Polylang Pro - The Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugin

Polylang Pro - The Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugin v2.9.1

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Download Polylang Pro v2.9.1 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.9.1 (2020-12-15) =

* Fix PHP notice: Undefined property: PLL_Cache_Compat::$options with cache plugins. Props bahaa-almahamid. #658
* Fix title of the search results page with Yoast SEO > 14.0
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Download Polylang Pro v2.9.0 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= 2.9 (2020-12-07) =

* Add compatibility with WordPress 5.6
* Pro: Add locale fallback used when the theme or plugins translations are not available
* Pro: Fix SSO and browser preferred language redirect when using multiple domains
* Pro: Fix post slugs for German and Danish in the REST API
* Pro: Fix a fatal error in ACF integration when saving url modifications with multiple domains
* Pro: Fix a deprecated notice fired by ACF since the version 5.9.2
* Pro: Fix ACF relationship fields not reloaded when changing the language in the classic editor
* Update plugin updater to version 1.8
* Add Lower Sorbian to the list of predefined language
* Options are now translated on backend when using the admin language filter
* Keep previous translations when modifying an option value
* Add navigation markup to the language switcher widget
* Fix canonical redirect for taxonomy terms
* Fix a fatal error when deleting a post with a translation group corrupted in the database
* Fix a fatal error when switching to plain permalinks and using multiple domains
* Fix a conflict with WP Sweep which could corrupt languages
* Fix title displayed instead of meta description with Yoast SEO > 14.0
* Fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: wp_the_query in /frontend/choose-lang-content.php on line 92
Download Polylang Pro v2.8.4 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.8.4 (2020-11-03) = Big Thanks To @TassieNZ

* Pro: Remove useless bulk translate action for ACF fields groups
* Pro: Fix the translation of the CPTUI labels when the language is set from the content
* Fix sitemaps redirected to the default language since WP 5.5.1
* Fix object cache not flushed for sticky posts #601
* Fix blog page broken when trashing a page and the blog page is not translated in all languages
* Fix custom flags ignored in WPML compatibility mode
* Fix breadcrumb for untranslated post types in Yoast SEO
Download Polylang Pro v2.8.3 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.8.3 (2020-10-13) = Thanks To @TassieNZ

* Honor install_languages capability to download language packs
* Pro: Fix integrations not loaded (with The Events Calendar, CPTUI, Content blocks)
* Pro: Fix fatal error with ACF if a flexible content includes a repeater and a relationship
* Pro: Fix terms sharing their slug impossible to update without changing the slug
* When available, use wpcom_vip_get_page_by_path() instead of get_page_by_path()
* Fix queries filtered when editing a post that was declared untranslatable after it got a language
* Fix issues with Yoast SEO 14.0+ (breadcrumbs, canonical, title and description)
Download Polylang Pro v2.8.2 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.8.2 (2020-09-08) = Thanks To @NullMaster

* Pro: Fix posts sharing the same slug displayed on the same page
* Fix: Don't use a javascript localized string removed in WP 5.5 #568
* Fix fatal error in site health when no language is defined #563
* Fix various issues with Yoast SEO 14.x #65, #503, #505
* Fix fatal error with MU Domain Mapping when saving domains in Polylang settings #569
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Download Polylang Pro v2.8.1 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.8.1 (2020-08-25) =

* Pro: Fix fatal error with WP 4.9
* Fix pll_the_languages() with 'raw' option returning html flag instead of flag url #558
* Fix compatibility with Duplicate Posts not correcly loaded #557
* Fix custom flag size in admin bar language switcher #559
* Fix tag clouds mixed in the classic editor #561
Download Polylang Pro v2.8 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.8 (2020-08-17) =

* Pro: Add a language switcher block
* Pro: Add compatibility with block image edition introduced in WP 5.5
* Pro: Fix our private taxonomies being displayed in the ACF field group rules.
* Pro: Fix incorrect flags loaded from the block editor
* Pro: Fix SSO causing a wrong redirect when using subdomains (introduced in 2.7.4)
* Pro: Fix a performance issue on the plugins list
* Pro: Fix option to automatically duplicate media in all languages when uploading a new file not honored in block image
* Use composer for autoload and Polylang Pro dependency on Polylang
* Display a flag for each post in the posts list tables (same for terms). #515
* Add test for the homepage translations to Site Health
* Add debug information to Site Health
* Add compatibility with the sitemaps introduced in WP 5.5 #451
* Always filter WP_Query by the current language
* Support wildcards in "admin-texts" parent keys in wpml-config.xml
* Fix sticky posts showed for all languages when the admin language filter is active #469
* Fix a performance issue on the pages list
* Fix dependency to jQuery Migrate removed from WP 5.5 #539
* Fix: output secure cookie when using a cache plugin and ssl #542
* Fix the possibility to create 2 terms with the same name in the same language, without specifying the second slug.
* Fix sticky posts appearing 2 times in WP 5.5
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Download Polylang Pro v2.7.4 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.7.4 ( 2020-06-29) =

* Pro: Allow using our /untranslated-posts REST endpoint for non-public post types
* Pro: Fix broken display in the block editor sidebar when a language has no flag
* Pro: Fix SSO breaking the preview on secondary domains
* Pro: Fix ACF translation option not working for term custom fields
* Pro: Fix a styling issue in the fields group list table in ACF 5.9
* Add Spanish from Puerto Rico to the predefined list of languages
Download Polylang Pro v2.7.3 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.7.3 (2020-05-26) = Thanks To @NullMaster

* Security: Slash metas
* Pro: Fix categories not savedafter the language has been switched in the block editor
* Pro: Fix ACF fields stored as integers instead of strings
* Pro: Fix ACF untranslated posts or terms being copied when creating a new translation
* Pro: Fix PHP notice with ACF when a repeater or group is included in a flexible content
* Pro: Fix "DevTools failed to load SourceMap" warning in browser console
* Update plugin updater to 1.7.1
* Honor the filter "pll_the_language_link" when the language switcher displays a dropdown #506
* Fix "Something went wrong" message when quick editing untranslated post types #508
* Fix wpseo_opengraph deprecated warning #509
Download Polylang Pro v2.7.2 – The Most Popular Multilingual Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.7.2 (2020-04-27) =

* Pro: Re-allow to modify the capability for strings translations
* Pro: Fix redirect for posts having the same slug as a media
* Pro: Fix PHP notice with ACF flexible content
* Pro: Fix a fatal error with InfiniteWP
* Update plugin updater to 1.7
* Fix font in setup wizard
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