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Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premiums v.

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Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.2.0.1 Nulled Free
= =
* language updates
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.2.0 Nulled Free
= v6.2.0 =

* New: Beaver Builder Power Pack
* New: Superfly integration
* New: Switzerland supported
* Improvement: change A tag of close button in banner to div, for WCAG
* Improvement: add to blocklist
* Improvement: wp bakery front end editor exclude cookie banner
* Improvement: Consent mode
* Fix: Shepherd skipping some steps
* Fix: Generating Proof Of Consent with PHP 8 causing PHP error, props @ltglobal
* Improvemement: Data request forms
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.1.6.1 Nulled Free
= v6.1.6.1 =

* Fix: patch for dropped constants in Google Tag Manager for WP, props @shecky
= 6.1.6 =
* Fix: elementor fix for inline css, matching regex made more specific
* Fix: catch serialized string in PolyLang
* Fix: allow string translations in Polylang, except for purposes. Prevent syncing translatable strings across languages. props @bosendorfer
* New: WP adverts Google Maps integration, props @titusb
* New: Advanced Ads Integration
* Improvement: prevent weird Avada bug triggering save_post hook on front-end, causing issues with Woocommerce PayPal integration, causing order key stripped
* Improvement: elementor fix for inline css, matching regex made more specific
* Improvement: extend is_pagebuilder_preview function with more Elementor $_GET variables
* Improvement: change vimeo purpose to statistics, props @alfi_-1
* Improvement: Facebook Video Embed Elementor integration
* Improvement: Exclude WooCommerce products from scan, preventing large nr of not relevant cookies to get detected, props @dwnl
* Improvement: AMP default hidden in inline amp css
* Improvement: add support for legacy WordPress Video shortcode, still used in siteorigin pagebuilder, props @stclaus
* TCF: fix script error in opt out region

= 6.1.5 =
* Fix: 'NOT' condition not loading correctly, props @rickvanleeuwen
* TCF: per the new IAB guidelines, last updated date and created date should be the same, without hour and seconds.

= 6.1.4 =
* Fix: reCaptcha integration in combination with consent per service, props @esby
* Improvement: integration which fixes bug in Thrive theme which removes other plugin's inline css
* Improvement: legal update to imprint/impressum
* Improvement: adjustments to EU configuration to allow for Switzerland as region
* Improvement: add Burst Statistics to suggested plugins for privacy friendly statistics
* Fix: Burst Statistics integration could cause duplicate hits in some situations
* Fix: Placeholders for Elementor Facebook and Twitter widget, and allow for Consent Per Service
* Fix: Consent per service icw Elementor Youtube implementation
* Fix: US revoke statistics with forceEnableStats
* Improvement: Use category as fallback for service consent

= =
* Fix: drop Elementor Pro Cookie Banner support
* Fix: drop aria-checked=true for input type=checkbox, props @lofesa
* Improvement: improve caching mechanism to ensure that on even for persistent cached database queries, these get updated when necessary
* Fix: Uncaught TypeError: service is null when Elementor integration used in combination with Cookie Shredder/consent per service
* Improvement: new event for integrations 'cmplz_status_change_service'
* Improvement: when checking callback function, also check for prefix
* Improvement: user registration pro
* Fix: duplicate id in back-end radio field

= 6.1.3 =
* Fix: Consent Mode consenting to marketing when preferences was accepted
* Fix: Burst Statistics integration triggering twice

= 6.1.2 =
* New: Integration for Burst - Privacy Friendly Statistics
* Fix: localhost reference in default css, props @toxicum
* Fix: saving of category selection in integrations
* Fix: saving of border radius of 0 in cookie banner
* Fix: race condition in TCF
* Fix: Woocommerce Google Analytics - Enhanced Ecommerce integration
* Improvement: editable "I Agree" button for consent per service/Cookie Shredder
* Improvement: cache get and cache set on database queries on the cookie policy and cookie shredder, removing duplicate queries, props David
* Improvement: add duplicate banner option when A/B testing enabled
* Improvement: don't track records of consent for bots
* Improvement: automatically disable SSL verify if user server does not supports it
* Improvement: text in impressum regarding journalistic content.
* Improvement: TCF features incorrectly could be unchecked. Changed checkboxes to disabled, props Robert
* Improvement: transients replace with own transients

= =
* Fix: WP Rocket lazyload integration should not load when lazy load not enabled in wp rocket

= 6.1.1 =
* New: Matomo Tag Manager / WP Piwik
* Improvement: TCF default legitimate interest inactive
* Improvement: export banner settings option
* Improvement: remove space after empty text, causing unnecessary paragraphs
* Improvement: force auto updates for TCF
* Improvement: use close button with enter, props @benqwerty
* Improvement: limit banner image size to banner editor only, props @bkwineper
* Improvement: lazy load integration for WP Rocket and LazyLoader plugin, props @Lofesa
* Improvement: change divs in banner to spans, props @kbelimpassakis
* Improvement: move inline css to head, props @kbelimpassakis
* Improvement: lock css file on css generation in banner
* Improvement: clean up blocked scripts after activation, props @puregraphx
* Improvement: check if detected ip in geo ip is localhost or empty, if so, fall back to other method
* Improvement: run load_plugin_textdomain for Loco Translate compatibility props @peterforensys
* Fix: save/enable on integrations slider
* Fix: dismiss Elementor pro activated notice
* Fix: fixed accidentally re-activating deactivated services on sync

