Pages text was shown when used on pages
* Fixed: Breadcrumbs - Margin overflow issue
* Enhancement: Updated arrows control in Logo Carousel, Image Slider, Coupons, Info Box Carousel, Team Member Carousel, tabbed gallery, Testimonials and Categories widget
Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.0.5 Nulled Free
== 2.0.5 ==
Release date: August 27, 2020 Thanks To @medw1311 @NullMaster

* Fixed: Template library was not loading
* Enhancement: Added PowerPack Template Library button to add element area
* Fixed: Registration Form - Password strength meter was not working
* Fixed: Posts - Box border radius was not applying over images
Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.0.4 Nulled Free
== v2.0.4 == Release date: August 25, 2020 Thank To @medw1311 @NullMaster

* Fixed: Info Box Carousel - Image icon was not showing on frontend
* Fixed: PHP errors in business hours widget
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Download PowerPack Elements Elementor v2.0.3 Nulled Free
== v2.0.3 == Release date: August 25, 2020 Thanks To @medw1311 @NullMaster

* Enhancement: Compatibility to Elementor 3.0
* Enhancement: FAQ - Support for html in case of the custom content
* Fixed: Video Gallery - Pause button was not clickable
* Fixed: Table - Text align issue with RTL languages
* Fixed: Buttons - Tooltip styling options were not working
* Fixed: Woo Products - Quick view add to cart button was not working