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ez Form Calculator - WordPress Plugin v2.14.0.2

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Download ez Form Calculator v2.14.0.2 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled

  • Texts can be added conditionally with the Add Text action
  • When the form option Redirect Forward Values is enabled, the element names are used instead of their IDs
  • Email subject fixed
  • Backend Editor close button fixed
  • Total text in email fixed
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Download ez Form Calculator v2.14.0.1 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
Changelog - Thanks To @NullMaster

  • New major feature: Repeatable Fields
  • Matrix element improved:
    • Multiple conditions for each row
    • Create/add conditions from elements
  • Add your own summary loop templates
    • Located in /your-child-theme/ezfc/result/<summary-theme>/loop-<element_type>.php
  • Compatibility with WP 5.5.x and SMTP emails
  • Conditional redirect to URL fixed
  • Invoice ID field was empty when using Zapier integration
  • Some form options were not saved correctly in rare cases
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Download ez Form Calculator v2.14 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled Thanks To @NullMaster
This is a major update, please perform a backup of your forms (and your page if you’d like to stay on the safe side) as usual.
If your forms stopped working with the WordPress v5.5 update due to a jQuery not defined error, please install the official Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. If you’d like to read more about this, there’s a good article about the upgrade issue on wptavern.com.

  • Conditional logic for input fields (text contains, text starts with, text ends with)
  • Conditional logic for date comparisons for the Datepicker/Daterange element
  • Discount operator price plus factor
    • Example input: 10|2 will be calculated as 10 + 2*x
  • Forms can be added in other forms. Note that it is only possible to add one unique child form per form
  • Checkbox/Radio options can be split into columns
  • Conditional action deselect all options
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.4 & WooCommerce
  • Added file upload filter ezfc_upload_dir so you can change the directory and filename of uploaded files
  • Added some variables for Zapier integration (form ID, submission ID, invoice ID)
  • PayPal/Stripe transaction IDs show up in the submission list
  • Compatibility with some popular page builders
  • Step indicator layout (full width/auto width)
  • Form can be submitted with test values in the backend (Advanced actions -> Create test submission)
  • Added more tags to the Heading element as well as alignment options
  • Added customization to the Table Order element
  • Checkbox/Dropdown/Radio options can be sorted in the backend by ID, value, or text
  • Added element styles (default, highlight, inline)
  • Groups can display their child elements in a customizable flexbox (equal width or in columns). Use group_flexbox, group_flexbox_align_items, group_flexbox_columns
  • Added 2-column summary template
  • Added some new form themes (aero-v2, aero-v2-blue, aero-v2-green, aero-v2-peach, aero-v2-red)
  • Element label can be customized in the email summary with the show_in_email option
  • Elements that have is_numbers enabled will change the input type to “tel” so the number pad will show up on mobile devices (this is a workaround and may change in the future)
  • Fixed price position reduces the form width so it does not overlap the content at any other place
  • Submission is stored in WordPress’ transient cache so the plugin will not use PHP’s session anymore. This also fixed some problems when showing the price on a separate page.
  • Changed the licensing server as some web hosters were unable to connect
  • Refactored and optimized a lot of internal code
  • Elements were sometimes formatted incorrectly
  • Summary values fixed
  • Set conditional target value fixed
  • Added a prefix rule to the main CSS styles
  • Stats page fixed
  • Overwrite single option fixed in the form options
  • Form popup fix
  • Form preview fix
  • Backend editor fixed
  • Frontend tooltips were sometimes not shown or invisible
Download ez Form Calculator v2.13.0.5 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
Changelog - Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • Price scroll top default position set to 150px
  • File upload button is hidden when auto-upload is enabled
  • Some form options may not have be saved correctly in the form editor
  • Form export download improved
  • Steps CSS fixes
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Download ez Form Calculator v2.13.0.4 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled

  • Icons can be used in checkbox/radio elements when using options_text_only
  • Activate/Deactivate options can now be used for multiple options with the pipe symbol: |
    • For example: option1|option2|option3
  • Discount value type added. Depending on which value you’d like to apply the discount on, you may choose between the raw and the calculated value.
  • Shortcodes can be used in values and factors properly
  • Special field for element value added:
    • wc_price_current_product – retrieves the price of the current product
  • Unescaped value placeholder added. Use an exclamation mark at the end of an element’s name: {{elementname!}}
    (useful if you’d like to show HTML contents in a placeholder)
  • Index placeholder for options: {{n}}
  • Email placeholders:
    • user_login
    • user_url
  • Forms can be downloaded without form options (advanced actions -> download form without options)
  • CSV export changed: only relevant fields are shown
  • Fixed price layout changed. The fixed price position will be shown within the form’s width (you might want to check this on your site).
  • WooCommerce mini cart doesn’t need a CSS selector anymore as a JS trigger is now being used
  • Show new result table in backend submissions
  • Show new result table in WooCommerce carts
  • Attachments fixed when using SMTP
  • Conditional show/hide groups will now show/hide children elements properly
  • Daterange factor fixed (new discount value type)
  • Price format fixed for small values (< 1e-6)
  • Email linebreaks fixed
  • Emails weren’t shown in submissions sometimes
  • HTML in submission emails fixed
  • Datepicker / Daterange read-only fixed
  • Conditional steps fixed
  • DOMPDF svg fix
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Download ez Form Calculator v2.13.0.2 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
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Download ez Form Calculator v2.12.0.3 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
Download ez Form Calculator v2.12.0.2 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled

  • Image elements are now displayed correctly in emails (only if show_in_email is set to ‘yes’)
  • WooCommerce quantity element option in form options fixed
Download ez Form Calculator v2.11.2.1 - WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
Update v2.11.2.1
Updates By ezPluginsMay 11, 2019

Changelog Added Zapier integration Prepared plugin for distance calculation extension WooCommerce: cart items number can be updated with a CSS selector HTML element encoding option Changed Deprecated ReCaptcha lib removed Shortcode performance improved Fixed PayPal payment was not successful if the total contained more than 2 decimal characters. The total will be rounded to prevent…
UPDATE v2.10.4.4 Changelog


  • HTML in values are now displayed correctly in emails (runs through wp_kses to prevent xss)
  • z-index for ui dialogs lowered as the media attachment dialogs were hidden behind
  • “Invalid date” fixed: this issue is caused when no date format is entered. The plugin will now revert to the default date format (dd/mm/yy) when the date format is empty
  • Dynamic min/max values will be checked in the backend