Location Autocomplete for BuddyPress

Location Autocomplete for BuddyPress 1.2.2

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Version 1.2.2Release Date January 6, 2017Updated July 17, 2019Compatible to: WP 4.9+, BP 2.9+Video Tutorials
Google Address Suggestion and Autocompletion
While registering for your site or creating BuddyPress groups, your members can easily enter super accurate addresses. As they type, the suggestion dropdown displays location results from Google. Click the correct result and all address fields get auto-completed!

Accurate Location Searches
Before, location searches were a mess! One user entered "San Francisco" while another entered "SF" and yet another mispelled it all together.
Now, all address data is auto-corrected through Google, allowing for super accurate location searches! Works with BuddyPress Global Search and BP Profile Search.

Member Profile Locations
Members can enter location data while registering, and editing their profiles. Their locations will display on their profiles, and will be used in member search results.

Group Locations
Enter location data while creating or editing BuddyPress Groups. Locations will display on each group, and will be used in group search results.

Customizable Address Formats
You have total control of the location data you want to capture. You can collect street addresses, cities, states, zip codes, or countries, and in any combination. If you just want the user's City and State, and nothing else, easy! You can determine the name of each field (e.g. State vs Province) and which fields are required.
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