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Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp Addon v3.0.12

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Download Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp Addon v3.0.12 Nulled Free
Version 3.0.12, January 5, 2021 Thanks To @NullMaster

  • New: Added a new edd_mailchimp_max_number_lists filter that allows you to change the number of lists fetched from Mailchimp. This can be used if you have more than 100 lists.
  • New: Added translation files.
  • Fix: "Force Sync Now" not working.
  • Fix: dbDelta() running on every page load. Now it only runs if the version number is out of date.
  • Fix: API key unable to be removed from settings.
  • Fix: An umber of edge case PHP errors, most occurring if the plugin is activated and enabled, but no API key is entered.
  • Tweak: Lowercase all the "c's" in the plugin name (MailChimp to Mailchimp).
  • Tweak: Update plugin header information, including URI and author details.
  • Tweak: Update "Last Synced" wording to better convey that it's a manual process and does not happen routinely in the background.
  • Dev: Incorrectly using EDD_MailChimp_Extension class name instead of EDD_MailChimp in a few places.
Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp Addon v3.0.11 Nulled Free
Version 3.0.11, October 26, 2018

  • Fix: Corrected an issue causing users to not be subscribed if opt-in was selected with Double Opt-In Disabled.
  • Fix: Improved the reliability of the opt-in process with eCommerce data.
  • Fix: Download specific lists and groups have been reverted to their previous functionality.
Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp Addon v3.0.10 Nulled Free
Version 3.0.10, October 3, 2018

Fix: Corrected an issue where Double Opt-In could overwrite an existing subscriber's status.