Element Pack - Premiums Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugins

Element Pack - Premiums Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugins v6.0.12 Nulled

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Download Free Element Pack v3.0.2 - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin Nulled
v3.0.2 [1st February 2019]

### Added
- Iframe auto height option added

### Updated
  • Weather widget completely re-coded with new weather API
  • Elementor/AE Template selector changed with text input (because it's slowdown all over element pack, we will add new search based template select option in new major update)
  • UIKit updated to 3.0.3

### Fixed
  • Post Slider text color fixed
  • Open Street Map Empty Marker fixed
  • Offcanvas widget do wrong behavior
  • Icon Nav Offcanvas menu wrong behavior issue fixed
  • Update checker php 7.3 issue fixed
  • Minor style issue fixed for some widgets
  • Memory limit issue optimized
Download Free Element Pack v3.0.1 - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin Nulled
v3.0.1 [15th January 2019]

### Updated
- Elementor 2.4.0 compatibility tested
- UIKit Updated to 3.0.2
- Table of Content Button Hover Option Added
- Simple Contact Form Contact Number Added
- Post Block Featured Image Style Added
- Mailchimp Before Icon Added
- Dropbar Button Offset Added
- Price Table Margin, Shadow Added
- Panel Slider Script Optimize
- Table Script Optimize
- WC Carousel Script Optimize
- Post Slider Skin Hazel Right Part Color
- Login Widget Edit Profile Link Turn On/Off Added
- Particles javascript optimize for better loading
- Slideshow, WC Slider, Testimonial slider, Device slider, new ticker, post slider and thumb gallery widget more smooth touch behavior

### Fixed
- Post Slider Skin Vast Image Cover Fix
- Offcanvas Close Button Dynamic
- Timeline Olivier Skin Responsive Fix
- Instagram Ovelay-Gap, Overlay Icon Size, Follow Me, Image CSS Filter Added
- Chart Type Doughnut Fixed
- Audio Player Player Volume Line Height Fixed
- Video Player Player Volume Line Height Fixed
- Timeline Animation Fixed

### Note
- Rooten theme update issue fixed, if you using this theme please update it.
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Download Free Element Pack v3.0.0 - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin Nulled
v3.0.0 [7th January 2019]

### Noted
- If you want to upgrade version 2.x to 3.0 so you must keep a backup your website if you used modal widget because modal completely changed. If you upgrade it to version 3.0 your modal will be disappear and you should re-make it again. But if you can recover it by following this doc: https://bdthemes.com/support/knowledge-base/how-to-migrate-element-pack-2-x-to-3-x/

### Added
- Open Street Map Widget added
- 360° Product Viewer Widget added
- Video Gallery widget added
- Help Desk widget added
- Charts widget added
- WooCommerce Slider widget added
- Table of content fully re-coded
- Modal widget completely re-coded and custom link option added
- Timeline widget completely re-coded added new skin
- Added some future prove stability for existing widgets [No more break like audio player, modal etc]

### Updated
- Image Magnifier widget script optimized
- Instagram widget script optimized
- Search widget default icon color option added
- Tabs widget automatic ID added in title
- Cookie consent widget script update + new push down option added for top position
- Custom carousel script optimized
- Carousel render option added for hidden elements (for example tabs/accordion etc)
- Toggle widget textarea change to Editor
- Profile link added for twitter avatar in twitter carousel + slider widget
- Cookie consent widget script update + new push-down option added
- Device Slider widget title link added
- Testimonial slider and carousel script optimized
- Twitter slider and carousel script optimized

### Fixed
- Audio player minor style issue fixed
- All Carousel mobile arrow issue fixed
- Lightbox widget dynamic issue fixed
- Post slider height issue fixed
- Testimonial slider responsive issue fixed and image resize option added
- Advanced Heading Gradient and image issue fixed for Firefox/EDGE
- Post gallery excerpt issue fixed
- Weather widget script issue fixed

### Removed
- Weather widget yahoo provider removed [because yahoo shutdown his weather api]

### Language
- All language string added in pot file
Element Pack v2.6.3 - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin
## 2.6.3 [16 November 2018]
### Added

- Post Grid widget reverse skin added
- Simple Contact Form widget reCAPTCHA option added
- Single post excerpt option added
- Now you can select/deselect all widget in element pack settings
- Slider and Post Slider widget kenburn effect added
- News ticker widget height control and date option added
- Lightbox widget lightbox style option added in page settings
- Iframe widget sandbox and scrollbar option added
- Sticky Section active shadow option added
- Tiny layout added in weather widget
- Scroll nav content offset option added

### Fixed
- Post gallery tags filter not filtered correctly
- Post excerpt format all universal way
- Carousel item gap option fixed
- Mailchimp input width issue fixed
- Widget tooltip id issue fixed
- User register dropdown skin and event countdown skin php 7.1 error fixed
- Thumb gallery, post list, post slider, post grid, post card, post block modern, post gallery, carousel etc image placeholder fixed
- Item gap problem fixed for carousel skin alice
- Fix wrong alert for api key in advanced google map widget
- Audio and Video player dynamic URL issue fixed
- Fixed User register conflict with default registration
- Timeline custom skin icon issue fixed
- Some widgets script improved for jQuery load in footer

### Updated
- Post card query changed, now you can select any post type
- Mailchimp widget input field fullwidth problem fixed
- Main Heading now you can split and add separated style in advanced heading

### Changed
- Audio player URL structrue changed, now you can select hosted audio easily
- Custom Carousel lighbox style moved to page settings for globally style all lightbox
- Protected content widget completely re-code for more flexible usage
- Iframe widget controls re-arranged for better user experience

### Removed
- Progress pie delay and steps control removed

### Language
- Edit profile language string missing fixed
- Main po language file updated

### Note
- You need to select your audio source again because of some core changes (We are sorry for this issue)
- Protected content widget page maybe you need to re save (We are sorry for this issue)
Element Pack v2.6.2 - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin
v2.6.2 [28 October 2018]

- Element Pack Site Minified Javascript issue fixed
- Fix height of Masonry Grid
- Fix Sticky hiding with Offcanvas in overlay mode
- Fix Parallax in combination with Offcanvas in overlay mode
- Post gallery category color not changing issue fixed