= =
* Improvement: Themify Integration
* Improvement: WP Adverts integration, props @titusb, @gwin
* Improvement: Thrive integration, props @spike05de
* Improvement: editable text for consent per service placeholder
* Fix: due to dropped jquery, some features for TCF cookie policy not working
* Fix: Due to change from google-analytics.js to gtag.js, anonymizeIp has changed to anonymize_ip, props @ccalislar35
* Fix: On sync, include services without cookies, even if completed

= 6.1.0 =
* New: CookieShredder
* CSS: simplify scrollbar in dashboard css
* CSS: drop overflow: auto on header
* CSS: drop min-width 300px below 350px
* CSS: set bottom banner to bottom on mobile as well
* CSS: padding on links in legal pages
* CSS: override theme flex property on buttons in banner
* CSS: override theme line height property on manage consent button
* CSS: set bottom corners to radius 0 on manage consent button
* Improvement: matomo cookieless tracking
* Improvement: hide not required fields if no documents are selected, props @paaljoachim
* Improvement: allow for time zone offset when saving consent in records of consent
* Improvement: keep categories in sync props @antonellon
* Improvement: Link to permalink settings when notice is shown
* Improvement: DNT feedback string improved
* Improvement: drop fieldname class from fields in settings page, to prevent conflicts
* Improvement: CloudFlare CFCustom geo ip option
* Improvement: new options for GEO ip
* Improvement: allow saving of empty script center blocks
* Improvement: on switch to TCF banner, regenerate the banner css
* Improvement: obfuscate email address also with css
* Improvement: remove condition on categories settings in cookie banner setting, to allow for manage consent area configuration in cookie policy
* Improvement: catch Tatsu pagebuilder preview
* Improvement: auto enable GEO ip if records of consent enabled
* Improvement: disable hide cookiebanner option on legal pages
* Improvement: added font size option
* Improvement: responsiveness wizard
* Improvement: cookiebanner required feedback
* Improvement: new option to disable width auto correction
* Improvement: ratio option for placeholders on openstreetmap
* Improvement: added Flexible Maps integration
* Improvement: Less conditions on german paragraph in impressum
* Improvement: drop title element from svg in banner, props @alexbosch
* Improvement: p elements on all paragraphs in legal documents
* Improvement: add toggle to hide the legal document links on the banner
* Fix: Novo Maps integration
* Fix: domains with 'type' in the url could not load the css file props @nimdaweb
* Fix: Hubspot integration
* Fix: catch not set enable dependency key
* Fix: preview cookiebanner not always correctly updated.
* Fix: paging in integrations
* Fix: remove <title> tag from close button. props @doubleyourbrand
* Fix: only reload on a deny action if marketing was accepted props @dasisdormax
* Fix: allow mappress en google maps enabled at the same time
* Fix: allow quotes in custom css
* Fix: export filtered dataset from Records of Consent
* Fix: in cmplz_fire_categories, declare event as local variable, fixing theme conflicts with global declared variables props @jrt341.
* Fix: fix revert to defaults for text_checkbox booleans @puregraphx
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.0.14 Nulled Free
= v6.0.14 =

* Fix: z-index of tour on integrations page
* Fix: amp integration not using the new array structure yet
* Improvement: toggles on script center custom scripts
* Improvement: move TCF vendorlist to, and improve fallback mechanism
* Improvement: comment on manage consent button setting
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.0.12 Nulled Free
= v6.0.12 =

* Fix: allow for configuration which could cause empty buttons.
* Fix: anonymous statistics description toggle showing when field is disabled props @kaznim, @puregraphx.
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.0.8 Nulled Free
= v6.0.8 =

* Fix: hidden category type enabled on wizard changes
* Fix: unescape texts in banner links
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.0.5 Nulled Free
= v6.0.5 =

* Fix: elementor placeholder css
* Fix: add cmplz- prefix to position as class from banner
* Improvement: css for opt out improved
* Fix: duplicate function name in store locator integration
* Fix: custom 'other purpose' translatable
* Fix: fire categories event on page load to allow Consent Mode to initialize correctly
* Fix: TCF language detection not working for norwegian because of bokmal prefix
* Improvement: hide link if corresponding legal page was not created yet
* Improvement: company country in impressum
* Improvement: cache queries for front-end to prevent duplicate queries
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.0.4 Nulled Free
= v6.0.4 =

* Improvement: add more info to system status
* Improvement: Gtag does not need anonymize ip, as this is the default
* Fix: soft cookie wall in combination with opt-out consent type causing banner not to show
* Improvement: gap property not supported in safari, summary arrows on samsung mobile
* Improvement: TCF/IAB json files vendorlist improvements
* Fix: set service as bodyclass
* Fix: handle css for anonymous/default stats on cookie policy correctly
* Fix: race condition when only statistics was enbled, caused by reload
* Improvement: Oxygen builder support
Download Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) Premium v6.0.3 Nulled Free
= 6.0.3 =

* Fix: Open StreetMaps / OSM plugin integration
* Fix: updated all statistics integrations
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