Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax

Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax 3.0.4/2.0.0

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Big THANKS to @NullMaster :love: :love: :love:

This release is Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax v3.0.4 + KenthaRadio v2.0.0 FULLY INTEGRATED!

3.0.4 [2020 Dicember 16]
[x] ttg core plugin update. No theme changes

3.0.3 [2020 Dicember 09]
[x] QT Swipebox plugin updated to 5.6 (required)
[x] WPBakery plugin update to 6.4.2
[x] Updated product icons arrows for single track products and audio products
[x] Social icons align fix

3.0.2 [2020 Dicember 09]
[x] Force disable qt swipebox in inc/tgm-plugin-activation/conf.php
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Big THANKS to @NullMaster :love: :love: :love:


This new release is Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax v3.0.1 + KenthaRadio v2.0.0 FULLY INTEGRATED!

Enjoy! :love:
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Big THANKS to @NullMaster :love: :love: :love:

This new release is Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax v3.0.1 + KenthaRadio v2.0.0 FULLY INTEGRATED!

Enjoy! :love:
Big, Big THANK YOU to @NullMaster for nulling! :love:

== Changelog ==
3.0.1 [2020 November 20]
[x] WooCommerce tracklist icon fix (updated file fonts/qt-player-icons/style.css)

3.0.0 [2020 November 19]
If a composer (Elementor or WPBakery) is already installed, that's the preset.
If not, choose one to use only that as required plugin.

[x] Kentha admin page: added page composer option.
[x] Ajax page load Elementor compatibility
[x] Elementor icons
[x] Test Elementor widgets
[x] Update repo plugins[ajax, elementor, kentha elementor, player, ]
[x] Updated TTG Core - (fixed bug closing tab while moving repeatable fields)
[x] Footer copyright text now accepting links
[x] WooCommerce updates
[x] WP missing style check
[x] test safari (anche demo 10 ecc)
[x] hover bottoni demo
[x] BTN header demo 0 2 big
[x] DEMO: 10 Home Pages demos
[x] DEMO: added all additional pages in Demo 11 (archives, ....)
[x] DEMO: Widgets, off canvas contents, menus
[x] Test ajax page load on elementor pages (start from other pages and click on a Elementor page)
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR Post custom slider fix metas for other post types not posts
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR Hide Old not working on any shortcode
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR : add font size in Product slider
[x] PLUGIN KENTHA ELEMENTOR : add buttons colors and settings to sliders
[x] Products play icon vertical center fix for new icons
[x] OCDI Demos > Dep on Elementor or WPBakery - Alert Message
[x] Thumbnails demo Elementor
[x] Add all Elementor demos to OCDI
[x] Kentha: Radio plugin Add verification on the version in the theme
[x] Update plugins in repository
[x] Test WPBakery demos import
[x] Test all Elementor demos import
[x] Update kentha Radio CodeCanyon
[x] Documentation update installation
[x] Documentation update Elementor widgets
[x] New landing pag
[x] Re Tested ajax page load WPBakery Demos
[x] Publish video tutorial home pages
[x] Themeforest design refresh
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Huge Thanks to @NullMaster for nulling. :love:

== Changelog ==

2.2.8 [2020 September 19]
[x] ADMIN: Now plugin updates are not dismissable anymore, because of users disabling the message and complaining for having outdated plugins
[x] TGMPA Dismiss link removed 'dismiss' => $this->dismissable
[x] TGM REMOVED LINE 1111 class-tgmpa-plugin-activation.php // || get_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'tgmpa_dismissed_notice_' . $this->id, true )
[x] UPDATED WPBakery to 6.4.0
[x] UPDATED Envato Market plugin
[x] FIXED Demo 10 data for home page search box align
[x] UPDATED AND IMPROVED WooCommerce Royalty Free shop products playlist adding Music genre when playing tracks and fixed duplicated track title
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Download Kentha v2.2.6 - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax Nulled Free
v2.2.6 [2020 August 12]

[x] Updated plugin TTG Core for wp 5.5
[x] Updated plugin QT Places for wp 5.5. Please udapte your plugins
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Download Kentha v2.2.4 - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax Nulled Free
v2.2.4 [2020 June 23] Thanks To @urbn

[x] WooCommerce table min width
[x] WooCommerce update
[x] Remove duplicated button if is a variable product kentha/woocommerce-helpers/kentha-woocommerce-moreinfo.php
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Big Thank you to @freenulled for nulling help. :)

== Changelog ==
2.2.1 [2020 March 26]
[x] Bug fix functions.php:1204 removed

2.1.9 [2020 March 18]
[x] ADDED support for HTTP shoutcast for KenthaRadio [single-radiochannel.php, part-playlist-radio.php and shortcode-playbutton.php]

2.1.8 [2020 March 08]
[x] ADDED link to artist in product track template and single product details
[x] UPDATED: Qt-Swipebox plugin: fixed touch event issue clicking behind the close button
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce compatibility tempaltes
[x] REMOVEC Revo Slider update nag

2.1.7 [2020 February 18]
[x] single-event.php: removed Coming Soon text for past events and added better artist search
Big Thank you to @freenulled for nulling help. :)

== Changelog ==
2.1.6 [2020 February 14]
[x] FIXED Album and playlist linking for releases on part-playlist.php

2.1.5 [2020 February 12]
[x] FIXED pagination

2.1.4 [2020 January 31]
[x] ADDED software taxonomy to products, visible only after enabling the Single tracks option
[x] ADDED Software taxonomy thumbnail
[x] ADDED Software thumbnail to the "product track" list and "product track" cards
[x] ADDED Software detail in the single track detail table
[x] ADDED Track products tab in artist single pages
[x] ADDED custom template for the Software taxonomy
[x] ADDED new shortcode Product Search in Page Builder
[x] FIXED availability output for Ghost tracks products (with stock management)
[x] UPDATED WooCommerce templates for version 3.9
[x] added part-pagination-tracklist.php
[x] CSS reduced cards shadow size
[x] UPDATED Kentha Music Player plugin
[x] CSS WooCommerce audio products styles improved
[x] IMPROVED WooCommerce tracks
[x] FIXED conflict on Video Background with WPBakery Page Builder 6.1
[x] REMOVED youtube iframe api hard enqueue in jquery.yourubebackground.js
[x] REMOVED foceful enqueuing of youtube api in functions.php
[x] ADDED getScript for iframe_api in jquery.yourubebackground.js version 1.0.6

2.0.2 [2020 January 07]
[x] Page Builder update
[x] Fixed WooCommerce slideshows compatibility issue

Download Kentha v2.0.1 - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax Nulled Free
v2.0.1 [2019 December 11]

[x] Fixed stock check on files
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