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Madara - WordPress Theme for Manga v1.6.5

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Download Madara v1.6.5 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
v1.6.5 – 2020.12.10 - Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • #Add: option to disable Manga Views (in Manga Settings)
  • #Add: option to disable default Login / Register buttons on Header (in Theme Options > Header)
  • #Add: option to turn off Ajax Manga Search (in Theme Options > Search)
  • #Add: option to order bookmark items by New Chapter Released Date (in Theme Options > Manga General)
  • #Add: option to disable Manga Voting for Guests (in Manga Settings)
  • #Update: comments for chapter will not appear in Manga Comments
  • #Update: remove duplicated database queries, improve performance
  • #Update: add rel=”noopener” to Social Links for security enhancement
  • #Update: Read First/Read Last/Continue Reading buttons are moved to bottom of Manga Detail section on mobile
  • #Fix: title badge appears in SEO title
  • #Fix: Chapter Link in Search Results always has “style=paged”
  • #Fix: Chapters List is hidden on mobile for Novel/Video chapter
  • #Fix: Video Light on/off feature
  • #Fix: Next/Prev buttons do not work properly on iOS/Safari
Download Madara v1.6.4.5 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
v1.6.4.5 – 2020.08.15

  • #Fix: some JS bugs on WP 5.5
  • #Fix: Read First & Read Last buttons do not work with premium (blocked) chapter link
  • #Fix: cannot upload .jpg User Avatar in User Settings page
Download Madara v1.6.4.4 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
v1.6.4.4 – 2020.07.24

  • #Add: option to control Sticky Header in Chapter Reading page (Theme Options > Manga Reading Page > Sticky Header)
  • #Update: WooCommerce template latest version 4.3.1
  • #Fix: Amazon S3 authorization issue
  • #Fix: disable “Save As” image feature does not work
Download Madara v1.6.4.3 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
v1.6.4.3 – 2020.07.21

#Fix: security issue in User Settings page
#Fix: some minor warning issues
v1.6.4.2 – 2020.07.20
#Fix: improve error messages when uploading Text Chapters
#Fix: unable to choose “not-to-override” chapters when uploading duplicated chapter names
#Fix: unable to comment on detail manga in WP Discuz
#Fix: Amazon S3 upload issue
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Download Madara v1.6.4.1 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
v1.6.4.1 – 2020.07.12

  • #Update: option to reverse bookmark list order (Theme Options > Manga General > Manga Bookmark List – Order)
  • #Update: option to show Manga Type column in Admin (Manga > WP Manga Settings > Manga General Settings > Show Chapter Type in Admin )
  • #Update: improve Search Results layout on mobile
  • #Update: option (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Lazy-load chapters list) also turn off the lazy-load Chapter Selectbox in chapter reading page
  • #Update: support filter by “Upcoming” status in Front-Page settings
  • #Fix: Chapter Notification feature can crash database if there are a lot of users & chapters
  • #Fix: support specifying chapter extend name when uploading multiple text chapters (ie. use “-” character in the folder name to separate “Chapter Name - Extend Name”)
  • #Fix: support showing Chapter Volumn for text (novel) chapters and navigate through volumns
  • #Fix: unable to remove physical avatar file if uploaded via front-end User Settings page
  • #Fix: empty active storage after deleting a Chapter Storage
  • #Fix: support WPDiscuz 7.0.3+. See updated blog post on
Download Madara v1.6.4 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
v1.6.4 – 2020.06.02

  • #Add: option to show Manga Author instead of post author in Manga meta tags (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page > Manga Single – Meta Tags for Authors)
  • #Add: option to manage maximum numbers of bookmarked items to prevent out of memory issue (WP Manga Settings > Single Manga Settings > Maximum Bookmark Items)
  • #Update: able to multi-select chapters in admin and delete selected chapters
  • #Update: support Ajax Search in the Search Results page for manga
  • #Update: support PHP 7.4.6
  • #Fix: bookmark icons are hidden on mobile in Video Chapter
  • #Fix: invalid Rating data tag if a manga does not have rating
  • #Update: add some hooks & filters in admin to further support add-ons
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Download Madara v1.6.3.2 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
Changelog Not Found!
Download Madara v1.6.3.1 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
Version – 2020.04.17

  • #Add: option to turn off lazy-load Chapters List (Theme Options > Manga Detail Page)
  • #Fix: button Chapters Sort does not work in lazy-load Chapters List
  • #Fix: some minor CSS issues
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Download Madara v1.6.3 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
v1.6.3 – 2020.04.09

  • #Update: support .gif thumbnail for Manga Thumbnail
  • #Update: add “Upcoming” status for Manga
  • #Update: add “Amazon CDN URL” option
  • #Update: lazy-load Chapters List, greatly improve loading speed
  • #Fix: Google Snippet validation
  • #Fix: Chapter & Server selectbox of Video Chapters are hidden on mobile
  • #Fix: search new term in second results page goes wrong
  • #Fix: 18+ popup does not show if visitors go to chapter directly
  • #Fix: remove Chapter Content in database if a text chapter is deleted
Download Madara v1.6.2.2 - WordPress Theme for Manga Nulled Free
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