MailChimper PRO - WordPress MailChimp Signup Form Plugin

MailChimper PRO - WordPress MailChimp Signup Form Plugin v1.8.3.1

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Download Free MailChimper PRO - WordPress MailChimp Signup Form Plugin Nulled CodeCanyon 7644126
Provides professional, quick solution to start building your MailChimp email list in minutes.
You can use it with MailChimp, but if you have any other newsletter database manager, you can use it with that as well. In that case, the plugin will send you a message about every newsletter subscription with the user’s email address, therefore you can easily add it to your own email list manager. You can also use this function as a signup notification.
It is also possible to connect to Active Campaign, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Campayn, Constant Contact, Freshmail, GetResponse, MailPoet, MyMail, MadMimi, SimplyCast and YMLP. In this case the plugin will automatically pass the subscription details to your existing mail list and the user will be subscribed without any further interaction.
Track the Forms with Detailed Stats and Exports
Provides many informations about the subscription forms and subscribers by dates, links or forms. Google Analytics can extend the stats with Form Views and Entrances (Unique Views) to get more feedback about the effectiveness of your subscription forms. Possible to export the result to CSV, Excel, PDF, simply copy to the clipboard or get a clean page for print view. The entire stats are searchable and sortable with AJAX based pagination.
Stats by Forms
The form view of the stats provide complete information about how your subscriptions perform. Track your marketing strategies and see how many subscribers you got from each form on a pie chart.
Stats by Date
The date view of the stats show how the MailChimp subscriptions perform in a specified date period. The success can be different on the weekdays or on the weekends, therefore this stat will help you to timing your marketing campaign in the best timeframe.
Stats by Links
The link view of the stats display the subscription rate by webpages. It is important to create pages that blends well with your subscription forms. This result can tell you if any of your subscription page perform better or less better than others.
Add Custom MailChimp Fields
Adding custom text fields to the newsletter forms has never been easier. You can extend your opt-in forms with unlimited text fields to get more data from the subscribers. These custom fields can be passed to your Newsletter Service Provider, such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, GetResponse and more…
The fields can be set as required and it is also possible to specify minimal character length and custom warning message for each custom fields.
Advanced Design
As it has mentionied, the plugin provides a visual builder, that allows to set your own style. If it doesn’t enough, you can do more customization through the Custom CSS page on the WordPress admin. This page allows you to add custom CSS code, that will be integrated on the frontend area. This way, you can customize anything with a minor CSS coding knowledge. This feature has been added specifically for designers and developers to create unlimited variations and styles.
Support MailChimp Integration
MailChimp is one of the most popular service provider to manage your email list. The plugin can be integrated with your MailChimp Account, just you have to specify your MailChimp API Key and MailChimp List ID. Find detailed information in the documentation about how to get easily these details. After you defined both of them, each signup will be passed directly to your MailChimp List.
Much More Newsletter API Connections
Support many more Email List Managers, including Active Campaign, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Campayn, Constant Contact, Freshmail, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailPoet, MyMail, MadMimi, SimplyCast, YMLP
MailChimp Subscriber List
View your subscribers directly on your WordPress admin. With enabled stats, the plugin collects the subscribers, therefore you can check and export the entire mail list. It is possible to delete entries, that older than 30 days or delete all subscribers from the list to keep it clean. This list is not connected with the Newsletter APIs, therefore you can use it as a quick note about the last signups.
Popular marketing strategy to automatically redirect the browser to a specified page after a successful subscription. The plugin able to do this with simply specifying the redirection URL on the WordPress administration page. This method allows you to control the visitor’s attention and display important pages for them.
Fast and Effective
Works with AJAX technology, therefore it doesn’t use any page reloading on the frontend area. The popup and the embed mode process the subscription data in the background, therefore it is works really fast without reloading the actual webpage. Additionally, this method grants the security against the spamming robots, since the form can’t be submitted automatically.
Multiple Instances, Multisite Support
Use any number of the newsletter forms on the same or different pages. You can even use one in the footer or in a widget via shortcode in embed mode. However, WordPress Multisite is completely supported, you need one license for each website you would like to use on. In this case, you have to create the subscription form one time and it can be applied to all of your multisite websites.
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    Download MailChimper PRO v1.8.3.1 - WordPress MailChimp Signup Form Plugin Nulled Free v1.8.3.1...
  2. MailChimper PRO v1.8.3

    Download MailChimper PRO v1.8.3 - WordPress MailChimp Signup Form Plugin Nulled Free Version...

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