Oreo Fashion - React Native App for Woocommerce

Oreo Fashion - React Native App for Woocommerce v2.4.0

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Download Oreo Fashion v2.0.3 - React Native App for Woocommerce Nulled Free
Update 11/08/2020

- Updated: Splash screen for Android
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Download Oreo Fashion v2.0.1 - React Native App for Woocommerce Nulled Free

- Fixed: Check phone in register and login SMS
- Fixed: Config Firebase for Android

Update 03/08/2020

- Changed: Update React native v0.62.0
- Changed: Update React navigation v5.x.x
- Changed: Cart REST API for custom flow checkout
- Changed: Use Mobile-builder plugin instead rnlab-app-control
- Added: Support WCFM vendor plugin
- Improvement: Splash screen on Android
- Improvement: Cached config builder and categories
- Improvement: Colors style template
- Improvement: Checkout webview token expired
- Fixed: variations in product detail
- Fixed: Query search
- Fixed: Click item sort by in refine screen
Download Oreo Fashion v1.4.3.1 - React Native App for Woocommerce Nulled Free
Changelog Not Found!
Download Oreo Fashion v1.4.3 - React Native App for Woocommerce Nulled Free
Update 01/05/2020 First Released On Internet By @Babak :D

- Improvement: Using Fetch React Native instead Axios
- Fixed: Login Apple
- Improvement: when type suggest message on Android
- Add: Static “About Us” … “Contact Us”, “Terms & Conditions” pages link to Page ID
- Improvement: Save user phone number like Digits plugin
- Add: Download tab for books, images store
- Improvement: large item on Listview
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Update 11/02/2020
  • Fix: Crash app on Android 7.0
  • Fix: Shipping method with same class
  • Fix: Get default language
  • Fix: Crash app when disable avatar.
  • Improvement: Product variation selection
  • Update: Config modal
  • Add: Divider component
  • Add: Search component
  • Add: Action open Web view
  • Add: Action opens on Browser
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